Thursday, October 31, 2013

WOO HOO, RED SOX !!!!!!!!!

October 31, 2013

Did you watch the game?  Did you, did you?  Om my, God Bless those Red Sox!!!!!  They brought it on home after a long wait of 95 years!!!!!  Last time we won the Series right here in our own playing field was back in 1918.  They worked hard for this win, and they so deserve it.  Go Red Sox!!!

Good morning.  It's only 5:30 a.m., but it's just as well that I got up early this morning.  I have such a busy day ahead today.  I have an appointment (thank goodness) at the nail salon this morning.  I should have gone last week or the week before, but well life got in my way.  However, my nails break easy, and  right now they look horrid.  So this appointment is an absolute must. 

I also have to go to the Registry Of Motor Vehicles and get my drivers license renewed.  I had planned on doing that a couple of weeks ago, but alas, that too got moved over due to life events.  The Town Clerk called me yesterday to remind me that I needed to get in there and re-apply for my (widow of) Veteran's tax benefit so that I don't lose it.  I'm so glad she called because I had forgotten all about it.

On my way home from one of these errands, I must stop in at the Post Office and mail a package and buy my Christmas stamps.  Somewhere in between all that and food shopping later this afternoon, I was hoping to fit in a little nap. 

Tonight's a big night for Pogo and me.  My broom is all fired up and anxious to go on our big ride tonight.  Pogo has been practicing his flying skills (staying on the broom without falling off)  with the local gulls and morning doves.  He's so tiny though, that he will ride up front of me to make sure he doesn't fall off the back of the broom if a wind picks up anywhere in our travels. 

Some of you may not believe that I ride a broom, but I've been doing this for many many years.  Just ask anyone who knows me.  Ask my sons in law.  They will tell you!! 

Our hats and capes arrived back from the shop yesterday.  I had sent them out to have everything recoated with a waterproof finish.  Thank goodness for that spark of intelligence on my part because rain is expected tonight for here and in many places around the world.  At least it will be fairly warm (in the 50's) tonight when we get ready for take off.

I am so looking forward to meeting up with a lot of my friends tonight.  So, folks, if it's not too cloudy overhead where you live, don't forget to look up to the sky tonight and wave if you see us.  I'll definitely wave back.  I did finish my greeting card to all of you, thanks for a beautiful free background that I found on the web.

So, that's it for this morning.  Tomorrow, I will try to have a tutorial ready for posting on how to change/replace colors in your photos.  Till then, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.


Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Windows Are Done For Now

October 30, 2013

Good morning.  Well, it's almost 6 a.m. and I've already had my breakfast.  Sleep is trying to sneak away again, but I bought some Melatonin and tried it last night.  I will say that it helped me to get a four hour span of sleep which did feel good.  Thank you Andrea for putting me on that track.

Yesterday was a long busy day, but the last five windows were installed and they look really nice.  The installer was very nice and took down all the curtains so that I could wash them while he put the new windows in.  When he was done with his work, one of the dwarfs had just come home from work and hung the clean curtains back up for me. 

I took a couple of photos of before and after, but with the curtains hanging in the windows.  However, you can see the big difference.  We can see good out these new windows and there is so much more light coming through now.  Also, when the warm weather comes back, we will be able to open the windows and enjoy some breezes.  All of the the old windows did not open.  The first shot is the before, and the second shot is the after.

This is a shot of the new windows from outside.  Both sides of the front entrance have these bowed sections with four long thin windows, and the den also has the extra large window. 

I also have some photos from Monday of Pogo and the lady dwarf whose room was being outfitted with new windows.  If nothing else, we got to enjoy chatting a good part of the day and Pogo got to play with his lady friend.  He just loves women!  It's fair to say that our lady dwarf also got to have a relaxing day off at home.  You can see her here playing with photos on her cell phone.  She showed me how the photo program on her phone worked.  Interesting!  (The first photo is Pogo watching something on the TV.

