Monday, August 31, 2020

Farewell To August

August 31, 2020

Good morning.  Today is another gorgeous day here in New England.  It's sunny with temps in the mid seventies.  Enjoy it folks.  There's only three more weeks left of summer.  Tomorrow starts another new month.  

The mail just came and it has a new pattern book that I had ordered.  I'll take a photo and share it here tomorrow.  A girl just can't have too many patterns.  Here's a great new T-shirt that I found on the web.  Oh my, how true it is!

I want to thank Kyra and Audrey, and my friend Mary Ann for all the help with my Photoshop CC problem yesterday.   Those "Dummies" books are okay, but nothing beats smart kids and good friends.

Well, I did a little bit more crocheting last evening, and one of my projects is almost done now.  A few more nights should do it.  Then I can cross that one off my "to do" list and get on to the next project.  If I can finish everything except the afghan by the end of September, I'll be in a good position.

This afternoon, Deanne is coming by after work to pick up a birthday box and take it to the Post Office for me.  Our littlest business owner (Lilah) is turning thirteen this week.  Time sure is flying.

SIL Eddie is supposed to stop by later this afternoon and measure the storm door to the entrance to the main part of the house.  It's old and it's gracefully falling apart.  It's time to get a new storm door.  

I have a cute image to share that I borrowed from the web.  I agree, my little Yorkie makes me a very rich lady.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before getting started on this awesome new day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Happy Belated Birthday, Kevin

 August 30, 2020

Good morning.  Today will be sunny and in the seventies all day.  Actually, it should stay in the seventies for the next few days.  Perfect weather.

Friday was my grandson Kevin's birthday.  He's 23 now, and only two years of school left to become a full fledged electrician.  That takes five years.  We are so proud of you Kevin.  I love you and I hope your special day was awesome.  Here's the layout that Deanne put together.  

When Deanne was here a few days ago, we placed small grocery orders at two different places online hoping to get some of the items that are usually out of stock (when I order).  Friday afternoon, the first order came from Amazon.  Awesome, now I have some paper towels.  

Yesterday, the order from Target arrived.  Super!  Now I have tissues, more coffee and my favorite macaroni and cheese.  It's a bit different from the way I used to shop, but if it works, then so be it. Next, I will order my spring water.  I like to keep a few cases on hand, but I'm on my last case now.

My flowers aren't doing so good lately, but Deanne's are still blooming.  Here's one of her gorgeous blossoms after the rain.

I've been crocheting a few rows every now and then.  Trying to get my current projects finished.  It will take a while, but I'll get it done.  I'm also working on getting my holiday boxes ready.  Looks like I still have a bit of shopping to do.  

It's going to take me a while to make my Christmas card because I'm still having problems finding my way around in this Photoshop CC.  Just changing colors is a challenge.  I haven't found the color tool yet.  sighhhhh.....Sadly, my last version of Photoshop wasn't broken, so I wonder why they changed it so

I may have to check out Photoshop Elements to see if that's been changed too.  I have a "Dummies" book for this new Photoshop, but I don't know what they are calling the paint color tool, so I don't know how to look it up.  I spent an hour this morning trying.  It's really sad when the "Dummies" book is too difficult for you to understand!

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Cooler Temps Moving In

 August 28, 2020

Good morning.  Today is sunny, and temps aren't supposed to get any higher than eighty degrees.  An awesome day!  For the next week, temps should stay cooler.  I think it's porch season finally.  

I'm watching for delivery trucks today, tomorrow and Monday.  (from different places)  It's the new way of shopping for many of us.  I'm not complaining though, I'm actually thankful for the convenience.  A trip out to a physical store every now and then is nice though.  

I want to share something I found online yesterday.  It's a gorgeous crocheted wedding dress.  I wouldn't have the patience to make something like this, but it is beautiful.  

If anyone wants this pattern, it's available in the Spring 2017 issue of Crochet Magazine.  Back issues can be found online at

In my younger days, I didn't mind tackling bigger and more complicated crochet projects, but not so much anymore.  Now I like my patterns smaller and simpler.  But I can still appreciated the work and beauty of the more intricate patterns.

I also picked up a few more really pretty blanket and afghan patterns.  Here's one of them.  This pattern is called "Cluster Waves."  You can find it at All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns.

While I was out on the porch to get the mail this morning, I noticed that the hummingbird feeder looks empty or close to it.  So, I think I'd best make up another bottle of food for these tiny birds.  I love seeing them when they come to feed.

My cousin is supposed to call me this afternoon to let me know how she made out with her insurance company.  The storms that rolled through Pennsylvania this week dropped a huge pine tree on my cousins craft cottage (a shed containing all her craft materials and projects) and everything is destroyed.  The tree just missed her car and her house.  I'm just so thankful that Anita and her hubby did not get hurt.

Now I think I'll go make that bottle of hummingbird food.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

TV Ads Are Getting Wonky

August 27, 2020

Good morning.  Pogo and I are up early this morning.  We've finished our breakfast and now the little prince is in his tiny house snoozing away.   He prances and hops and barks until he has me awake and on my feet, headed for the kitchen to make breakfast.  Then, once his little belly is full, he tootles off to his little house and has himself a nice nap.  You gotta love him.

