Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poor Lady, Poor Baby

May 31, 2009

It's the end of May and a gorgeous day so far this morning. Later on today I will put up the new slideshow for the June daily download at Magickal Scraps. Trust me, it's another beautiful mega kit.

Well, yesterday I left to go to my grandson's baseball game. I sort of lost my way, and just before I was about to give up and go home, I finally stumbled upon the baseball field. They only had two innings left to play, and were losing badly. Seems the ump wasn't too thrilled with our team, and every ball was a ball when we were pitching. When the other team was pitching, every pitch was a strike.

A few parents got a teensy weensy bit vocal about it and were grumbling just loud enough for the ump to hear. He honed in on my son in law, and tossed him out of the playing area. Did my son in law go quietly? Oh no, of course not. Grumbled and mouthed off all the way out to the parking lot.

But I really must tell you about the funniest thing that happened while I was there. A couple of dads were standing not too far from me, and they were looking at Tootsie's stroller and laughing. Finally they came over to have a looksee into the stroller, and one of them really started to laugh. He told me that his friend had said to him "Gosh, that poor lady. Her baby has a dog face." Son of a gun!! She is a dog!! I guess they had never seen a doggie stroller before.

Well, last night I did manage to get a few things caught up on my laptop. Feels good not to be so far behind. Maybe today, I can catch up a few more things. Tomorrow is my foot therapy, and then maybe I can check on a few more sofas. I need to make a decision on the Laz-Y-Boy sofa before Thursday.

******Just had to take a nap. Us "oldies but goodies" need naps sometimes just to keep up with things. I'll post your freebie now - it's a lovely QP that Gabbi made with my "Moms gone Wild" mini kit. Plus, don't forget, this week you'll be getting samplers of my new kits.

That's it for today. I can smell the pork chops baking, and Moo is making his home done french fries to go with them. Mmmmmmm. Till tomorrow, y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Moms Gone Wild" QP - by Gabbi

And here is your download link for "Moms gone Wild" QP:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

May 30, 2009

Sorry about yesterday folks. It was a long work day, and then after doing errands on the way home, I was barely walking. And tired. Some days, I just don't get to do much on my feet, and others I get lucky. Last night I realized that I had not uploaded my June daily downloads to be put up for the forum, so I had to do that right away. Then we found we were short a few days, so Snowy and I had to come with a few more things. Well, all that got done, and uploaded, but by then I had run out of Friday.

Today is another busy day. First some laundry, and then me and Tootsie are off to watch our Kool Aid Kid do his stuff at the baseball game. Hope we get some more great pictures today. Then back to work tonight. Remember that old saying "There is no rest for the wicked." I must really be very wicked.

Yesterday, it rained a bit on and off for a while. Of course, I took advantage of it and got a few more beautiful flower photos. My favorite is of the pink peonies. They are just beginning to get ready to open. I will share one of these photos with you today. Also, I will show you another beautiful layout that Gabbi made with my "I Remember Mama" kit.

I also stopped by Laz-Y-Boy yesterday to have a look at the sofa and some fabric swatches. Yup, you guessed it. They had sold the floor sample of that particular sofa. But they do have another one in a store in another state. Did they really think I was going to drive that far to see a sofa? I don't think so.

The fabric sample was another matter. They had two for "Entice - Dusty Blue." One was much brighter than the other, and much prettier. It's really a lovely pattern. However, when I asked which sample would come through on a sofa that one ordered, I was told "I don't really know. It's just pot luck." Well!!! And the price went up $300 dollars because I was wanting a different fabric than what the sofa originally comes in. I see I have some homework to do here.

That's it for today. Time to make lunch for Tootsie and me. She was under the impression that I should have been playing ball with her instead of diddling away on my computer, so she left me a nice little puddle on my scatter rug. She is just a darling some days. Till tomorrow (when I promise to have a freebie for you), y'all have yourselves a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.


"I Remember Mama"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Gray Day

May 28, 2009

Wow, can you believe it? The 28th already? You know what's really sad? My kids are all saying "Gosh Mom, the time is just flying by now. Where is is all going?" Does this make you feel just a tad bit "Golden"?

I thought I would have company today, and maybe squeeze in a bit of shopping, but schedules have changed. So instead, I think I will just putter around here for a few hours, and maybe go out to the post office to mail some boxes. That sounds like a plan.

Today is another gray coldish day, so I have turned on my little fireplace to take the "edge" off. As soon as it gets comfy in here, I can turn it down or off, depending on what the weather outside is doing. I just don't like the cold anymore. This must be why folks are always telling our seniors to move south to the land of sunshine and warmth. And big bugs. Lots of them.

Now for some scrapping news, I have been working on some new kits, and some new freebies for you. I'll have some previews ready to show you in a couple more days, along with a new slideshow for the month of June. At Magickal Scraps, we have another fantastic kit coming to you as the Daily Downloads.

