Tuesday, October 19, 2021


October 19, 2021

Good morning.  Tis nippy!  Only 42F degrees!  I'm not ready for this.  The sun will shine today and temps may get up to sixty degrees later this afternoon.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should be warmer, then it's back to the fifties degrees temps.  It's time to put the heat on.

This week I'm busy making grocery orders to be delivered from two different markets.  One order came yesterday, and one will come today.  However, I did forget a few things so I made another order for tomorrow.  That last order will also have some gift items on it.  

Yup, I've been getting some of my holiday shopping done.  I think I'm at least half done now.  Of course, I still have to wrap and tag everything.  I've even started putting my card list together.  I'm not making my own card this year, but I'll still be sending cards.

To my friend Jan who suggests that I ask Disney if they have a flying carpet that I could use or maybe rent;  I did call but their prices are even worse.  Besides, they only do business with the witches in their stories.

While poking around on the web, I found this awesome tee shirt.  It's perfect for me!

I wonder who thinks up all these awesome sayings for the tee shirts.  What a wonderful fun job it must be.  

Here's another thing I found while surfing the web.  Did you know this about crayons?  I didn't, and it really is good to know.  

I slept late this morning, so I haven't had time to make breakfast yet.  So that's what I think I'm going to do now.  I'll make a cup of coffee too.  That will help to warm me up.  Then I'm going to enjoy reading some blogs.  So, till Thursday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Bye Bye Stickies

October 18, 2021

Good morning.  It's early yet, not quite five thirty a.m.  It's fifty degrees and cloudy, but when the sun comes out, temps will rise up into the upper fifties.  It's beginning to get nippy!

Just a few more hours and I can take these stickies off me.  Deanne will be by after work to collect the monitor and take it to the doctor's office.  Let's hope I put it back on the right way after it fell off so that I don't have to wear it again.  It doesn't hurt, it's just a nuisance.

I had a lot of big ideas of what I might do yesterday, but, well, life came along and changed all that.  I got side tracked looking at something on the web and that did it.  However, I did manage to put a few more rows on my crochet projects.

Some soup mugs that I had ordered were delivered, along with some holiday gift wrap bags.  While I was outside picking up my packages, I noticed that I have two pink roses on my rose tree.  Deanne's roses are looking beautiful too.  Here's a photo she took a couple days ago.  This is one of her long stemmed beauties by the front porch.

The big annual ride is coming up soon.  Less than two weeks away.  Again, I won't be joining my friends on this ride.  I've decided that I need something a bit bigger than the broom to sit on.  Alas, have you checked out the prices of flying carpets lately?  Wow!  They are worth more than gold almost!  I would have to trade my car in to get one, and I'm not ready to get rid of my car.  Hmmm, a carpet really would be nice though.

I've been channel surfing to find something interesting to watch.  So far, all I've found is Dragnet, so I guess I'll watch that for a while.  It's on twice.  Create channel doesn't really have anything interesting until seven o'clock.  Aha!  Shop LC is on!  Did you know that there are only 68 days till Christmas?  It's time to get serious about shopping.

Soon, I'm going to head out to the kitchen to see about some breakfast.  First, let me share an adorable cartoon that I borrowed from the web.  Most folks don't know it, but witches are big softees when it comes to animals!  I just love this image.

Now I'm off to see the wizard.  Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

A-Fib And Eliquis

October 17, 2021

Good morning.  Today will be cooler and sunny.  Temps will only make it into the low sixties.  During the night we had a bit of heavy rain so everything (outside) is rather soggy right now.   

Well, Friday I had my appointment with the heart doctor and now I'm on another new medicine.  It seems I have A-Fib.  The new medicine is Eliquis.  And its cost is outrageous.  For now, the doctor is giving me samples.  If the medicine does what it's supposed to do, he will help me figure out how to pay for the stuff.

I came home wearing a monitor with a couple of feeds coming off it.  It has only fallen off twice.  No problem, I put it back on with a new sticky pad.  It has to stay on for a minimum of twenty four consecutive hours.  So, if I make it past noon today, I'll be all set.  Woo Hoo!

Meanwhile, Baby Cerys is still in the hospital with some of these same stickies on her.  The doctors are still running tests and so far no firm answers.  She still has a great big beautiful smile.  I have a photo I'd like to share.  This is a favorite of mine.  This is the look of love between a girl and her Dad.

Meanwhile, I picked up my crocheting again and put a few rows on each project.  And last night I spent some time surfing the web looking for ideas to finish my holiday shopping.  Mostly what to get for the dwarfs.  

While I was on the web I came across an article that I found to be wicked funny and wanted to share with you.  There's a photo and then the author's (Kelli Russell Agodon) post. 

This is just so funny.  I've done this very thing.  Not with a white rabbit, of course, but the same type of thing.  It feels good to know I'm not alone.

This morning I seem to have picked up a bit of perky energy, so I'm going to try to accomplish a few things.  Take out the trash, take out the recycles, wash the dishes, etc.  Maybe even a load of laundry.  We'll see how long the perky lasts.

Now I'm off to catch up with some blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Indian Summer

October 15, 2021

Good morning.  Today should be sunny with some clouds, and temps reaching seventy one degrees.  Another pretty Indian Summer day.   

