Word Photos

EB - 01-28-15   "LEAD"   A lead pencil.

EB - 01-26-15   "TOWERING"   Our Amaryllis plant towering over the other plants.

          BETH - "TOWERING"

EB - 01-25-15   "FLOWER"   These are beautiful orange lilies from my yard.

          BETH - "FLOWER"

EB - 01-24-15   "AQUATIC"   This is Joe's fish in the little house in his bowl.

EB - 01-23-15   "SHAVE"  Shaved Pastrami.

     BETH - "SHAVE"

EB - 01-22-15   "HOPE"  I have hopes of Spring coming so we can grow these.

         BETH - "HOPE"
EB - 01-21-15   "DUST"   A photo of one of my dust bunnies.

EB - 01-19-15   "DAZZLING" - Changed to "WATER"   Our Birds' water bowl.

          BETH -  "WATER"

EB - 01-17-15   "EXPAND"  My bird feeding area has been expanded to include underneath my car.

EB - 01-16-15   "IMPACT"  A huge accident in front of our house.

EB - 01-14-15   "FLUFFY"  These are "dust mop" slippers.  You dust your floors while you walk around.

EB - 01-13-15   "SMASH"  A huge accident in Michigan (from TV)

EB - 01-11-15   "WHITE"  Joe shoveling snow in the yard at 4 a.m.

EB - 01-09-15   "REPITITION"   Step, Step, Step to a healthier you.

EB - 01-05-15   "SMALL"   Pogo is so tiny, and I've just woke him up.

EB -  01-03-15   "ROOF"  Joe is shoveling the snow of the roof of the shed.

EB -  01-01-15  "FIRST"  Pogo watching his  First accident.


Unknown said...

This is going to be a great page Edna. I have got to get to feeling better so I can start snapping up some photos!

Mary Ann Roesler said...

I hope to join in soon. no photo's wiyh me.

Edna B said...

Thanks ladies. It's great having you both sharing the fun.