You really must have a visit over at the Magickal Scraps forum, and poke around a bit. Maybe even join in some of our challenges. You know, if you participate in the Color Kit challenge, you get the kits for free, instead of having to buy them in our shop. And believe me, there are some great kits there, so this is definitely a great bargain.

And the best part of all is the people. We have a wonderful cohesiveness among our members. It's as though we have all been looking for just the perfect place to come together, and we've found it. Even though we each have our own differences in backgrounds and beliefs, we are like a family. We each bring something unique and wonderful to share with the others, and it's really quite nice.

Okay, okay, so I've blabbed enough. Today I have a beautiful layout to share with you that was made by Gabbi (my Dream Team) with my "I Remember Mama" kit. This really pretty kit is just perfect for scrapping all of your precious photos of Mom, and is available at the Magickal Scraps Shop.

Now I am off to see what sort of mischief I can drum up for today. I think I better play ball with Tootsie too, because she is just sitting here staring woefully at me. That's usually a pretty good hint that she needs some TLC. This is something new? LOL. For now, y'all have a marvelous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"I Remember Mama"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away, We Have A Baseball Game To Play

May 27, 2009

Ok, I will try this again. Earlier today, I had my post all finished, and then Blogger started messing with it and made it so bad, I finally deleted the whole thing. Does anybody know if there is another blog host out there that's easier to work with than Blogger???

We all went to my grandson's baseball game to watch our "Koolaid Kid" do his thing on the pitchers mound. Well, you just know it had to start raining, just a little, but enough that the other team did not have enough players. So, the umpire went home, and the kids had a practice game.

But I did get a lot of great pictures. Granted, I took most of them through the holes in the chain link fence, but I was certainly up to the challenge. Some of the photos came out fantastic in spite of the fence. One of my grandson's teammates is a little girl named Katie, and she's a pitcher too. When she got on the mound, I could not help myself. I just had to click away and catch the whole pitch .

When I got home, of course I just had to pop right into Photoshop and make a layout of Katie. I'll post it here tonight, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

As for the sofa covers, it looks like Entice, Dusty Blue is the favorite so far. Of course, I still have to check it out in person. things don't always look the same on the computer as they do in real life. I also want to check out a chair that opens out as a single bed for my bedroom. That would be a real space saver instead of having two beds. Lots to think about here.

Well, I'm off to make a nice hot cup of coffee, and watch a little TV with my Tootsie. Till tomorrow, y'all have a wonderful night.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Red Sox !!

May 26, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. A day for remembering those who fought and died to give us what we have. Freedom is very special and very expensive. Don't ever forget that and the men and women who paid that ultimate price for us.

Nani, if you read this, as soon as I find where I set that little train thing, I will get it to you. I have a bad habit - if I touch it, it's now among the missing. That is definitely a gray thingy. I've been gray for quite a few years, so I know. As for the baseball game at Fenway Park, I'm jealous. I watched a lot of that game on TV though, and it was a really fantastic game. Of course you must know, those back to back home runs were just because you were there in person. Woo Hoo, Go Red Sox!! (Did I mention that we are in the #1 spot?)

This morning looks to be another of those fabulous weather days here in New England. The sun is shining and all my birds are chirping and singing away outside. I don't know about you, but I just love the sound of the birds outside my window. I also love looking out at flowers, but thanks to the hailstorm, most all my flowers were ruined. Now I will have to wait for more blooms to come up.

This morning I am putting up a picture of the four sofa fabric choices that I have picked out so far, and am hoping for some help in picking one of them. It's quite possible that I may find more, but so far I haven't. The colors in my room are: carpet - Light-Medium Denim Blue; walls - Oak , I think, paneling. They are also a light-medium shade. So, any suggestions?

Now it's time for me to get hopping here. need to accomplish something regarding that housework thingy. Then I can play on my computer and not feel guilty about what I am neglecting. In between, I must also go play ball with Tootsie. She has been sitting by that soggy old ball of hers for quite a while now, hoping that I get the hint. You just gotta love her. Y'all have a fabulous day now.
Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Boing, Boing, Boing

May 25, 2009

Well, I must say, I spoke too soon yesterday about our fantastic weather. Actually, it WAS fantastic when I wrote it, however, right after lunch things changed drastically. The sun disappeared, it got very gray, and the thunder started rumbling and grumbling in the distance. Soon enough though, it came closer and brought the lightening with it, not to mention lots and lots of rain. Left me with little ponds all over my yard.

Sometime around mid-afternoon, while playing happily on my PC, there came such a roar of noise that I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter. (does that sound a bit Christmasy?) I looked out my window, and lo and behold - there were hailstones every where, boinging and bonging and bouncing off everything. Did I mention that I have a metal awning over my two front windows, and the sound of hail downpouring on that resembles the noise a freight train makes as it roars through your yard.

