Friday, August 5, 2022

A Day Late

August 5,  2022

Good evening.  I found out earlier this evening that I missed typing a post yesterday.  Gee whiz, how did that happen?  Maybe because nothing is happening here?  

This has to be the dullest year I've had in my life.  I think I'd like to blame Covid 19 for this.  Once my travel had been stopped, everything else just seemed to stop too.  I wonder if it was like this for other folks too.  

Watching TV is probably the most exciting thing I do each day.  What would I do without my TV?  I can crochet and do puzzles while I watch TV.  When the TV was first invented, I wonder if anyone realized just how important it would become to so many people. 

Is this cute, or is this cute?  It's the kind of picture that puts a smile on every face.  And it lets us know that even the tiniest animals have feelings.  Look at the smile, and the happy gleam in the eye.  This little critter is happy and adorable.

Now I think I'll crochet a row or two on an afghan.  I really need to do at least one row every day if I want to finish both of the afghans before Christmas.  So, be happy and have a super weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.  


smiekeltje said...

I do know how those weeks feel when npthing happens, just quiet life that goes on. Still it is also a good thing, because not only nice things can happen, so we must take both. And then it is good to have some time that just flows quietly.
TV is good to have, and when you can do some other things too when watching, ever so good.
And as long as there is good weather, please enjoy that. It will be over sooner than wel always think.
Have a wonderful weekend, oh and how were the meals?

Theresa said...

Same here. I lose time and don’t know where it went. That is a cute little picture, it made me smile😊. Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

Suemn said...

Hi Edna, Sometimes time flies by quickly doesn't it? I told myself that this week was a week of rest and relaxation after having my two young nieces and nephew here last week. I took them to quite a few places during the week and we were out and about most of the day every day:) You enjoy your weekend now!

Buttercup said...

I spent most of this week trying to keep cool and doing errands. Not very exciting. I always feel a little sluggy in the hottest part of the summer and this year is no exception. Take care!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It is amazing just how quickly time has gone by the past couple of years even without people traveling as much and now with such hot weather everywhere. There is much to be said for living quietly and happy with things you enjoy, Edna. It’s these simple joys that some people seem to miss.

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