And lastly, here's a photo that our lady dwarf took of her and Pogo a couple of nights ago with her cell phone.  Can you tell how everyone here enjoys my little guy?  (Yes, I got permission to post these photos.)

Last night, I took a count of all the windows on the house.  Wow, there are 39 if them.  I've already  replaced nineteen of them, and only have twenty more to go.  Phew!  (This does not count the windows on the side porch, which of course is all windows.)

Also yesterday, my packages started being delivered by the UPS man and the mail carrier.  After ordering and paying for the stuff, this is the fun part of holiday shopping.  Who knows, I just might get my mailing boxes finished early this year.  That's my goal every year.  Sometimes I make it, other times I don't. 

Now I can't wait to see what the mail brings today.  Well, it's time for me to get dressed and start in on this new day.  I've been so busy lately that I don't even have my Halloween card made.  Maybe today I can accomplish this.  We'll see.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here We Go Again With Murphy's Law!

October 29, 2013

Good morning.  Before I start, I have to say "GO RED SOX!!!  Last night's game was another thriller, and now it's back to Boston for the next game.  Just one more win guys.  You can do it!!

Tis quite early (5:45 a.m.)  and still dark outside.  I've been up for a couple of hours, but at least I've been able to catch up a bit on my emails and blog reading. 

This is going to be another of those "Murphy's Laws" weeks.  It started Saturday, when the work crew left early and did not finish what they were supposed to finish that day.  Yesterday morning, no one showed up for work by 9:15 a.m. so I called the contractor to see what the problem was.  He said he would be here in about 20 minutes.

Well, he did show up, but was upset that no one else was here.  He was not happy that I was unhappy with Saturday's work efforts and tried to soothe my ruffled feathers.  However, when I'm crabby, there's no smoothing over the feathers.

Then he proceeded to start having a nervous breakdown of sorts.  His problems had started earlier in the morning when his folks home caught fire in the attic.  He put out the fire - not a huge one, but big enough to create a bit of damage to the roof and attic.  His dad was transported to a hospital because he is on special machinery, and the fire department won't let his parents back in their home until the electrical problem is fixed and deemed safe.

A few minutes after he got here, his crew showed up, but then everyone left to go tend to the fire damaged house, and to figure out how to get Dad's bed and special equipment moved to another location so that Dad could leave the hospital.  They won't be here today either.  Problems, problems. 

Where does this leave me?  Hanging and getting crabbier by the minute.  I was tempted, but I was good and did not rip my hair out by the roots.  Bald is not pretty on me!  Why was I so stressed?  Well because on top of all this, the window installer was supposed to here shortly after noon, but did not show up either.  The second shoe is about to fall!

At 1:15 p.m. I called to see where the installer was.  I was told that he was picking up my windows and would be here by 2 p.m.  At 2:15, I called again to make sure he hadn't gotten lost.  Now I was told that the truck delivering the windows to the warehouse is just now arriving (several hours late) and that the installer would be here no later than 3 p.m.

Today the installer was only going to be putting four windows in a lady dwarf's room, and she had taken the day off from work to be here.  By 3 o'clock this whole thing was becoming a sort of joke.  Needless to say, no one showed up a 3 o'clock either.  At 3:30, I picked up the phone and started dialing the company again when a truck pulled into the driveway.  Hooray!!!!!!!

Well, to make a long story shorter, four new windows finally were installed, and a few hours later, the installer left, promising to be back around 11 ish this morning.  By now, I really have no clue what time that may mean.  My clock doesn't seem to keep the same time as everyone else's.  Here is a photo of the new windows that I took as the installer was finishing up the last window in that room.

I have to say that they really are pretty.  They are long narrow windows in a sort of large bay shape.  You have to remember that this is a very old house, and I believe that the windows that we took out were original from when the house was built.    These really do make quite a difference.  They will look even prettier when the new curtains are hung.  I'll take more photos after that.

