Friday, June 29, 2018

It's Such A Pretty World Today, Look At The Sunshine

June 29, 2018

Good morning.  Oh how pretty it is outside my door right now.  The sun is shining, and the temperature is seventy five degrees.  Soon the temps will hit ninety degrees, but for now it is just perfect.  All the puddles from yesterday's rain are dwindling in size now.  Even the "pond" where Joe parks his truck is almost all gone now.  Today reminds me of the song "It's Such A Pretty World Today."

It’s Such a Pretty World Today

It's such a pretty world today I look at the sunshine
(Look at the sunshine)
And every day's the same since I met you
It's such a pretty world today knowing that you're mine
(Knowing that you're mine)
And happiness is being close to you
And though the rain may fall our skies will all be blue
If I look close enough the sun will come shining through
It's such a pretty world today look at the sunshine
(Look at the sunshine)
Today and every day since I met you
And every day's the same since I met you
(It's such a pretty world today knowing that you're mine)
And happiness is being close to you
And though the rain may fall our skies will all be blue
If I look close enough the sun will come shining through
It's such a pretty world today look at the sunshine
(Look at the sunshine)
Today and every day since I met you
(Look at the sunshine)
Today and every day since I met you

Songwriters: Dale E Noe, released 1967
Wow, do you realize that there is only one more day left in this beautiful month?  How does the time go by so fast?  The next time I post here will be the start of July.  Wowsie!  No wonder I'm getting old so fast!  I blame it all on the fact that time is going by so quickly. 

I remember when I was just a kid, and it took forever for a whole day to pass by.  Now, by the time you realize the day is over, you find that in reality two or three days has gone by.  Well, at least that's how it feels some times.  There are things that I'd like to do this week.  Yoo Hoo!  The week has already passed me by and I haven't gotten to those things yet.  Sighhhhh...Maybe next week.

Deanne just texted me to say that she will be over in a while to put my air conditioner in the window.  What a sweetie!  I thought about putting the fan back in the window, but I think the A/C will cool things down a lot faster once the temps get up to ninety. 

Today I have photos of some of my flowers to share.  I had some gorgeous white roses that I wanted to photograph today, but I think the heavy rain may have been a bit too much for them.  I'll have a look when I go outside.  Meanwhile, I still have lots of beautiful blossoms to enjoy.

I've been watching JTV all morning, and oh my, talk about drooling!  Some of the jewelry that is now on clearance is just awesome!  No, I'm not going on a shopping spree, but oh my, sometimes it's hard to be good.  We never get too old to appreciate pretty things.

Now I think I should do a bit of blog  reading before my daughter gets here.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

See Y'all in July, hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thankful For Some Rain

June 28, 2018

Good morning.  Have you ever noticed how beautiful the rain can be?  Well I have to say that today it is just that.  Beautiful!  We haven't had much rain here, and today the lawns and plants are really thirsty.  Today they are getting a good soaking. 

Temps today will be in the low to mid seventies, but oh my, the forecast for the next five days calls for temps in the nineties every day, with night temps in the mid to high sixties.  Oh my, we are ever so thankful for today's rain. 

Well, yesterday turned out to be quite busy.  In the morning, Deanne had an appointment with her eye doctor.  This was a routine check, and the good news is that her eyesight is great.  However, all the appointments were running very late, so we were there for quite a while.  I brought a puzzle book with me so the time went by quick enough.

On the way home, I stopped by a Dollar General store, and picked up a few small things.  Next stop was at WalMart to pick up some totes to use while cleaning out the back room. While I was there, I picked up a few groceries and a case of spring water.  Joe said he would pick me up some more water later this week. 

Today I have some photos of the beautiful flowers that we saw at Plymouth Harbor.  If you're ever in the area, you really should stop by the Harbor because it is quite beautiful.  Each photo is followed by a close up.

My goodness, as I look out my door, I see that the rain is really pouring down quite hard.  It's also quite a bit dark out there.  Sort of like dusk.  Every so often, the rain let's up just a bit for a while, then it starts pouring hard again.  Hmmm, I see lots of big puddles in our future.  I tried to take a little video of Joe's parking spot.  It's becoming a small pond.

Now I think I will do a bit of blog reading before starting to clean out the backroom.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Meet The Ground Hog Family

June 27, 2018

Good morning.  Tis rather early here, but I wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee and post here before I leave this morning.  I'm taking Deanne to her eye doctor appointment.  While I'm out, I'll stop by the Post Office to mail a package and probably stop at WalMart to buy a couple of totes to store things in. 

I had all good intentions of cleaning out the back room this week, but so far I seem to have gotten side tracked on to other projects.  Yesterday I cleaned and vacuumed most of the porch and the furniture out there.  Of course, that meant that I also had to vacuum the screens too.  After all, they catch a lot of dirt and dust from the air too.  Before I knew it, most of the day was already gone. 

Today I'll take care of a few errands, and tomorrow I can start on the back room.  Well, at least that's my plan.  Today's weather will be nice, sunny with temps in the upper seventies.  Tomorrow, though, is supposed to be cloudy with thunderstorms.  A good day to do indoor work.