Yesterday was a super day, followed by a quiet evening.  I crocheted a little bit, then it was snooze time for me.  My phone app tells me that it will rain most of today with temps at sixty degrees or cooler.  Oh wow, Fall is moving in so quickly.  When do we get a nice patch of sunny days with temps in the seventies?  Seems I've been waiting all summer for it.

A reader asks me about my favorite iced coffee.  I like the regular Iced coffee with cream and one sugar (from McDonalds).  I used to drink Dunkin Donuts coffee, but this coffee tastes so much better.  And it's cheaper too!

Last night, while watching TV, I saw another really bright?? commercial.  This one was for a company that comes out to replace your car's windshield.  It said "Just leave your keys on the dash, we'll take care of the rest."  Now be honest, doesn't this sound a bit wonky to you?  Who in their right mind is going to leave their car keys on the dash and the car doors unlocked?  It's an invitation for your car to be stolen.  DUH!

Enough of the dumb stuff.  Let's all pray for the safety of the folks and animals in the Louisiana/Texas part of the country.  Hurricane Laura hit land as a category 4 hurricane.  According to the TV, it was almost a category 5.  

I'll have to watch the Weather channel to see what's happening with hurricane (or is it tropical storm?} Marco.  That one was heading for Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia last I heard.  Let's pray for the safety of all the folks and animals in the path of this storm too.  

You know, growing up we never had this many storms and catastrophes.  Nowadays a day without one or more devastating storms is unusual.  Our planet is changing.  On that note, I'm off to keep an eye on the weather news.

So till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A New Business Start Up

August 26, 2020

Good afternoon.  Sorry about the late start today, but this morning I savored some extra winks, and then I spent some super time on the porch with Pogo and my daughter Deanne.  She brought me my favorite iced coffee, (from McDonald's) and we had a grand time learning things about our phones.  

She also set me up an account with Target so that I would have another source to get grocery items that are often out of stock at various places. Then we had a lot of fun with motion photos on our phones.  These modern phones have so much cool stuff on them.  One just has to find out about them and then research them.

Deanne also told me about my great granddaughter Lilah's new Etsy store.  It's called OnPointHomemade and she sells pot holders, hand sanitizer, soap, face masks, and mini soap shapes.  Way to go Lilah!  (Lilah is in Jr. High School.)  Meema is so very proud of you.

Beatrice B. says that she has never seen a doggie sofa.  So today I have a photo of Pogo waiting for Santa one year while snoozing on his little sofa.  Santa had brought him the sofa the year before.  

While I'm at it, I have a couple more photos of Pogo to share.  He's so amazing.  He's fourteen years old and still looks (and acts) like a puppy.

Of course, my first, second and third motion photos were of him.  What can I say?  I just can't help myself when it comes to taking photos of this little guy.  He brings such joy into my life.  

Well, last evening I managed to put a few more rows on one of my "gift" projects.  Sorry I can't show a photo of it yet.  The recipient just might be reading.  After I give it away, I'll share a photo of it.

Well, the afternoon is moving right along, So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tis A Great Day For A Nap

 August 25, 2020

Good morning.  Wow, have you noticed how quickly August is fading away?  It's moving way too fast for me.  There'll be clouds on and off today with temps rising up to around ninety degrees.  After that though, I think the temps will drop a bit.

A friend who has a phone like mine  did not know about the voice message, so I took a photo of what mine looks like in hopes that it will help her.   This is where I type (or talk) my messages.

First, click on the name of the person you want to message.  The above message area will come up.  Then you just touch your finger in the space where you type and hold it there until you are done speaking your message.  Wait a minute and you can tap on the message to listen to it.  Try it, it's fun.

While perusing the web, I found this article on painted stones and the garden.  You must admit it does look very interesting, and fun.

I wonder if one painted a lot of rocks to look like tomatoes and placed them around the tomato plant, if this would discourage the critters from eating the tomatoes once they are big enough to pick.  Hmmm, food for thought.

Here's another rather intersting idea that I borrowed from the web.  Personally, I'd rather have my dog on the sofa with me, but some dogs might enjoy having a little sofa of their own.  

Today I'm tired, probably because sleep was patchy during the night.  So, I think I'm going to have me a nap when I finish this post.  I feel another lazy day happening here today.  Ah well, Pogo already went back to sleep so I guess I should too.

On that note, I'm off to catch a few winks.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Phone Fun

 August 24, 2020

Good morning.  It's a little cloudy at the moment, but my phone app says that the sun will soon come out and temps will rise to around ninety degrees.  There's only a month of summer left folks.  How did we ever get this close to winter so quickly!

There's not much happening around here.  I spent a couple hours yesterday paying bills, and then I started playing with my new phone again.  There's so much to learn and it's not all in the "Dummies" book.  Like for instance, I was sending a text message and noticed a funny little icon.  

After I sent the message, I got brave and touched the little icon.  I don't usually touch things that I'm not familiar with.  However, I discovered that this little icon would allow me to send messages by just speaking.  Woo Hoo!  I sent voice messages to my girls and couldn't stop grinning.  What fun!!

I listened to the playback and thought that I sounded like a chipmunk sized elf, but Deanne assures me that's not so.  I always sound like this.  ??????????   I think I'm going to have some fun with this phone. 

I have some dishes in the sink that need to be washed, so that will be my first chore this morning.  After that, I think I'll work on the purple poncho for a while.  I also need to get busy working on my new Christmas card.  I get slower and slower each year, so I need plenty of time to do things.