On a brighter note, I have a photo to share that I took a couple of days ago when I was out taking photos in the garden.  It was mid afternoon, and I happened to look up and notice that the moon was visible.  I aimed up to include the tree top to give you an idea of how it looked, and to my surprise a bird chose that moment to fly by also.  (see upper left part of photo)

The sky itself is just so pretty and soft looking that I couldn't resist making some background papers from it.  So because you've put up with my long winded rant today, I have a freebie for you.  A set of three background papers.  Enjoy.

Here is the download link:

Well I think I'll take my blood pressure pills now, make another cup of coffee and try to get through this day with all my hair intact on my head.  If I had a voodoo doll that looked like Mr. Murphy, I would stick pins all over it!!!!!!!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, October 28, 2013

It's M.O.M. Time Again

October 28, 2013

Good morning.  It's only 6 a.m. so it's still quite dark outside.  Today is going to be a busy day what with both the contractors working on the house and the window installers here.  There's more of the same tomorrow, and after that, things should quiet down for a while.

Well, last night I did it again.  I went online and did another batch of holiday shopping.  Of course, some of it was for me or the house.  Shopping online is  getting to be so much quicker than physically walking the malls.  Just about everything that I've ordered in last two days has already been processed and shipped.  Pretty soon I shall have a ton of boxes on my doorstep.

My project for today is to complete my contribution to the World Wide Christmas Blog Train and get it uploaded.  Every year this is a huge train full of fabulous freebies, and it is fun being a part of it.  As soon as it is time for it to start, I will put up a link for you.

Today is also Mandarin Orange Monday.  So here is a sparkle of orange color still growing in my garden.  These wonderful little tomatoes will keep on producing fruit until they are buried under several feet of snow.  One year, I had to actually cut the plants down to give them a rest.  (In late November)

I also have another photo that contains orange to share with you.  Our Robins are still quite busy running here and there digging up food. 

I'm still playing pitch and throw as I go through things that were stuffed into the computer room to get them out of the way for the spraying and carpet cleaning.  Hopefully, when I finish going through everything, things will look a bit sparser around here.  Well, at least that's my plan.

That's about all the news for this morning.  Now it's time to make a cup of coffee, and rustle up some breakfast.  Pogo has checked several times to see if his food was ready yet.  My little guy wakes up every morning with a super appetite.  This is the best time of day to get him to eat doggie food.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Close, Hair Raising Game!

October 27, 2013

Good morning.  It's 7 a.m. and barely daylight.  The sky is cloudy at the moment, and the temp is around 45 F degrees.  The weatherman says that it rained a bit during the night, but it looks pretty dry outside my window. 

The workers were here yesterday, but I'm not so happy with what they accomplished.  They were supposed to have finished one whole area in the front where the new windows are going to be installed, but they only did about half of it, and that half does not look so good to me.  I will call the contractor later this morning and let him know that I am not so happy with him.

Last night, I was quite busy doing a bit of holiday shopping online. I got lucky and was able to find a couple of items that I have had a hard time finding.  During this time, I was watching the baseball game between the Red Sox and the Cardinals.  It was such a close game all the way through right up until the last second of the game when the Cardinals won.  Phew!

Today, I think I'll address some more card envelopes.  This is a time consuming chore, and as long as I have the time I'd like to get it finished.  I also have to get out this week and buy a couple of birthday presents that have to be mailed out by the end of the week.  My youngest child, Laura Jean, turns 48 next week.  Groan, groan, when your babies are all fast approaching 55 years old, one begins to feel just a tiny bit ancient.  Creak, creak!

Yesterday, I went outside to take a few photos of some of the blooms in my garden.  There are still roses and hydrangeas with beautiful blossoms. 

The weather might be trying to gear us up for winter, but my garden is doing it's best to keep it cheerful here for us.  Today I will see if any of the pink rose buds have opened and get a photo of them.  Nature is so full of surprises. 

Now I think I will get some breakfast for Pogo.  He's lying here quietly beside me pretending to be asleep.  However, as soon as I head for the kitchen he will hop down off the sofa and head for his breakfast bowl.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Choosing A New Prescription Plan

October 26, 2013

Good morning.  Well, last night was a pretty decent sleeping night too.  After a busy day, doing goodness knows what, it felt good to shut my peepers for several hours at a time.  It was a busy day, although looking back I don't really see what I was busy at. 