Yessiree, it was quite an afternoon. Half an hour before I had to leave for work, it looked as though the rain were letting up a bit, so I grabbled my laptop and my work bag and headed for the door to put them in the car without getting drowned in the process. WRONG! As soon as I stepped out my door, the heavens opened up and drenched me good.

So much for trying. I put my stuff in the car, and came back in the house to dry off. Ten minutes later, even though it was still raining, the sun came out, and by the time I left to go to work, the rain had just about stopped. What can I say? Here in New England, we have some crazy weather.

Last night, I worked on the Brush It challenge for Magickal Scraps. We were to supposed to create something - background papers, frames, other elements, etc. with brushes. I made a QP - the background and the frame trims all being made with brushes. I will post it today as your freebie. Hope you like it.

Now I'm off to spend some time with my little Tootsie, and maybe play a bit on my PC. I'll have some more photos to share with you tomorrow. Meanwhile, y'all have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Special Credits: Catarina Klein Brushes, Brush Portfolio, BAZ

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Layouts To Share

May 24, 2009

Oh my, have you noticed that the month of May has almost completely slipped away? Only one more week left of this beautiful month. I have a bet on with Snow Raven that in thirty years, we are going to have a race driving our motorized scooter chairs. If the months keep slipping by this quickly, we'll be having that race sooner than we thought.

This morning, I got a lovely surprise. Gabbi, my Dream Team member, sent me some new layouts for my Petals kit. Gabbi takes some really beautiful photos of nature, and uses them on the layouts. I will post these layouts at the bottom of this post. Good ole Blogger would have a fit if I put them right smack in the middle of the post.

Someday, I will have to find out why Blogger won't let me intermingle things on my posts. But it is not at the top of my priority list, so I will not worry about it today. Speaking of today, I have my front door and a window open to let in the beautiful Spring sunshine. It is just gorgeous out there today, and we have a lovely little breeze. This is the type of day where you want to crawl onto a lounge chair and just veg out. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I also got a bunch of jigsaw puzzles in my email, so I am just a happy little camper this morning. Amazing such little things like puzzles can make a person so cheerful. Did I tell you I was weird?

Tonight is a working night for me, so I think I shall take my leave now, and play a bit on the PC. Y'all have a great day, and enjoy these beautiful layouts.

Hugs, Edna B.



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saw A New Bird - An Oriole I Think

May 23, 2009

Well, I got to play a bit with my new lens yesterday, and I was just thrilled with it. However, I still need a good long zoom for taking my bird pictures. I have a nice one, but it does not have image stabilization. My hands are not as steady as they used to be, so I do need this feature.

I kept looking for that turkey family all day, but they did not return to sit for photos for me. Is it me? Or do they know when I am not there, and pick those days fo their stroll through the yard.

But I did see something wonderful. Not in time to pick up the camera and get a photo, but it was still a first for me. Just as I looked out the kitchen window, a gorgeous orange and black bird flew on to a branch, and just as quickly flew away. May have been an oriole, but gosh was it beautiful.

However, I did take more pictures of the birdies that come to visit the bird bath. They are hilarious to watch. Yesterday, a robin came for a bath. Wowee, she was having a grand old time for herself. I did get quite a few nice photos of this, and will share one with you today. I also got some lovely flower photos. Yup, I do like this new little toy.

Last night, I looked up some different furniture stores looking at sofas, and I think I found one that I like at Laz-y-Boy. They have a store nearby, so I think I will ride over and have a look. On line, they offer you quite a few choices for fabric or leather covers for the furniture. I like this feature very much, and I found a couple of fabrics that I really think would look nice in my living room.

Yesterday, the new chair pads came for my computer room. Hopefully this will help to keep the carpet fairly clean. My son shampooed the carpet for me and it looks just great. Did I mention what a great guy he is? So I brag a bit, that's what moms do.

I think I need to get back to making more layouts too. Been so busy lately with the house and other things, that my scrapping has been neglected a bit. And my Tootsie is wanting to play, so I think I will sign off here and spend some time with her. Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Toy For Me

May 22, 2009

I got called into work rather unexpectedly so hence, no blog post yesterday afternoon. My friend's kitty was very sick and needed to go to her vet. That's a no-brainer. so off to work I went.

My day had been rather uneventful until a package was delivered around 4 pm. Oh my, oh my! A new toy for me to play with had just arrived. As soon as I got to work, I put that little puppy on my camera and out the door I went. You understand, I was just trying to make sure that the new lens was working properly. This morning I will share one of the photos that I got.