I found this image on the web and borrowed it to share with you.  It is ever so important.  

You know, it's taken me more than sixty seven years to find my cousins, but we're all at the age now where we're all "going home" one after another.  I call my cousin Anita almost every day.  It feels so good to hear her voice, and we have so much to catch up on.  

Here's another image that I borrowed from the web.  It makes me wonder what all the chaos is really about.  This describes so many of our families and circles of friends.

Well, enough of serious.  I want to do a bit of blog reading before I start on this new day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Oldies But Goodies

 August 23, 2020

Good morning.  Tis sunny with temps at seventy seven degrees.  Soon, though, the temps will climb up into the upper eighties.  Still, it's a beautiful day.

Well, I finally was able to clean out my old phone and put it back to factory reset.  I then gave it, and a battery replacement kit, to my SIL Eddie.  He and Deanne spent all afternoon yesterday getting the phone set up for him and he still cannot use it to make phone calls.  This happened the last time I gave him my phone.  Verizon doesn't like to let go.  

Today I will call Verizon and find out why they won't release the phone.  It's been paid off for a couple years now so there should be no problem.  I just don't understand these things.  When you pay a lot of money for something (or even only a small amount), and you pay it off, it should belong to no one but you.  

As for the new phone, so far we are getting along okay.  There's still a lot that I need to learn, but I'm getting there.  I mostly just use the phone for placing grocery orders, ordering from Amazon, text messages, calls, listening to music, taking photographs and Facebook.   I know it does lots more, but I'm not interested. 

Today I have an oldie photo to share.  This photo was taken in the early 90's, when my daughter Deanne, myself and two friends completed our training classes and became licensed CNA's.  The four of us were nicknamed the "The Dream Team" by the nursing facility where we did our clinical training.  I'm the second one in from the left, and Deanne is the one on the right end.

The little dog is my baby, Gizmo.  (She was a tiny poodle) We had brought her with us to the celebration and she wanted to be in the photo too.  

I have another golden oldie to share today.  This one is a photo of my hubby getting ready to take Gonzo and Gizmo outdoors to go potty.  It's very cold outside, but the babies are  dressed nice and warm.  (photo was taken around the mid 90's)

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  Now I'm off to do some blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.  

Hugs, Edna B. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Saga Of A New Toy

 August 21, 2020

Good morning.  Tis sunny today, and temps should get up into the upper eighties.  At the moment though, it is quite lovely outside.  When I'm finished posting here, Pogo and I will sit out on the porch for a while.

Well, I checked with the Verizon store late yesterday afternoon (around 4:30) and they said that my phone had not come in yet.  Okay, so I'll get it Saturday.  No problem.  However, around six p.m. last evening, the store called me and said that they had my phone and would bring it by right away.  And they  did.

We sat out on my porch (masks on - three feet's a small porch) and the young man from the store hooked my two phones together and started the transfer of files process.  Most of it had completed when he had to return to work.  Today I will go through all my stuff on the old phone to make sure everything has transferred.  That's a job and a half.  There's a ton of photos on my phone.  

So far, I'm noticing that there are so many differences between these two phones.  It took me more than two hours to figure out how to put an icon for my blog on my new phone.  I don't have enough hair on my head that I can afford to pull any of it out.  So, before I go cuckoo nutso, I went on Amazon and ordered me a user manual,  "Samsung Galaxy S10 For Dummies."

My new book should be here before the day is over.  So you can guess what I'll be doing tonight.  Yup, learning how to use my new phone.  For $11.99, I can hang on to whatever sanity I have left.  It's truly a bargain.  

In my younger days, I could handle new technology much easier.  In fact, I looked forward to learning about it.  These days, change is not a nice word, so I rely a lot on the "Dummies" and "Visual Learning" books.  

One thing I'm looking forward to on this new phone is using the camera.  It's much different and is supposed to take even better photos than my old phone (which also takes great photos). Well, that's my phone saga.  Thanks for letting me babble.

Today, let me share a cute Maxine cartoon.  This tough old bird says it like it is.  I like her.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

 August 20, 2020

Good morning.  Tis sunny and comfy with temps rising to the upper seventies, maybe eighty, today.  Another gorgeous day.  

Well, yesterday turned out to be not quite the way I wanted, but still nice.  Deanne came by and we went to the Verizon store to buy me a new phone.  Tuesday I told the man on the phone that I would be in on Wednesday morning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10.  He said that he had it in stock.  

Before entering the store, on went the gloves and mask - I don't plan on taking anything home with me that I didn't come to buy.  I also had a container of wipes in my tote.  I was so excited.  I just couldn't wait to get my new phone.  Problem was that after my phone call Tuesday, the Verizon store salesman showed up at the store and walked off with whatever S10's they had in stock.  

The other man at the store tried to offer me a different model.  I said no so they scurried to call other Verizon stores to see if they could find another phone for me.  They found one in Connecticut and asked that it be sent out immediately.  I will be able to get it either late today or sometime on Saturday.

I tried to buy a new cover for the phone they were also out of stock.  It's just not my day to have this new phone.  The salesman promised to bring the phone by my house either later today or Saturday, and he would transfer everything from my current phone over to the new phone. When I got home yesterday, I went online to Amazon and ordered a new cover for my new phone.  That should be here tomorrow.  