I think  the most time consuming thing that I accomplished yesterday was to choose a new prescription plan for 2014, and get enrolled into the new program.  This is not such an easy  thing to do because there is very little help for seniors explaining the plan differences and prices.  Most of the online sites require too much pertinent information about you before they will give you a quote.

Supposedly there is someone at the Senior Center to help with this, but that person is not available until November 26.  Duh!  The cut off date for choosing another plan is December 7.  It took me several phone calls during the week, and an hour on the phone yesterday to get this little project done.

Today, the workmen are back outside working on the house.  At this rate, they will be finished probably by Tuesday.  Also, the new windows will be in by Tuesday.  It will be nice when everything is done.  Come next Spring, maybe I can replace a few more windows.  My goal is to replace all the windows. 

I went into my photo archives, and dug out some photos that I took one year ago today.  These are ones that I took from the Mrs' bedroom window. 

Photographing the birds is what I miss most about not going to work.  The Mrs' yard is quite large, and she gets quite a variety of birds there year round.  I'm hoping that later today I can go outside and  take a few new photos of whatever is still blooming in my garden.

There isn't much for news this morning, so I'll take my leave here.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ahhh Sleep - You Beautiful Sleep!

October 25, 2013

Good morning.  Oh what a great feeling to actually sleep through most of the night.  I started a new regime of meds yesterday afternoon after another visit to the doctor.  Hopefully, now I can on to mending and back on my feet. 

Yesterday, the work on the house got started.  I'll have to go outside later and take some photos.  Also yesterday, the mail lady brought me the nicest surprise.  I got an early  (only a few days early) birthday card with a nice gift tucked inside it.  Thank you Krya.  You know, that purse is exactly what I've been needing to put my "mad money" in.  Of course, that goodie that was hiding inside the purse was ever so tasty.  Mmmm, mmmm.  Oh yes, it's already half gone!

Well, sad to say, the Red Sox did not win last night's game.  Still, there's still a few games to go yet.  I took a couple of photos of Pogo to share with you.  Here he is, all comfy cozy and watching the game.

And here he is after a couple of bad moves and a downhill score.

I'm watching the Weather Channel, and it looks like this wicked cold snap is here to stay.  In Boston right now, it is 4l F degrees, while five minutes away it is 30 F degrees.  Brrrrr!   At least we are not buried in tons of snow.  Sorry, but it is just too early for all this winter weather.

On my way home from the doctor's office yesterday, I stopped in at the bank.  The manager gave me a list of places that give senior discounts.  Woo Hoo!!  There are a couple of wicked good ones on that list, and next week I plan to do a bit of shopping and get my discounts.

Now I'm going to head on over to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and some breakfast.  Pogo seems to have a good appetite at this hour of the morning even though it is doggie food.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yeah, Red Sox!!

October 24, 2013

Good morning.  Well, somehow I managed to get a bit of sleep during the night.  This morning, I have another doctor appointment so I will stop by the drug store and pick up some melatonin and more tissues.  I'm out of work for another week too.  The last thing I want to do is to pass this infection on to the Mrs, who by the way, turns 96 today.  Happy Birthday Mrs.

Today will be a rather busy day here.  One of the dwarfs has a service person coming to replace the glass on her car's windshield.  At the same time, there will be contstruction guys here working on the outside of the house.  The window guy called and said that the new windows will be coming in probably next Monday. 

Wayne was here last night, and took care of the problem with my Internet Explorer.  It was not ready for an update.  I don't know where that creepy notice came from telling me that I had to update, but it was not very nice.  People can be so mean.  Anyway, all is well now and my laptop is a happy little camper.

Later today, I will be able to go online and finish ordering a couple of items that I want for the holidays, and hopefully finish ordering my blog books.  Once that is done, I will feel so much better.  In a few days it will be November, and time to start getting boxes ready that need to be mailed for the holidays.