Our weather has been like perfect summer weather - hot with a nice breeze. And while we were enjoying this gorgeous weather, poor Snow Raven was walking to work in cold, wet stuff. By the time she gets here this Fall, it will seem like Summer all over again to her. Our Autumn weather is usually just wonderful, not to mention the gorgeous colors everywhere.
I did get two phone calls yesterday afternoon, scheduling me for my physical therapy and the other test in June. So I also have that fun to look forward to. Gosh, what a lucky kid I am. I can hardly wait.

It's a short post this morning - I'm still at work, and can't play all day. With a little luck, that local turkey family will coming trotting through the yard here today, and I will be able to get some great photos. Well, I can hope anyway.

It's off to work for me now. Y'all have a fantastic day. And to Sherry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Scrapper Hop

May 20, 2009

Well, I had my orthopedic check up yesterday. Turned out to be so so. I was told I needed to have an emg done. However, I guess the phone lines were tied up because they could not schedule the appointment for me at that time. They would schedule it later and call me with the appointment. So far, I have not heard from them.

I was also given a prescription saying that I needed to attend therapy or at least be given instructions on what to do at home. Well, I meandered on down to the physical therapy department, and filled out my papers. Then I was told that due to a shortage of therapists, I could not be seen or given an appointment. They would put me on the "call" list, and I would hear from them later regarding an appointment. Natch! I have not heard from them either.

All this was because of the pain in the heels of my feet when I try to stand or walk. So much for modern medicine and it's progress. At least the doctor was able to rule out spurs (I hope I spelled that correctly.) So for the time being, I shall keep on hopping. It's just another new dance in the game of life - The Scrapper Hop.

Today, I plan to attempt to get some work done in my house. Oh goody, goody. This is such a fun thing for me. Not! Alas, but it must be done. Last night I really strained my brain trying to decide on a color for a sofa, but came up empty handed again. I just can't imagine where my thought processes have disappeared to. I remember being able to make decisions and solve problems rather quickly in my hey day. Now it's actually a rather daunting chore.

The sofa I like the best comes in three obnoxious colors. A lipsticky red, a powdery mocha, and a rather gruesome lettuce? color. You know what lettuce looks like when it's gone past the gooey stage? Yup, that's it. Makes you wonder what furniture designers see when they look at their color charts.

I found another one that I sort of liked - this one is blue. A brighter deeper blue than my carpet. However, I'm not sure that a big blue blob will look good on a blue carpet. So I will keep on looking at sofas, and maybe get lucky and find just the right one for my living room.

Isn't it sad to have such woes? Not to worry. I'm counting my blessings that these are my woes - they could be much worse. It's just that I wanted so to have things looking nice when my friend Snowy arrives in the fall. I guess the bottom line is "be thankful I have a place to live and welcome company into." And for that, I am.

Well, I've managed to chomp off a little piece of your ear this morning. Now I will see about getting dressed and attack the house work. I will leave you with a photo I took of "Spring Rain Showers." Enjoy, and y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Spring Rain Showers"

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Only Sharing My Ice Cream With Tootsie

May 18, 2009

Yeah, a few days off now. This noon, I had to take a nap, just could not keep my little eyes open. But now I'm refreshed and sort of ready to go. Moo is going to Dairy Queen and buy me a banana boat shortly. Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!! NO, I don't share that! Only with Tootsie.

I'm not going to talk long tonight. My brain has been working overtime these past few days, and it needs to slow down. I finished up a new kit for my store, and a new kit for a challenge at GDS. I will post this last kit tonight as your freebie.

Tomorrow will be another busy day - a checkup at my orthopedic doctor, an appointment to have my nails done (gosh they are so overgrown), and fit in some housework. I am going to be designating Tuesdays and Wednesdays as my days to work on my house re-do. Hopefully that will be enough to get the job done before too long.

I must call my friend Mary Ann tonight. Her son got married this past weekend, so it's been quite hectic for her too. Congratulations Mary Ann and Gene. This is such an exciting time for you both.

Moo just hollered in and said he is cooking corn (on the cob?). Isn't he just the neatest? For supper tonight, we all had whatever was left in the fridge. No point in cooking new meals when we have good food left over. Tootsie and I had Ball Park hot dogs. Not bad for a change.

Time for me to leave you and see what kind of mischief I can get into on my PC. Y'all have a wonderful night, and enjoy my little mini kit.

Hugs, Edna B.

This is the front of the card that my daughter in law sent to me.

And this is the mini kit "Moms Gone Wild" that I made using the colors from the card.

And here are your download links for "Moms Gone Wild"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Is Slip Slipping Away

May 17, 2009

My goodness! May is more than half way over. How is this possible? In a few weeks, we will have to start our Christmas shopping or that month will scoot right by us and catch us empty handed. Normally, I am halfway finished with my holiday shopping by now, and it is safely put away. This year, I have to confess, I haven't even started.

I may not be holiday shopping, but at least I am getting some work done in my apartment Today my son filled a mouse hole. Now the little bugger will have to find another way in. In a day or two, the bedroom carpet will be dry enough for me to start putting that room back together.