I meant to post an update on how the Wondercide is working.  So far, it's doing pretty good.  I sprayed it on the porch floor and carpet, and in Pogo's bed out there and so far I haven't seen any fleas.  I haven't found any on Pogo either. 

As for my beautiful copper ring, my hand hasn't had any pain since I put the ring on.  Now that doesn't mean that the ring took away all the discomfort of arthritis, but so far my hand feels fine.  I'm thinking that I'll buy myself a copper bracelet.  If nothing else, it can't hurt.

Yesterday while I was cleaning the porch, I noticed a couple of critters on the lawn near the back of the shed.  I got out my camera and quietly moved as close as I could to the little fellas and took some photos.  They were young ground hogs snacking away on the grass and some wild flowers. 

I took a walk to the back of the shed to see where they scurry off to, and I found their little den.  It's beneath the shed.  Well, as long as they leave my flowers alone, they are not bothering anyone.  Here's one of them peeking out to see if I'm gone yet. 

On a prettier note, I also have a couple photos that I took of the hibiscus flowers growing by the restaurants at Plymouth Harbor.  Goodness, they're my favorite colors!

DIL Janet will be coming by later today after work.  We didn't have pizza last week, so I think we'll have spinach pizza for our supper tonight.  Yum!  I just have to think up something for dessert. 

Today I have a new quick page for you.  This one has lots of tiny Spring fairy babies.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Well, time is flying by and now I have to start getting ready to leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pogo Sized Lawn Furniture

June 26, 2018

Good morning.  Today is really lovely with lots of sunshine and temps in the seventies.  I think Pogo and I will sit out on the porch today after lunch.  I have planting materials out there that I want to remove.  I think I'll set them in a box in the greenhouse. 

I need to vacuum and wipe the furniture down on the porch again.  The wind we had a few days ago really covered everything with a layer of dirt.  So I guess that will be my project for today.  I had other plans, but this really needs to be done. 

While we were shopping over the weekend, I found this  really adorable doggie lounge chair.  It even comes with an umbrella.  Isn't this darling?  I don't have anywhere to put it, but if I did it would be great for Pogo.

While we were there, I picked up some more petunias.  They were only four for ten dollars.  While we were walking around shopping, the store announced that the plants were being marked down to just one dollar each.  Wow!  I just saved six dollars!  These are the four colors that I bought.

The plants were in need of a little TLC, so I've put them in the greenhouse for a while.  Soon, I'll re-pot them.   While we were checking out the garden stuff, I found this really delightful garden fairy.  I just couldn't resist getting her.  She can oversee the plants that are on the porch.

Speaking of the porch plants, last month I came across a few old begonia bulbs from last year that I had misplaced and never planted.  I put them into a pot with dirt anyway, just in case they would still grow.  So far, three of the bulbs are growing.  This is a photo of the tallest one, resting against the screen and catching the sunlight.  I'm thinking that if I hang the pot, this will make a pretty hanging plant.  Well, maybe after the other two bulbs (flowers) start getting bigger. 

Right now, Pogo is airing out his vocal chords.  One of the dwarfs just came home in a cab, and Pogo has to let them know that he is keeping an eye on them.  That's my boy! 

Well, I think I need to get out on the porch and start vacuuming before I talk my self out of it.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Sun Goes In, And The Sun Comes Out

June 25, 2018

Good morning.  It's looking quite gray outside right now.  We did have some rain during the night, and it looks like it's getting ready to downpour.  But the weather forecast isn't calling for rain today.  Hmmm, we'll just have to wait and see.  Lord knows, we do need the rain.  The temperature here is about seventy, and that's about as warm as it will be all day.  Not bad at all, I say.

Yesterday I was busy all day, but I'm at a loss to think of anything that I actually did.  Before I retired, I was busy all day, but I was working and doing lots of other things.  Now I'm busy doing absolutely nothing.  Well, that's how it feels.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just befuddled at how this happens.

The mailman just came and he must be a substitute because he put all the mail out on the front porch instead of bringing it to my porch like the regular guy does.  Oh my, the sun just came out and oh boy is it ever bright.  Yup, and now most of it has gone behind a cloud again.  The clouds must be moving rather quickly because here's the sun again.  I guess it's going to be one of those days where the sun is in and out all day long. 

Today I have a few more photos from our visit to Plymouth Harbor.  The scenery there is just so pretty.  Everywhere you look, there is something to photograph.  There are several fishing cruise boats.  And I think there's one that travels to Provincetown and back. 

One of my favorite boats there is the little pirate ship.  It must be fun to go sailing in this tiny ship.

While we were walking around we spotted a plane with a banner flying way above in the sky.  I tried to take a photo of it but it was difficult because it kept moving.  Eventually, I got a shot of it.  At first I thought it was a large picture of a yellow truck, but I was wrong. 

At some point while we were walking, we stood beneath this beautiful tree for some shade while we took a few photos.  Now be honest, isn't this a really beautiful sight?  I think so. 