I joined the Secret Santa Soiree again and can't wait to see who I will get to make a gift for.  I've done this the past two years, and have enjoyed it very much.  If you want to learn more about this, click on the icon on the right side of my blog. 

Today's photo is one that I took a week ago of an especially pretty tree a couple of streets over from my house.  The leaves are tiny, and it has all the Fall colors on it.  Red, yellow, orange, and lots of light green.  Just beautiful.

Last night, the Red Sox won the first game of the World Series, and I'm, hoping we get another win at  tonights' game.  Go Red Sox!!  Well, that's all the news for this morning.  Now it's time for me to get dressed and head on out for my appointment.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day. 

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World Series Starts Tonight - Go Red Sox!

October 23, 2013

Good morning.  It's 4:17 a.m. and I've decided to give up on the sleeping for a few hours and get up and do something.  In fairness, I did sleep for a few hours earlier, but that messed it up for the rest of the night.  I'll be glad when this viral thing is done with and I can get back to sleeping better. 

Andrea, when I get out, I will pick up some melatonin and give that a try.  Meanwhile, tonight I think I'll try a bottle of Sam Adams.  That usually works pretty good.  Actually, I really do have to make a trip out to the drugstore.  I'm down to my last box of tissues, and my last two bags of cough drops.

Wow, today the temps take a 15 degree nosedive.  What happened to our Indian Summer?  October is usually a fabulous month for weather.  I wonder if the colder temps will be a hindrance at tonight's World Series game.  

I wonder if I waited too long to trim my bushes back?  I had planned to do it last week, but this viral thing changed a lot of my plans.  Unfortunately, cold or not cold, the trimming will still have to be done.

Today, I have some photos that daughter Deanne has sent to me via her cell phone.  She and Eddie and the kids went to Six Flags over the weekend for Frightfest, and had a wonderful time.  Dee Dee, that orange wig is simply fabulous!!!

Have any of you had problems with Internet Explorer and their newest update?  It has been giving me all sorts of hassles for days now.  I tried to update it but then it started making all sorts of changes to my laptop that I did not want.  I finally had to stop it. 

Now it won't play nice at all.  It interferes with anything I try to do on the web, and usually makes it impossible for me to open pages, make orders, etc.  So tonight I'm bringing out the big guns!!  I've put in a call to Wayne and he will be over tonight after work to fix this problem for me.  Actually, I'm going to call him during the day to make sure he doesn't forget me.  I can't put up with this mess any longer.

I think I should call the doctor too, and let him know that this viral thing did not burn itself out in the given week's time.  I really need to get back to work.   He'll probably tell me the same thing.  Drink fluids and get lots of rest.  Ha!

Now I think I'll make a cup of tea and try that "snoozing" thing again.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Last Nice Day For A While

October 22, 2013

It's 5:15 a.m. and it's 50 F degrees outside.  If the rain holds off, this is going to be our last super day for a while with a temperature of about 69-70.  We have a week of daytime 50's coming up with nighttime 30's. 

Good morning.   I've been awake for some time so I decided I may as well get up and start my day.  With this viral thing, I don't really sleep well.  I mostly get two or three hours, then bits and pieces of sleep.  Of course, it might just be one of the "perks" of getting older.  You know, where the body goes through a sort of "climate change" of its' own. 

I have to share this photo with you.  Pogo is next to me on the sofa, and he is almost totally hidden inside his fuzzy blanket.  I have to smile when he does this because he looks so darn cute.

On the Weather Channel, they are showing videos of the ongoing brush fires in Australia.  They showed a map of the whole country to show where all the fires are.  Sad to say, it looks like a huge part of the country is battling with these fires.  Let's say a prayer that the fires will be out soon. 

We still have a lot of Fall color on our trees, so I thought I would share a few more photos of them.  A lot of the leaves are beginning to fall, and soon the colors will be disappearing.   As you can see in the photos, the trees with the duller colors still have most of their leaves.  Interesting.