Did I tell you I love to read? That's an understatement. I filled up at least 10 shopping bags right to the top with books, books and more books - all to be given away. That still left me with tons of books. To me, books are an avenue of entertainment and the gateway to the rest of the world. If you can read, you can learn most anything, and you can travel all over the world without leaving the comfort of your own room. Can't help but love books.

Last night, I managed to do a bit of creating on my laptop. Next, I want to try a new project. This month, the technique challenge at GDS forum is all about making scrap kits from a greeting card. I've already started it, and you know? It's amazing what you can do with just one little card. I'll share it with you when it's finished.

Before I leave you today, I will share an old photo that I dug up this past week. Some years back, my daughter, Deanne, and I went through our CNA training and licensing together. After that, we worked together for many years in the health care field, both public and private.

For our clinical training, all of the students were divided into teams, and sent out to work in a local nursing facility. At the end of our clinical, we were told by the nursing staff that our team had been dubbed the "Dream Team." Yup, we were very proud of ourselves. So today I post the picture of the original Dream Team. Hope you like it. Y'all have yourselves a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"The Dream Team" Sue, Edna, Marion, Dee Dee

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Day To Rest - Sort Of

May 16, 2009

Today and tomorrow will be days of rest here. Just puttering and little things like shredding will be done today. The bones and back need time to heal. There was one really nice thing come out of all of this. A lot of time together with my son. I don't mind tooting my horn here. He's really a terrific guy!

In my younger days, I thought nothing of hopping into my trusty little car and driving off into the sunset to any state that my children may be living in. Sometimes even just for a little vacation - you know - point the car in a direction and go. These days, I'm not so anxious to travel. It's more comfortable to stay close to home.

It's back to work tonight. No more days off for a while. Actually, I only took off 2 days. So that was not so bad. I need to save some time off for October/November. That's when Snowy and Audrey are coming to visit. It's a great time of year for visitors too. The trees will be wearing their best colors (gosh, I hope so), and the weather is usually very nice.

Well, I've chomped on your ear a bit so I will see what kind of trouble I can get into here - oh dear, the shred pile is looking at me now. Fun, fun, fun. I will leave you with a great picture of "Our Sons." Mine and Moo's. Such a pair of handsome young men. Mine is on the left, and Moo's is on the right. Y'all have a fantastic day now.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Our Sons"

Friday, May 15, 2009

A New Award

May 15, 2009

Amazing, two weeks is almost up, and I don't see that I accomplished all that I wanted to. On the other hand, maybe I was expecting to do too much in two weeks. To finish up these two rooms will take quite a while longer.

Michael and I both each had our own business, and I had a huge house where we lived. I also had a store. When he got so sick, and could not go back to working, we moved everything into this tiny little apartment and one shed. Needless to say, it will take some time to undo and remove most of this stuff now. But it will get done, slowly.

Today, we looked at some sofas that I thought I might want for my living room. A new style and color had come in and it might be just what I'm looking for. That and a new window will finish of my living room. The computer room has a lot of paperwork that needs going through, and a lot of shredding. Two chair pads for the floor and a new window, and that room will be done.

See? There is hope. I just might finish a lot of the re-doing this year. Whoopie!! So, now I had best get back to work here. First I want to share a new award that I received from Lady D. Treat yourself to some really beautiful backgrounds and desktops, and visit her at

The rules and suggestions for this award are very simple: 1- Choose blogs or websites that you wish to reinforce and reward for their quality and affinity with a "forget-me-not" in the post. 2- Show the award, and acknowledge who gave it to you.. Notify those you nominate with a comment on their blog.

My nominees are:
Snow Raven
Lady Shannon

Everyone else on my chosen list has already received this award. Now I really must get back to work here. Y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Busy Day

May 15, 2009

Sorry about not posting yesterday, but we were quite busy, and then daughter in law came by for a visit and dinner. Next, my sister in law called to say she was on her way over too. So, we had a wonderful visit along with subs for supper. Next my program, Top Model, came on TV so Tootsie and I watched that, and then we dragged this tired old body to bed.

Today is another busy day. The roofers are here and ready to tear up my roof. Good luck, we have rain coming today. They also have to cut a few tree branches that are hanging over my roof. We're waiting for two more windows to come in and then we will be putting 4 new windows in the kitchen. Later, I'll do the windows in my apartment.

Took a few hours break here -- to do a bit of work. Now I'm back just long enough to share a picture and think about making some supper here. The photo is Mac & Audrey at the end of a long day at the trade show. Now I'm off. Y'all have a great night.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking For A Nice Cozy Cave

May 12, 2009

Day 2 on the chemo and this morning it didn't sit too well with Tootsie. Poor little thing had an accident all over the place. Needless to say, I am exhausted already from cleaning, and she has been scrubbed from top to bottom. This is when I could wish for a newer, stronger body. Aren't you glad you dropped in?