There was a bright note though, a new crochet pattern that I had ordered a while ago finally arrived in my mail.  I think I'd like to try making this.  Not now, first I have to finish all my Christmas projects.  This one is made with cotton yarn.  Have a lookee.  Isn't this pretty?  The pattern (Bloom Cocoon) can be found at Annie'  (It can also be made with regular yarns.)

The mail just came and there's another political advertisement from the Democrats.  Has anyone received any of these ads from the Republican party?  I don't remember seeing any in my mail.  I hope this is nothing to be concerned about.  I just think it's strange.  There are two parties, but I'm only seeing ads from one party being delivered.  Hmmmm.

I'm off now to send a text to Beth to see how she is doing.  Then I'll call my cousin.  After that, I'm sure that Pogo and I can find some good mischief to get into.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.  

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A New Toy For Me?

August 19, 2020

Good morning.   Today should be sunny with temps in the upper seventies.  This is great because I'm going out later this morning to buy me a new toy.  Is this absolutely necessary?  In a way, yes.  

My phone has been getting rather hot lately if I use it for a while.  I looked it up and it means the battery needs to be replaced.  After checking around, I did not find anyone who actually provided this service.  I did find lots of information on how to do it myself.  However, it also mentioned the dire consequences of not doing it properly.  

Whoa!  That's where I draw the line.  I do not want to cook my phone and lose everything that is in it.  If I can make crunchy spaghetti sauce, then you know I can definitely mess up battery replacement.  I did a lot of research on my particular phone, and found that it will no longer be getting security updates from Samsung.  (I have the Samsung Galaxy S7)  

I checked out the new models for the Samsung Galaxy, and it seems that the best one for me to get now would be the Galaxy S10.  The S20 is very expensive (all the phones are) and isn't a lot more different than the S10.  My phone takes great photos, so that's why I stick with the Samsung Galaxy.  When I can't carry my camera with me, I want to be able to count on my phone to get me decent photos.  

I do have a question though.  Whatever happened to the Galaxy S11 through S19?  My mind has not been taken over by feebleness, yet I do not remember ever seeing these models.  Had I seen any of them, I most likely would have upgraded my phone much earlier.  After a bit of research, I learned that Samsung decided to skip right over these numbers and jump to the S20 to keep up with new and upcoming technology.  Hmmm.  

Enough tekkie talk.  I want to share this funny image that I borrowed from the web.  Can you imagine?  Are these people twisted?  They walk and protest in person to protest voting in person?  Aye yi yi!  When I vote, I want to physically see my vote be put right into the ballot box.  

Here's another beauty that I borrowed from the web.  This would be funny if it wasn't so true.  Yes, some folks really do get more than one ballot.  Plus, they go to dead folks, folks who have moved away, family pets and non citizens.  

I have an update on my friend Beth.  She is in the hospital with pneumonia.  I have not heard the results of her Covid test yet.   Get well soon my friend.  Pogo and I are sending prayers for your speedy recovery.  

Now I'm going to finish my coffee and decide what to wear to the phone store.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

P.S.  To make crunchy spaghetti sauce, first you need to cook the meat until it is crispy and black.  Then add the rest of the ingredients to the pan, mix well and let simmer for a while.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Autumn Is Creeping In

August 18, 2020

Good morning.  Right now, it's really quite lovely outside.  Sixty eight degrees and sunny.  Soon the temps will climb to the low eighties.  Still really nice.  There's one more month of summer left, so let's enjoy it.  

I tried to sleep in late this morning, but then I felt guilty about making Pogo have a late breakfast.  So, I got up and fed him.  After I finish posting, I'll have a bowl of Kellogg's Special K with strawberries.  Yum!  

I confess, I did not work on my crochet projects yesterday.  Instead I played on my laptop for hours.  Actually, I was doing a bit of holiday shopping too.  At one point, I thought I had found exactly what I was looking for and was all set to order it.  

Then I saw that it was coming from China and the expected arrival date was between October and December.  I don't want to wait that long for delivery so I did not order it.  Ah well, at least I had fun searching.  The good news is that now I can do it all over again another time.  

We must have gotten a little rain during the night because there is a big puddle at the end of the driveway.  The birds and small critters will enjoy this because they can take baths in the puddle.  I would rather have the puddle form inside the driveway so that I don't have to worry about any of the birds and small critters being run over by a vehicle coming into the yard.

Here's a photo of one of our little critters.  This one is still a youngster.  

I'm thinking it must be almost time to re-order the dried ears of corn.  The squirrels love them.  I should probably put in a new order for the cracked corn too because it's almost time for the turkeys to start coming around for their meals.  I don't know where they go during the summer, but once the temps cool down in the Fall they come here.  

Pogo is having a grand time this morning, barking at every thing that moves outside.  If nothing moves, he barks anyway.  Got to keep those vocal cords working!  He's better than a doorbell.  Speaking of doorbells, I used to have a sign on the front door to the main house that read "Doorbell is broken.  Yell Knock Knock really loud so that we can hear you."   Hmm, I wonder where that sign went.

Have any of you been getting political messages on your cell phones?  I've been getting them from the Democrats that are running for various offices for quite some time now.  I usually just send them a reply message that says "Trump 2020" and believe it or not, they respond too with "Sorry, I bothered you."  