News flash - Incandescent light bulbs are becoming dinosaurs, and being replaced with CFL and LED bulbs.  Once the incandescent bulbs have all sold out, they will be done.  Also in the news lately is a new plastic that has been invented to one day soon (hopefully)  replace plastic as we know it now.  It's a start folks.  A late start, but a start.

How is everyone doing with their holiday shopping?  Getting it done and put away?  Don't laugh because I'm too early.  Take a look at the calendar and you will see that November is right around the corner.  Time isn't waiting for any of us. 

Today I have another QP freebie for you.  For this one, I used Deadly Nightshade kit from Salt Town Studio, and a word art from Imaginisce blog.  (found on Google)  This was such a fun little kit that I couldn't help playing with it.  Enjoy.

Here's your download link:

There's something crazy happening at the Weather Channel.  They are now showing that the temperature here has dropped to 49 degrees, and two towns over (five minutes by car) has dropped to 39 F degrees.  Is this not crazy?   I thought it was supposed to get warmer toward daybreak, not colder. 

Ah well, it's just after 6 a.m. and I think I'll rustle up some breakfast.  I have to decide on which of the contractors to hire to do the work on the house.  The price quotes are in, and believe they are not pretty.  But alas, the work does need to be done. 

This week, the World Series begins here in Boston.  It's the Red Sox versus the Cardinals.  Of course, Pogo and I will be routing for the Red Sox.   It should be a great series because these are two great teams.

On that note, I shall get busy here.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, October 21, 2013

M.O.M. And A New Freebie

October 21, 2013

Good morning.  My goodness, it is quite cool here.  At 6:30, it was only about 34 F degrees here, and it doesn't feel much warmer at the moment (an hour later).  I'm watching the Weather Channel, and they have current temps for everyone except the Boston area.  Hmmm, I wonder what the problem is?  Maybe I should sent them a thermometer to hang outside their window?

Well, today is Mandarin Orange Monday again.  Although I had forgotten to have something ready, I took some time this morning to create an image.  Sometimes I do my best work when I only have a short time to work on something. 

Anyway, I started with a photo of rather pretty pink flowers, and orangified it.  (turned it to orange)  Then I added one of Bonnie's textures, "Drips Of A Rainbow".  Next I applied the "difference" filter blend in PS, and finally applied a gradient blend.  I really like the finished image.  I think it would make a nice print for fabric.

Gosh, I'm having to drink my coffee much quicker than I want to because it gets cold fast when the house is cool.  I have turned on the heat for a few hours to warm things up a bit.  It is supposed to get warmer (mid 60's) later today, but for now it is just too cool for comfort.

Yesterday, I did not get outside to trim the plants and bushes, but I was busy all day doing goodness know what.  I can be busy all day long and things don't look much different around here.  Ah well, I suppose that takes a special talent too.  lol. 

I did play on my laptop for a bit last night, and have a new Halloween freebie for you.  The background is made with one of my photos, and some of the elements are from various Halloween kits from Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart Designs.  I love making Quick Pages, so I'll try to make a few more for you.

Here's your download link:

Gosh, on the Weather Channel, they are showing videos of the horrific wildfires that are burning in Australia.  So many homes and property have already been destroyed.  Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported yet.  Say a prayer for these folks.  As we well know, these fires are devastating.

Now I think I should meander out to the kitchen and wash my dishes.  Pogo is all curled up in his fuzzy green blanket doing his best to stay toasty.  I think I know what Santa can bring for Pogo this year.  A new supply of fuzzy blankets.  Yup, I'll put that right at the top of my shopping list.

I'm already starting to think about our vacation to Florida next March.  It will be nice to sit out on the screened in porch while we enjoy our breakfast.  Ahhh,  (big sigh).  I think it's time to start my countdown till Spring.

I have another busy day planned.  First, I have to make some phone calls to get my estimate figures for the work on the house.  I need that work done before the weather starts to get nasty.  Then I am looking forward to spending some time on the phone with a friend.  After that, I'm sure that Pogo and I can find enough mischief to get into to keep us busy.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


October 20, 2013

Good morning.  Did you watch last nights' game?  Woo Hoo!!!  GO RED SOX!!!   Actually folks, there are no losers in the playoffs.  All the teams worked very hard to get this far, and I count them all as winners for it.  Of course, I still want my team to win the big prize. 