The word "housework" is taking on a new meaning for me. It's a form of torture. At the end of the day, I realize that it's time to make a big decision. Either hire someone else to come in and do it, or find a nice cozy cave to live in. One that doesn't need anything other than an occasional sweeping. Gosh, that sounds good to me - the cave part.

Today, we tackle another room. Oh goodie, oh goodie. I can't wait. Sometimes, in our grief, we turn our back on things that need doing. Like, I ignored all the stuff that hubby and I collected, saved, or just kept for whatever reason. Just push it to the back of the room, and then you don't have to deal with it. When the day comes that you are finally ready to finish going through it and getting rid of years of stuff, it's a "wow" day.

Wow! Where did all this come from? Do I really need to save it, or do I just start over? Believe me, it's not fun, but it must be done. Time to get up and go again. So. even though today is another broken back and sore feet day, I look forward to the end of it when I can start over.

Before I leave to get started, I want to share a photo of Miss Audrey and her award winning doe. You know, sometimes you just get lucky at a rummage sale. I did. Now I'm off to start my new start. Y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Third Place Ribbon" Amateur Division

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good News For Miss Tootsie

May 11, 2009

Well, this morning Tootsie went for her chemo treatment - one down, three to go - and she got lots of good news. First, she lost another pound. For her, that is fantastic. Poor little thing just about doubled her weight in the beginning with her meds and chemo.

Her second good news is that now she is up to 7 weeks between chemo sessions. Next step will be to make one more cut back on one of her meds, and on to 8 weeks between sessions. After that, the doctor thinks she may be able to stop the chemo. Now if that's not fantastic, what is?

I spoke with Miss Audrey last night, and I hope to have a photo pretty soon to share with you. She and Mac expect to be back home sometime today. It's been a long, exhausting week for them, but Miss Audrey is one happy little lady.

Now I really must get back to my house work. YUK!! Time is running out and there is so much still to do. I just need some new legs, a new back, feet that don't hurt, and a lot of ambition. Maybe I'll just settle for a cup of coffee and dig right in. Y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

This is my May 09 Calendar Page.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to All You Moms

May 10, 2009

I hope all you Moms out there have a wonderfully happy Mothers Day today. Another busy day coming up for us. Tootsie has an appointment at the beauty salon, and of course, more work, work, work. No rest for the weary.

Have you been following my friend Snow Raven's blog? Isn't it sad that some people in this world have nothing better to do than hurt other people? Because they are ignorant, they cannot understand or accept other people's lifestyles and choices. This is a big, beautiful world, and there is room for all of us to live and share our lifestyles, cultures and beliefs.

At Magickal Scraps, we have many different backgrounds, beliefs, ages, and cultures. We work together and it's grand. We each give and take, and the learning process never stops. To toot my own horn a bit, we are a fantastic example of how things could be.

Well, now I'm off my bandbox. I'll bet you haven't heard that word in a while. I remember it from when I was a little girl. Another word going by the by is "high hat." Remember these? "You just get out from under that high hat of yours, young lady!" "You just step down off that bandbox, young lady!" Yup, yup, I remember.

Now I really must make a stab at getting some work done here, so I'll leave you now. I do have a freebie for you. It's a mini kit that I made for a color challenge, and it's called "Renaissance Faire." I hope you like it. Y'all have a fantastic day now.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Renaissance Faire"

And here are your download links for "Renaissance Faire."

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last Night's Chat Project

May 9, 2009

This month is flying by and leaving me in dust here. Not funny. I thought that by now I would have so much accomplished and so much caught up, and guess what? Ever hear what "thought" did? You don't want to know. So I'll be plugging along for the next few years, BUT, I'm here to do it and that's all that counts.

Today is extra busy, a little time for a visit with family, a little time for housework, a little time for Tootsie, and then I go to work. I just don't have time to grow old.

Our project for lat night on the Magickal Scraps forum chat, was to scrap one or some of the other members. We all uploaded photos, and then had some real fun. It was really exciting to see how others perceive us. We chat together all the time, learn together, and help each other out, but we've never really "met." Some scrapped group layouts, while some scrapped individuals. I did my layout of Kyra, which I will share with you today.

Have not heard from Miss Audrey, so that must mean they are on their way home from their convention, and I will be getting some new photos soon.

Well, I have to knuckle down here and get some work done. Y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Miss Kyra"

Kit used: "I Remember Mama"

Friday, May 8, 2009

You Can't Take It With You

May 8, 2009

Miss Audrey called last night from the Taxidermists' World Convention to share her wonderful news. She took a third place ribbon on her entry, a doe. Congratulations Rummage Baby. I knew you could do it.