Still, the idea that they can invade my privacy this way is alarming.  It's also not right.  It's bad enough that my junk mail is full of ads telling me to vote for one Democrat or another, I don't want them on my phone too.

Folks, I don't do political parties.  I believe we should be allowed to vote for the person we believe will get the job done best.  It should have nothing to do with party affiliation.  It used to be that we voted in private.  That's not the case anymore.  I called the Town Hall clerk and asked if our voting information is given out to groups and organizations for whatever reason and I was told "Yes."    So much for privacy.

That's my bit for today.  Before I go, let me share an image that I borrowed from the web.  It has a really good message on it.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Rather Quiet Around Here

 August 17, 2020

Good morning.  It's gray and cool today, so far.  The sun should come out soon and temps should reach the low to mid seventies.  Tis another nice day here in New England. 

There's not a lot happening around here.  Yesterday, Deanne and Eddie did some grocery shopping for me.  Then Joe trimmed the hedge outside my living room window and swept up a lot of the debris on the ground from the trees.  Assorted leaves, pine needles, pine cones, etc.  

Joe told me a funny story about what happened to him the other day while he was fishing.  He was wearing a yellow safety vest (from his work) and a beautiful butterfly landed on him.  He shook it off but it kept coming back to land on him.  He kept moving, but the butterfly was fascinated with Joe, and it wasn't leaving him alone.  He did take a photo of the butterfly once when it landed on the grass.  Eventually he figured out that it was his yellow vest that was exciting the butterfly.  Hmmm, interesting.  Here is his butterfly.

Animals tend to like Joe.  He never realized it, but when he started feeding the birds and critters in our yard, we all noticed how the birds would sit on a branch and wait for him to fill their feeder.  The critters on the ground wouldn't hide.  Instead they would sit and wait for Joe to set out their food.  Some would even follow him around a bit.  The turkeys will sometimes come right up to the front porch and wait for Joe to bring out their food.

As for me, I've done a little bit of crocheting, finishing one of my smaller projects.  It's a green purse.

Today I think I may work on the purple poncho for a while.  If I stick with it, I just might be able to have it finished this week.  Then, of course, I still have to finish that navy blue afghan.  These items are Christmas gifts so they have to come first before my fun projects.  I want them wrapped and in boxes ready for mailing before December.  

I don't know what just happened, but my spacing problem here on blogger seems to have corrected itself while I was typing.  Wow!  Dare I hope that it is finally fixed?  We'll see when I start typing tomorrow's post.  

Sometime today I want to sit down and write a couple notes.  Then I will call Beth to see how she is doing.  She has been quarantined to her bedroom until the results from her Covid test come back.  I will also call my cousin Anita to see if she is feeling better now.  She had a biopsy (done on her face)  Friday afternoon, and her face has been very sore.  

Now I want to do a bit of blog reading before getting started on this new day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.  

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Only 76 Days Till It's Time To Ride

August 16, 2020

Good morning.  At the moment, it is cloudy and cool (66F degrees) and looks like it might rain.  My phone app says it should be raining on and off all day and night.  Well, we can use the rain.  

I did some research on that double seater broom that I mentioned earlier.  Wow, these new brooms are something else!  I found the instructions for making one, but it only had one seat.  I would have to have a second seat and a little padded bucket attached.  Hmmm, I'll have to check around for a reliable broom maker.  Here's a picture of a new broom.

Is this spiffy?  Or is this spiffy!  I'd want a Hyundaii logo on the front of my broom, not the BMW one shown in the picture.  The addition of the cushioned seat sure will make sitting on the broom a lot more comfortable.  Gosh, I think I'm getting excited about that ride now!

I finally got back to my crocheting last evening.  I hope to have my two smaller projects finished by tomorrow.  Then it's on to finishing the purple poncho next.  So much to do, so little time.  On top of that, the thumb drive that I keep all my working files on got filled up this past Friday.  So I went online and ordered a new portable hard drive to hold all these files.  

My new portable hard drive came today just a few minutes ago.  So that will be my project for today.  Moving all my files over.  This new drive holds two TB, so it should last me quite a while.  Once all my files have been moved, it will be time to get serious about working on my Christmas cards and my new calendar.  Time waits for no old woman!

Here's a message I hope everyone heeds.  (image borrowed from web)

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before starting today's project.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Wow! A Two Seater?

 August 14, 2020

Good morning.  My phone app says temps will stay in the seventies today with lots of cloud cover.  That will be super nice.  As long as it isn't sticky, it's my idea of a perfect summer day.  Yesterday was a bit cooler but it was also sticky.

Last night I did manage a few rows on two different crochet projects.  After that, I did a few find-a-word puzzles.  I just wasn't in the mood to do much of anything.  I'm sure once the temps stay on the cooler side, I'll get right back into crochet mode.

My friend Kyra said I should be looking into instructions on how to build a broom with two seats and a little bucket (for Pogo) for my annual Halloween ride.  This way someone else could drive while I just enjoyed the ride.  How awesome!  I'll research that today.

Last evening I was watching a program on the Crime Channel.  At the end of the program, the suspect was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Next, it said that this person died a few years later while in prison, even before he finished his sentence.  ???????  Is there any other way to finish a sentence of life without parole?  Do the writers proof read their scripts?  

Today's mail brought a form to sign so that my daughter Laura Jean can get a flu shot.  Of course I signed it, and it's going right back in the mail.  The facility where she lives takes fantastically good care of her and all the other residents.  They are truly a blessing.