Well, I got me a burst of "laptop play" energy last night, and was having myself so much fun that when I took the time to look up at the time it was already 3:30 a.m.  First, I decided to try working on the "Photo Friday" image supplied by The Queen Jester.  She had posted a photo of a young boy playing in the water at the seashore. 

What could I do with this?  Hmmmm, aha!  Why, I'll gather up a few of my friends and we'll go the beach and look for sea shells.  Funny thing though, when we got down by the waters' edge there was an adorable little piggy stretched out in his beach chair and enjoying the breezes.

I'm not going to tell you which one of these lovely beauties is me.  Just know that the skinny one is my dear SIL.  Can you tell how much fun I was having on my laptop last night?  lol.  Except for the photo of the water, I found all the other components of this image on web.  Thanks, Google.

Next, I decided to play around with a little photo that daughter Audrey sent to me from her phone.  Because of the lighting, the photo was very orangey and she had asked me if I could get rid of some of the orange.  Well, one thing led to another, and another, and another, etc. 

I'll have to print some of these out for her, and then I'll put all of it on a disc and send it to her.  It will be so nice when the cable companies finally get around to putting internet service in the cornfields of Virginia.  Then I'll be able to send photos through email.  Ah well.  Here's some of the fun I had working on Audrey's photo.

If you click on one of the photos, they will all get bigger and then you'll be able to see the differences much better of the different filters used.

Before finally climbing into bed, I used my brain and set out a plate of doggie food for Pogo.  For some reason, he likes to leave his supper to munch on during the night.  I don't usually leave his food down though because that's too long for the food to be out.  However, it was already almost time for breakfast time, so it wouldn't be so bad. 

It worked.  When I got up this morning, his plate had been licked clean.  Hmmm, it's not easy finding creative ways to get this little guy to eat his doggie food.  I don't relish the thought of setting my alarm clock every night to get up at 4 a.m. and set out Pogo's breakfast food.

Well, it's almost lunch time now, so I think maybe I should get dressed and start some laundry.  It's a beautiful sunny day, almost 60 degrees F, and I'd like to get outside for a while too and prune back a few of my plants and bushes.  Well, that's the plan anyway.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe have a fantabulous day.

Hugs,  Edna B.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Little Guy Is A Flyboy!

October 19, 2013

It's a lovely sunny morning here, but a bit on the cool side. Only 52 degrees F.  It's definitely the beginning of a long heating season.  I will have to ask SIL Eddie if he can come over and install a brand new thermostat for the furnace.  The one we have now is quite old and not always accurate.

I heard from the construction fellow about my windows.  They should be arriving in about another week and a half.  I also had a couple of fellas out here yesterday to figure out estimates for me on the trim and fascia board work.  I should be getting those figures soon, and I don't expect they will be very pretty.  The work needs to be done all around the whole top of the house.

I'm going to have to have a play yard built out beside the house, with a fenced in walk way leading to it for Pogo so that he can go outside and run around unchaperoned and still be safe.  Yesterday, he went missing for a little while.  I looked everywhere, inside and outside, but could not find him. 

While I was outside looking, I happened to look up, and much to my surprise, there he was whizzing by on gull.  I guess last year's broom ride on Halloween was a little scary for him.  After all, it was his first one, so he decided to do a bit of practicing for this year's ride.  My Pogo is quite the likable little chap, and the gulls are more than willing to fly him around whenever he is in the mood.  I told you my little guy is smart!

Well, my favorite TV program, Project Runway, has ended for this season.  Boo Hoo.  But, the this coming week the Project Runway All Star program will begin and carry me through the next few months.  Thank goodness.  I love fashion design.  You wouldn't know it to look at the way I dress,  (jeans and tee shirt)  but I am really fascinated with the creativity involved with this industry. 