Well, the contractor finally showed up, and the news is grim. Lot more dollars. So what else is new. That old saying "You can't take it with you" must have been written specially for homeowners. You certainly won't have any left to take with you once you get done with all the upkeep and repairs. Mind you, I'm not really complaining. I'm thankful I'm here and able to grumble.

Yesterday, we managed to empty out a decent sized closet, so today, I would like to finish setting up all my PC supplies in there, and maybe empty out most of the rest of the room. Oh my, wouldn't that be nice if it happens. We'll see. Last night was a pain pill night. Probably tonight too.

I also want to set up an air cleaner in the computer room. That might just help to cut down on the dust. Then maybe next month a new window. By then it will be such a pleasant little room, I may never come out again. LOL.

Before I set off to start my day, let me share my new layout for the "N" part of the ABC challenge at Magickal Scraps. The N stands for my next to youngest Great Grandchild, Niko. The kit I used is "Happy Season" from Kyra of "Russian-Dutch Heart." This is a beautiful and very refreshing kit and it was offered free at her blog. I keep telling you, you gotta visit her blog and check out all the beautiful kits she has.

Meanwhile, y'all have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Happy Season" by Russian-Dutch Heart

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Gabbi, My New CT Member.

May 7, 2009

Today, let me keep the post short and sweet. I can't accomplish very much work on the house if I sit here and play all day. Sadly, my days of multi tasking are over. Not quite sure when that happened, but it did.

Crooknees, it's so nice to have you back. You were missed, my friend. Aren't new computers just wonderful? We wait so long for them, get excited when they finally get here, and then they delight in driving us crazy. I wish you much luck (yeah, and happiness too) with yours.

I've decided on the list of those bloggers I might tag. Most everyone I would have chosen has already been tagged, but there are a couple that I would like to know more about. These are both lovely ladies with great blogs. So have a treat, and visit with them. It's a great way to start your day.

I know it's a rather short list, but at the moment, it will have to do. Before I rush off to delve into the house work, let me share more good news with you. I have a brand new creative team member, Gabbi, and today I will share some of her beautiful layouts using my my new kit "Serenity."

Gotta go now. Y'all have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Giving A Helping Hand

May 6, 2009

Made a little more progress on the closet today. Not much thought, life keeps getting in the way of work. Had to help one of my dwarfs with a little banking business. He's showing signs of early Alzheimer's and needs help with things like banking, shopping, etiquette, etc. He's been here so long and has no family, and I can't just have him sent to a home, so we look after him. We're sort of like a family here.

However, I did manage to get a few things done. Most importantly, I needed to get to the post office with my precious bundles and get them mailed off. While I was there, I thought it best to buy a bunch of 2 cent stamps so that I could use up all my 42 cent stamps. The price of postage goes up in a week or so. Of course, I bought some more Forever stamps too.

Hey! Guess what??? That fabulous new camera that Miss Edna wants is in stock now, and I have been very very good. Might even treat me to a new lens to help my shaky hands a bit. Mm mm mm, sounds good to me.

Miss Tootsie is on the dog mat now. Yup! She did it again, on the orange scatter rug. I just don't know how to get across to her that this is not as much fun for me as it is for her. She's not looking too thrilled with me just now. Oh well, too bad Harry.

Watch for a new freebie this weekend. I believe I may have a little kit for you. After all, without all of you, I would not be in my own shop now. Don't forget to check on Snow Raven's new kits. This month she has some really beautiful new stuff, with lots more coming. We also have another new designer joining us soon. It's rather exciting to be a part of this wonderful little group of talented and dedicated ladies.

Tonight, I will share a new photograph with you. A new bird was out in the yard at work, so I managed to get a couple of shots. It's a Brown Headed Cow Bird. Gosh, I hope I'm right about that. I don't have a bird book here with me.

Well, I'm off now to do a puzzle and relax before trotting off to my little bed, with my very unhappy little girl. Y'all have a wonderful night.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Rights Are Being Trampled

May 5, 2009

Before I introduce you to another new kit in my store, let me tell you about something that happened yesterday at Costco. I was eagerly looking through the magazine rack for the current Photoshop magazine only to discover that something was missing. Issues that I wanted to purchase were no longer available. I asked the manager why, and his response was: "It was brought to our attention that some magazines may have had a bit of nudity in them and therefore had to be removed in case any children should see them."

Will someone please tell me what is wrong with this world? Do you and I have to give up everything we like just because some parents don't know what their children should and should not be doing while in a store? If you bring young children into a store, they should be with you and not reading magazines just to keep out of your hair. You do not drop them off in the sports department or the toy department to wreak havoc on the merchandise so that you can shop in peace. They should not be reading books and magazines that haven't been purchased and taken off the premises.