When I was young, my Mom sewed, crocheted, made rugs and all sorts of other things while taking care of her family and her home.  One thing she could not do was to read crochet patterns.  Instead, she would look over a really beautiful doilly (the ones with the pineapples and big ruffles all starched) and then go home and make the same doilly from memory.  That's how she taught me to crochet.

I was in my thirties I think, before I could read a knit or crochet pattern.  I would make my own patterns by writing down every stitch I made.  Eventually, I did learn how to read most patterns.  Here's a picture from the web to show the type of doilly my Mom could make without a pattern.

I posted this photo of my kids in their new Easter outfits before, but my friend Mary Ann cleaned it up a bit for me so that it is clearer.  I knitted the girls' outfits by writing down my stitches as I went.  (I did not know how to knit designs)  I still don't.)  Jr. picked out the materials for his red Nehru jacket.  By now, I was learning how to read sewing patterns too.  This was my first jacket.

Nowadays, I just stick to easy patterns.  This way I can crochet all I want without getting frustrated.  I know, it's a cop out but it works for me.  

Now it's time to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Cooler Temps On The Way

August 13, 2020

Good morning.  Ahhh, the temps are coming down a bit.  For the next week or so, temps should stay in the eighties and upper seventies.  Even the nights will be a little bit cooler.  I say let's enjoy these temps while we have them.  

Today, I think Pogo and I might be able to sit out on the porch for a while.  We'll see.  I know we should go out there early in the morning, but we're busy with breakfast and other things then.  By the time we get out there it has already started warming up.  I think I'll go round up my paint brushes.  Maybe I can try the rock painting now.  

I spent yesterday afternoon putting a lot of Jazzy's videos on a thumb drive to send to my cousin Anita.  There's another girl in the family who sings in various clubs and I'm hoping to find out more about her.  I have so much to learn.

Last night I put a few rows on one of my crochet projects but I just wasn't in the mood.  That needs to change soon because some of these projects should be finished by now.  The temps cooling down a bit will be a big help.

Today I have a couple cute images to share that I borrowed from the web.  We can all use a bit of humor to start our day.

I think these yarn tee shirts are a hoot.  Whoever thought them up should do well in life with such a great sense of humor.  

A couple days ago, I gave Pogo a nice bath and then I cut his hair.  Needless to say, he was not very happy with me.  He wriggled and squirmed a lot, and I did the best I could given the circumstances.  The poor kid was looking like a wild lion.  Now he looks like a puppy.  I did miss quite a few hairs, but overall he looks so much better.  I'll bet he's a lot cooler now too.

Now I'm off to get started on this new day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Cool Wind In My Hair

 August 12, 2020

Good morning.  Well, let me tell you about my quirky useless phone weather app.  For once it was right!  It not only rained yesterday afternoon, but we had a great little thunder storm for about an hour.  The puddles were forming all over the yard.  I made a little video of one of the puddles.  The sound of the rain splashing in it is so soothing it could put you to sleep.

Pogo and I stood out on the porch for quite a while enjoying the storm.  Pogo loves to bark at the thunder.  All my plants were sighing with delight.  They so enjoyed the wonderful drink of rainwater.

After supper last evening, I called my cousin Anita and we talked for hours again.  It felt so good.  She is very crafty just like me.  She sews, knits crochets and everything else she can get her hands on.  She makes lots of things and gives them all away.  

One thing we don't have in common is the smart phone and cameras.  Neither of us can do any travelling so we'll use the video calls (and my Portal) for visits.  Time is precious, we'll work it out.  

Yesterday, the mailman brought me a card from a new blogger friend.  This is such fun.  I have to say, my December is turning out to be a most wonderful part of my life.  Who knew?

Here's a photo of a super new tee shirt that I found on the web.  I love it!   I can almost feel the cool breeze blowing through my hair.  

It will be that time of year again soon when all my friends get together for the annual Halloween ride.  I wonder if many of them will be able to go on this ride.  Pogo and I probably won't be able to go with them.  Of course, things could change.  We'll know better when we get closer to the date.

That's about all my news for today.  Now I'm going to watch some Law & Order C.I. and Blue Bloods.  I just love all these re-runs.  The television can be great company when all the programs are your favorites.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

After All These Years

 August 11, 2020

Good morning.  Tis another hot one today.  Pogo and I are staying right here indoors with the A/C.  I just took a snapshot of my phone app so that you could see that I'm really not as dotty as I sound.  My phone app is the dotty one.  Here's what my phone app says today.

Just so you know, the sun is shining and it's quite lovely outside.  In a little while, Pogo and I will go out on the porch for a bit.  It gets hot quickly so we won't be out there very long.  

Yesterday was quite the day.  In early afternoon, DIL Janet called me to say that my stepson Scott's mother passed away around one p.m.  No, not Covid.  She's been ill for quite a long time.  The family is deciding what arrangements can be made.  

I got another phone call mid afternoon from guess who????? Yup, the cousin Anita that I had been trying to reach was returning my phone call.  We last saw each other when I was just a little girl.  She's 83 now.  It was so good to hear from her.  We talked for what seemed hours.  There's just so much to catch up on.  Anita is one of my cousin Barbara's sisters.  Soon I hope to catch up with all the siblings.  I think there were seven or eight of them in all.