I dug into my photo archives to find a pretty photo that daughter Audrey took while visiting here.  We were at the park and there were lots of gulls sitting around waiting to have their photos taken.  I think that's why I love them so much.  They actually will sit and let you take their photograph.  Isn't this a pretty picture?

I'm taking this nasty medicine for my sore, scratchy throat, and let me tell you it is NASTY!   Unfortunately, I have to take it so that I can talk with embarrassing myself.  Talking makes me cough.  No details needed here.  All us ladies know what it's like when we can't stop coughing.  I have some phone calls to return, but they will have to wait a day or two.

Now that I have taken care of a few important matters around here, I can focus on making my blog books for this year.  Andrea, if you're reading this, we will have your book done in time for Christmas.  I know I want mine finished and received within the next few weeks. 

Well, now it's time for me to get dressed and chase the vacuum cleaner around for a bit.  I also have a few dishes in the kitchen sink waiting to be washed.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Viral Infection, Oh Goody!!

October 18, 2013

Good morning.  It's 4:20 a.m., and I'm awake so I figured I'd best get up and do my posting here, and maybe by the time I'm done I'll be tired enough to go back to sleep.  I got up a while ago because I was hungry, so I made a pan of noodles with butter and garlic powder.  Mmm, mmm.  That hit the spot! 

I also tidied up a few things, and looked through a couple of new catalogues.  My eyes finally started drooping, so I crawled back into bed.  Alas sleep was not coming, so here I am.  With all the stuff I'm taking to cope with this nasty cold, I'm surprise I can sleep at all. 

Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor, and was told that I had a viral infection, and that it will take about a week to work its way out of my system.  He said to keep on doing what I was already doing, and prescribed prednisone to help ease the healing.

I made arrangements to be out of work for the week.  If things are not better by next Tuesday, I will have to call the doctor and go see him again.  As for my shopping spree yesterday afternoon, it did not happen.  Instead, I took a couple of the dwarfs to Walmart to shop while I picked up my prescription.  I can shop another day.

On my way home from the doctor yesterday, I took advantage of the light traffic, and got a couple photos of the awesome colors along our highways.   Scenery like this makes travelling a real pleasure.

I am blown away by the scenic beauty created by these Fall colors.  Some years the colors are a bit muted, but this year they are just fabulous.  When I got a couple of streets away from home, I pulled over to take a couple of photos of a couple of really gorgeous trees.

Later this morning, I have a couple of guys coming by to give me estimates for replacing some of the fascia boards on my house.   There are a couple of ways to do this, and I'm hoping that they will both explain these differences to me and the costs.  I like to be as educated as possible when I take on a new project. 

As long as I am still awake, I think I'll start working on a few freebies.  I really want to get back into design mode.  I sort of miss working on the collab kits that Su and I used to make every month.  Well, I'm at the end of the post and I'm not sleepy, so I think I'll make a cup of coffee and start my new day a bit early. So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tis The Season For Colds And Flu

October 17, 2013

Good morning.  Cough, cough, blow, blow, yuk!  I hate colds, and they are not very nice to me.  Hopefully the doctor will have a magic potion to get rid of this.  I'm not crazy about sleeping sitting upright in a chair.

Well, yesterday's ride turned into an hour each way with mostly highway driving.  Thank goodness I gave myself enough time.  I got to my appointment with not a minute to spare.  I must say though, the scenery along the way was simply gorgeous.  The colors along the highway are bright and beautiful.  All reds, oranges, yellows, browns and greens mixed.  Fabulous eye candy!

Unfortunately, I was not in a position to stop and take photos.  Maybe later today or tomorrow I can get some new ones.  For today, I dug into my archives for a few favorites to share with you. 

I also have another photo of one of the Mrs' beautiful bouquets.  She's a very lucky lady to have all these beautiful flowers around.

Today I have a couple of appointments, and hopefully later I'll get to check out a new store (new to me) and do a bit of holiday shopping there.  We'll see.  But now, I really must get dressed so I won't be late for my doctor appointment.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.