And pray tell me, why is a young child reading a Photoshop magazine anyway? I know kids are smarter today, but Mom, if your little ones are smart enough to be reading grown up type magazines, then buy the damn magazines and let your kids read them at home. Then you can tear out all the pages that offend you before your little one sees them. BUT LEAVE THE OTHER MAGAZINES ON THE RACK FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME!!

Okay. Now I will have a nice refreshing bottle of spring water and make my Tootsie some lunch. My son must be hungry by now too. I shall return.................................

I'm back, and shall share another new kit with you. "Serenity" is a pleasing, serene kit done in sherbet colors, and has 24 background papers and 28 elements. And I have a sampler for you. If you like "Serenity," it's on sale now for 30% at the Magickal Scraps Shop.

I would also like to brag a bit about some of my gorgeous grandchildren. Kevin plays for the Major Little League, and pitched a fantastic no hitter. Keep an eye on this young man, all you scouts. Jessye is becoming quite the journalist. She edits and writes for her school paper. I just finished reading the latest issue, and you've done a great job sweetie. Jasmine has been selected to attend TAG school. TAG stands for Talented and Gifted. Did I tell you how blessed I am?

Speaking of tag, my good friend Kyra tagged me a few days back, and I really should attend to that.

8 things I'm looking forward to: My daughter Audrey is coming for a visit in October. Also, my good friend Snow Raven is coming for a visit then. A visit with my son this week and next. His grandson is coming to visit in a few days. Re-doing my bedroom. Re-doing my computer room. Getting a new lens to play with, on the new camera that is coming out this month.

8 things I did yesterday: Washed dishes. Shopped for groceries. Had a doctor visit. By the way, it looks like our flu bug was just a common ordinary American flu. Yeah!! Went to Costco for prescriptions, magazines, and a rude awakening. Posted on my blog. Read a few other blogs. Stopped by Post Office to see what I could and could not mail to other countries. Picked up my son, who had just arrived from Florida.

8 things I wish I could do or shows I watch: I wish there were more classes at the local college for Photoshop and Lightroom so that I could learn better. (and quicker) I wish my little Tootsie didn't have to keep having chemo therapy treatments, and that she and my beautiful Laura Jean could be cured. I wish I could take better photographs. My hands are a bit shaky now. I absolutely love watching Law & Order, all versions and all the re-runs. I really enjoy watching the History channel, programs on Forensic Sciences, Project Runway, Top Chef, America's Top Model, and of course PBS.

And now I have to tag 8 people. For this I have to do some research, so this list can wait till tomorrow. I still have a lot of work to do that has nothing to do with the computer. Oh dear, can I add another wish? I wish I could afford a maid to come in regularly and do all my housework.

That's it for today folks. Y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.


And here is your download link for the "Serenity" sampler:

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Dance - The Wheeze Shuffle

May 4, 2009

Well, I'm finally back - been sick in bed since Friday with some kind of flu bug. It bit me Thursday night, but by Friday morning I thought I was okay. Wrong! By 6 pm Friday night, I was down for the count - sore throat, chills and fever. The aches and pains followed this on Saturday. By Saturday night, poor Uncle Moo had to take to his bed with the same thing. By Sunday afternoon, I was starting to feel like a person again, just rather sore.

In it's own way, it is comical. A couple of sick old birds getting out of bed just long enough to bring soup and juice to the other one, and give the baby her medicine and food. shuffle, shuffle, wheeze, wheeze. Sort of like a new dance number.

By now everyone has had a chance to stop by the Magickal Scraps shop to see all the great new kits and freebies. Aren't they great? And the sale is on through the 12th. 30% off everything. This is a great stock up time for scrapping all your great Easter and Mother's Day photos.

One of my new kits is "I Remember Mama." This one is beautifully feminine and floral, perfect for all your precious photos of Mama. It has 22 papers and 20 elements, and is on sale now. Today, I will give you a sampler to play with.

Now I must hop to it and get ready for my visit with the doctor to make sure my flu bug is definitely going bye bye. Y'all have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.


And here is your download link for the "I Remember Mama" Sampler

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day & Blessed Beltane

May 1, 2009

Do some of you remember celebrating May Day when we were little? It was such a festive holiday, I wonder how come we lost it? Remember the May Baskets? They were decorated with flowers and crepe paper, and filled with candy and flowers. We would make them and deliver them to friends and to the local nursing home. Might be nice to bring our May Baskets back.

Have you all visited our shop at Magickal Scraps? Gosh, I sure hope so. There are new kits and new freebies there for you. Why not make a cup of tea or coffee, and meander over there to have a look.

I have some previews of my new kits for you. These are available starting today in the store, plus I have a sampler for you. Remember, everything in the store is 30% off, for twelve days only. So don't wait too long to get your bargains.

We're also looking for a few CT members, so if you're interested, send an email to Snow Raven.

With that, I'll leave you for today. Y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

My first new kit "Petals"

And a sampler for you.

And your download link for the "Petals" Sampler