While I was on the phone talking with Anita, Deanne and Eddie stopped by and brought me a strawberry sundae from Dairy Queen.  I put it in the freezer and had it for dessert after supper.  Oh my, talk about DELICIOUS!  Thank you kids, this really made my day!

That's my news for today.  I did promise to show you a couple of the new crochet patterns that I recently got.  There's a sweet baby set and a cozy shrug.

Now I'm off to do some blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Today Is National Lazy Day

August 10, 2020

Good morning.  Well, we're in another heat wave here in New England.  I'm wondering where all that rain went that my phone app said we were going to be getting.   Did you know that today is National Lazy Day?  (according to the TV)  Gosh, I've been celebrating that day all year!

Today my regular mail man should be back from vacation.  It's going to be good to have him back.  The substitute mail carriers did not bring the mail to my porch (even after I had asked them to) and they never brought the mail till after four or five in the afternoon, sometimes as late as six o'clock.  

I've been neglecting my crocheting because of the heat.  My hands sometimes feel sticky against the yarn and the crochet hook.  So, I put the project down.  The heat makes breathing more difficult too.  The less I do, the better I breathe.  I have a lot to catch up when the temps cool down.

I did. however, pick up a couple new crochet patterns.  I'll resize the photos of them and post them here tomorrow.  Today I have photos of a couple of the birds in my yard.  First, there's a robin, and next there is the red breasted woodpecker.

There's not a lot happening today so I'm off now to do some blog reading.  The mail has just come so I'll get that first, then it's off to Blogland.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Aye Yi Yi, My Brains Have Gone On Vacation Without Me

 August 9, 2020

Good morning.  It's looking gray outside my door.  I checked with my phone app to see what the day will be like but my phone app is having a few problems.  It shows the time twelve hours behind, and the day as Saturday.  I've been able to fix the time, but I can't figure out how to fix the day.  (on the app)  

I still can't figure out the line and photo spacing, etc. on Blogger, but I"m not going to lose sleep over it.  I'll just do the best that I can.  I'm sure some of you other bloggers are having the same problems so we'll all muddle through it together.  

Friday afternoon while I was out on the porch, I noticed a bird flying to the top of one of my giant trees to rest for a bit.  I grabbed my camera and got a few shots.  Sadly, the sun was in my face, but the photos aren't too bad.

I just checked outside and it definitely looks like we're in for some rain.  I hope so, we really could use some.  Wow, it's even darker now than it was a little while ago.  I'm noticing that even my laptop is showing Saturday's date.  Hmmm, maybe,,,,,,oh dear, I think it's me.  

I must have had me a really good nap and when I woke up it felt like I had slept all night.  First thing I did was make a cup of coffee and breakfast for Pogo and me.  Gosh, now I feel rather stupid.  And that darkness outside is not rain.  It's night time!  Yeesh, does this ever happen to you?  

I'll stop right here, and wait till morning just in case something interesting happens between now and then that I want to post about.............................  


Good morning again.  It's five a.m. and this has to be the longest night I've had in a long time.  I remember that I forgot to go into my phone app and fix the time back to what it should be, so I just did that.  I'm going to have last night's supper for breakfast this morning - ham and cheese sandwich and bottled water, minus an ice cream sandwich dessert.

According to my phone app, today is supposed to be sunny with temps rising up into the eighties.  By noon, it should start raining for a couple hours, then back to sunshine.  Later tonight the rain should start up again and we should have rain for the next five days.  Of course, my phone app doesn't always tell the truth.  So that's called wait and see.

Well,  that's my news for today.  I'm going to the kitchen now and make that sandwich.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Life Is Short, Love Your Family Today

August 7, 2020

Good morning.  Today we'll have sun, clouds and cooler temps.  Temps in the seventies mean that it's a breathing day!  Yayyyyyyyyy!

Yesterday I went searching again for some of my cousins.  I have lots of cousins, but I've only met up with a couple of them in my adult life.  My brother and I were separated from the rest of our family when we were just kids, so now we are basically strangers.  But, every now and then I try to find some of them.  (not much luck here)

Well, yesterday afternoon, I had a stroke of luck and found my cousin Barbara.  But, oh my.  I was two weeks too late.  She passed on two weeks ago at the age of 81.  Sadly, she was not so far away from me.  I just never had any luck finding her or her siblings before this.  This is my cousin Barbara.  From what I read on her obituary, she was a wonderful person and loved by so many.

Folks, always let your family know you love them.   Today and tomorrow are not guaranteed.  They are precious gifts.  Life is short.  Enjoy your loved ones while you can.  If you are missing someone and are looking for them, I hope you find them.  I've been trying to contact Barbara's siblings, but so far I've not had any luck.  I'll keep trying.

Just a note, that order that was expected from yesterday, never came.  I kept checking the tracking, but it kept saying that it was expected to be delivered before the end of the day.  This morning I checked the tracking again, and found that it is being delayed and should be delivered today.  We'll see.  

Today, Deanne will be coming by after work to do my banking and mail my bills out.  What would I do without her?  She's been such a blessing for me.   I love you Dee Dee, and you too Eddie.

There's not much more news for today, so I'm off to do some blog reading.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

College Will Be Different This Year

August 6, 2020

Good morning.  Tis sunny today with temps in the seventies.  However, temps will soon rise up into the upper eighties.  It seems like I've been up forever.  Pogo and I were finished with our breakfast before five thirty this morning.  