Indian summer -- A warm, calm spell of weather occurring in autumn, especially in October

When I was a kid, there was always an Indian summer.  As I grew older, this pleasant part of Autumn seemed to disappear most years.  But then again, a lot of the regular weather patterns have changed over the years since I was a kid.

Yesterday was nice.  Deanne and I went to get ice cream sundaes.  Yum!  They were delicious!  Pretty soon the ice cream stand will be closing for the year.  I'm going to miss it.

Today's post will be short.  I have a lot to do this morning and I have to get ready for my doctor appointment.  It's just a regular check up with my heart doctor.  Then I hope I don't have to see him again till Spring.  

I read about a new detergent on the web and thought I'd give it a try.  It's called Earth Breeze.  It's supposed to be better for the earth and all the animals in the oceans.  I hope so.  And I hope it doesn't cause any allergy problems.  I'm going to order some and try it.

It's time to make another grocery order for delivery.  I'm starting to run out of some things.  Maybe I'll order it later today for delivery over the weekend.  While I'm at it, I think I'll cook up a pot of pasta for supper.  

Now I really must get busy around here.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fourteen Years And Still Here

October 14, 2021

Good morning.  Today is sunny and temps will be in the high sixties.  Deanne is coming by after work and we're going to treat ourselves to ice cream.  I'll make mine a strawberry sundae.  Yum!

My friend Kyra asks "did I have the taters and eggs the other day?"  Yes, I did and it was delicious!  Another favorite of mine is to fry up some green peppers and scramble them with eggs.  Mmmm.  I may have to make some soon.

You know, I just realized that I've been posting on my blog for fourteen years.  Wow!  I never thought when I started this blog that I'd still be here fourteen years later.  It has been one of the best things I ever did.  I've met so many wonderful folks and made some awesome friends through blogging.  And in case I don't say it often enough, I'm thankful for all of you and I appreciate all the wonderful comments.  When I have my blog books printed, I do include all the comments.

Today I'd like to share an ad that I found on the web.  I had to laugh at the wording "ANTI-MUFFINTOP SOLUTION."   Hmmm, I wonder if it works.

Today I have to decide whether or not I should give up my subscription to SiriusXM radio.  I've had it in my car for many years, but now I don't get to drive very often so I don't get to listen to my car radio very often either.  Considering that it's not cheap, I may just let it go.  I thought about getting it for "in the house" but I watch TV most of the time in the house.  It's not easy giving up favorite things.

I think this year I need to have the tires and the battery on my car checked.  I've been told that it takes a toll on these things when a car sits in the yard for a long time without being driven.  I try to keep my car in good shape.

The mailman has just come so I'll be off now to go out and get the mail.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Great Day To Be Thankful

October 12, 2021

Good morning.  Today we'll have sunshine, and temps will reach seventy.  Woo Hoo!  I want to thank everyone for your prayers and good wishes for Baby Cerys.  She is doing so much better now, and we're hoping that she will be able to go home soon.

 These past few months, my wrists have been a bit achy, so I've been wearing soft wrist braces (from Amazon.),  They really do seem to help.  I ordered a new pair and they arrived yesterday.

 A couple years ago, I found some wonderful soup bowls with locking lids at Ocean State Job Lot.  I love them.  Lately, I saw some soup mugs with locking lids on QVC and ordered a set of them.  

I don't need the little boxes, just the mugs and covers.  These are great for eating soup, pasta, cereal, and just about everything.  I suppose I could save the boxes and use them for wrapping small gifts.  Tis a win win!  

I've been trying to put a few rows on each of my crochet projects.  The doggie blanket is two rows shy of being half done, while the mystery project has sixty more rows to go.  Slowly I'm getting there.  

Today I'm going to shop around the web for ideas on what to get the dwarfs as gifts from Santa.  Every year I rack my brain to come up with something that they all can use.  I'm leaning towards getting them each a new blanket.  Just a thought.

Well, Perry Mason is on TV now so I'm going to watch it.  So, till Thursday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Tis A Lovely Autumn Day Here In New England

October 11, 2021

Good morning.  So fsr, this is a gray day.  My phone app says we'll have temps in the mid sixties and maybe even a little sunshine.  Actually a pretty nice Autumn day. 

Our new baby Cerys has not been doing very well.  We've all been worried, and praying for her.  Today she is doing much better.  She's quite feisty and so precious.  We are blessed.

Today is a quiet day around here.  It's Columbus Day and the guys who aren't at work are just relaxing and enjoying a long weekend.  It's a good day for watching TV and crocheting.  My favorite TV programs are on today, Perry Mason and Law & Order.  In between, I think I'll wash a couple of my favorite dresses and hang them out on the line to dry.

There are a lot of colds going around, and I found this lovely old medicinal recipe on the web.  It might be just the thing for clearing up a cold.  Alas, I have everything but the whiskey.

I did not have those taters and eggs yesterday.  Instead, I had a bowl of chicken soup.  However, I do think I'll have the taters and eggs later today.  Maybe for supper.  I may even have a piece of fried chicken with it.  Yum yum!

Speaking of food, I found this really cute image on the web and just had to share it.  I had to laugh because I do love donuts.

The morning is slipping by and I have blogs to read.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.