I've been busy so far, just not anything very important.  I went through my email and found an ad I've been waiting for.  The birdseed is on sale at our local Ace Hardware Store.  We need bird seed, so I'll let Joe know and he can pick some up for us.  

I'm hoping it doesn't get hot too quickly this morning because I have to keep the door open so that I can watch for the mail carrier, plus I'm waiting for a delivery from   I thought I would try to see if some products were easier to get.  It's the first place I've been able to find rubbing alcohol so I order some.  The market has been out of alcohol right along, and out of my coffee the last few grocery orders so I ordered some of that too.  

Deanne sent me a photo of her veggies and I thought I'd share it.  These plants look great.  I tried this once and nothing grew.  
I also have a photo of my great grandson Xander.  He turned three last week, and here he is playing with one of his gifts.  He's Deanne's grandson, and he's such a cutie!
Today I'm having trouble placing the photos that I'm importing to my blog.  Hopefully, this will straighten out soon.  It just started, so Blogger must be making some new changes.  

What a treat I had this morning when I turned on Leave It To Beaver.  It showed two very old episodes when the boys were very young.  Wow, it's been so long that I'd forgotten how cute they were when they were that young.  Even Eddie Haskell was cute then.  

Today I have to spray the steps to my porch and all around the gate for ants.  We are being inundated with them.  I was standing by the gate the other day and an ant decided to crawl up my arm.  No thank you!  No bugs on me!  It's time to get out the spray.

Jasmine was supposed to be moving into her new college dorm this month, but she just got notified that the college is going to be online only for at least the Fall semester.  After that, they haven't decided.  Needless to say, she is not a happy camper.  She was so looking forward to campus life.  

Now I'm off to do some blog reading before looking for some mischief to get into today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Play Ball!

August 5, 2020

Good morning.  Well, the storm came by, smacked us around a bit and went on its way.  Some places were hit quite a bit.  Two towns over from here, all the power went out.  Lots of trees and branches came down. some landing on cars and houses and blocking streets.    Deanne lost all power and got lots of limbs and a small tree down.  I'm still waiting to hear from her this morning to see how things are today.  Her son Bobby, in another part of that town, also was without power.  

It was gray here all day, then in the afternoon the sun came out.  All of a sudden, down came buckets of rain.  And all of a sudden it disappeared.  We got enough rain to make a big puddle at the end of the driveway, but most of the yard was fairly dry.  Strange.  

We did get the wind though.  Around mid afternoon, it started getting frisky, and kept up for a few hours.  It blew tons of leaves and twigs all around my yard.  My poor car looks like it was in a dust storm.  I'll have to see if Joe will wash it off a bit when he gets home from work.  I just can't bear to see it looking like this.  I'll see if he will take a walk around the rest of the property to make sure everything else is okay.

Seriously, I'm so thankful that the storm was more or less kind to our little part of New England, and I thank all of you for caring.  Now as soon as I hear from Deanne that they are all okay, all will be good.

Today I thought I might share some photos from Kevin's baseball game this past weekend.  He plays infield on the local men's team.  Here he is getting ready to catch the next out.  Yup!  He got it!

That's Kevin at bat.  Here comes the ball, he swings and runs.......

and he slides into second base, making a double.  Way to go, Kevin.  Eat your heart out Red Sox!

My only regret is that I couldn't be there to watch Kevin play in person.  Soon though, soon.

Yesterday was not a really busy day for me.  The air outside was so heavy and breathing was difficult.  The air conditioner helps me a lot, but I do have to keep shutting it off for a while.  I don't always get along very well with air conditioning.  I'm glad that I have it because it certainly does help.  

I did start to crochet a new purse.   Later, I didn't feel like working on it so I started another new one in a different color.  That worked!  Later on I'll get back to working on the poncho.  Is anyone else like this?  Seems I'm happiest when I have several projects going at the same time.  

I just learned that Deanne's power has been restored, and grandson Bobby should have his power back on within the next hour.  All is well here.  Now I'm off to do some blog reading.  I'm praying that all of you are safe today too.

So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Everyone Be Safe From This Storm

August 4, 2020

Good morning.  Tis cloudy outside, but then we're expecting Isaias to be visiting us soon.  The storm has been busily knocking out power and creating havoc along its way up the coastline.  My daughter Audrey lives in Virginia and the storm raged there all through the night.  It knocked out their power and dropped a lot of trees, creating lots of damage.  It's still raining there and there's a lot of flooding.

This morning there are a lot of branches down in her yard.  Several fell on the fence around the dogs' play yard, damaging it in several places.  Audrey tells me that some tornadoes went through downtown during the night and demolished several buildings.  This is a photo of part of their doggie play yard. 

Thankfully, no one got hurt, and they do have a generator that will keep the important things running. (freezers and refrigerator, water, some lights, etc.)   Once the rain there lets up, they'll be able to walk around their property to see how much damage there is, and to start the clean up.  

I've been watching the Weather Channel, and this storm is looking really scary.  I'm dreading the thought of another tree on my house or the basement flooding again.  We'll see what will be.  Meanwhile, the storm is moving quickly up the coast, bringing lots of tornadoes along with it.  I'm praying everyone will be safe.

Before I finish this post, let me lighten the mood with this cute image that I borrowed from the web.

So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.