I haven't decided yet what Pogo and I will do today.  Probably more of what we did yesterday.  Hmmm, that doesn't really sound promising.  Right now, Pogo is nodding off beside me.  His tummy is full of delicious steak.  He had half of the steak last night, and the rest of it is for today.  I didn't save any of mine for today.  It was delicious and I ate it all up. 

I finally dug out my gift notebook so that I can get my 2018 pages updated.  I like to keep track of what I've already made or bought so that I don't repeat myself or forget someone.  There are times when I get rather forgetful, and this system has worked very well for me over the years. 

When my kids were small I used to make up a "Rainy Day Box" for Christmas.  It was full of things to keep them busy on those days when it was too cold or wet to go outside.  There were coloring books, paper dolls, crayons, paints, pens and pencils, pads of paper, puzzles, stickers, etc.  Now it's time to do this for the younger great grandbabies.  I think I have more fun with this than the kiddos do. 

This week, I think I need to tackle the backroom.  It's a catchall room and it needs to be organized so that someone can come in and re-plaster the ceiling.  So I guess this week I'll have to make a trip either to Ocean State Job Lot or WalMart to pick up some storage totes to put things in. 

Now I think I should get busy and do a few things around here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantaulous day.

Hugs, Edna B

Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Fun Trip To Plymouth Harbor

June 24, 2018

Good morning.  Today is a bit cloudy, but no rain yet.  The temperature is 68F degrees and will soon be in the upper seventies.  We were hoping for a bit of rain, but now the forecast says that maybe the rain will come tomorrow.  As long as it gets here soon.  We are in a bit of a drought. 

These past two days have really been busy and full of fun things.  Friday, Pogo and I picked up Deanne and Jazzy and headed for Plymouth Harbor.  The hour long ride took us through lots of beautiful small towns with awesome scenery. 

When we got there, we found that now you had to pay for parking.  Well, that's okay.  At least we had a good spot in a handicap parking area.  And then we walked.  Oh boy, did we ever walk!  From one end of the area to the other end.  But it felt really good, and we were walking slow. 

Of course, I took lots of photos, mostly with my camera.  Today I have just a few of them to share with you.  We took these photos of us sitting on the stone wall.  The first one is Jazzy and Deanne (and Pogo too!), and the second one is Jazzy and me, and of course Pogo.

There were beautiful colorful painted lobsters everywhere, and of course we had to stop and have our picture taken with them.  Here's me and Deanne, and Jazzy and Deanne.  As you can see, Pogo was quite taken with the lobster.

We had a really great time and decided that we should go back another day to eat at this lovely restaurant.  They actually import these palm trees every year. 

There were lots of beautiful flowers everywhere, and yes, I took lots of photos to share.  But I'll save them for another day.  The weather was just perfect.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  My legs held out just fine.  Being by the salt water is good for my legs.  It must be the salt in the air.  Salt water is good for healing lots of things.

Yesterday morning, Pogo and I met DIL Janet at Christmas Tree Shoppe.  We were looking for gardening things for Janet's yard, but of course, we found lots more.  I have photos from that shopping spree, but I'll save them for later. 

It's getting close to lunch time, and my little guy is hinting that he might be a tad bit hungry.  He has his little routine that he does.  First he sniffs all around his empty dinner mat, then he pretends to be eating something from beneath it, then he makes like he's finding lots of goodies on the carpet near it.  By now, he's got my attention and I've got the message. 

Because he has no jaw or teeth, it's difficult for Pogo to get the food up into his mouth.  But he works at it.  After a few mouthfuls, the food is scattered all around his plate, and he comes to me for help.  Now I go to his plate and push all the food into a neat pile on the plate so that he can get at it better.  This goes on until he's finished eating.  Ah, the things we do for our precious fur babies.

Today I have a new quick page for you.  This one features Zlata and her friend.  They are having a wonderful time trying on old hats and shoes that they have found in Grandma's attic.  Does this bring back old memories?

Here is your download link:

Now I'm off to find something tasty for our lunch.  So, till  tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, June 22, 2018

We Shopped Till We Dropped!

June 22, 2018

Good morning.  So far, it's looking really nice outside.  Let's hope it doesn't rain because Pogo and I are going with Deanne and Jazzy to Plymouth Harbor in a little while.  We thought it would be nice to walk around by the ocean and maybe have lunch there. 

Yesterday, Pogo and I went shopping early in the morning.  We got me a puzzle book at a really nice Dollar Store, bought light bulbs at the hardware store, went to the bank and then bought some bird treats at Ocean State Job Lot.  Busy, busy, busy.  You know I needed a nap in the afternoon!

While we were at Ocean State Job Lot, I picked up a couple of plant towers.  You know, the metal wraparound basket for tomato plants.  Seeing as how I now have two peppers and three tomatoes, I thought it was time to give the plants some support.  I'll take photos to share.

At supper time, I cooked some hamburgers for Pogo, and then I cooked up a pot of macaroni to make a salad.  That is going to taste really good later today.  There's a lot of it, so I'll be sending some of it out to Joe. 

Today I thought I'd share some cute things that I found on the web.  This first one is Maxine.  God love her, she took the words right out of my mouth!

I thought this next one would start your day with a chuckle.

If you have a sweet tooth, this might just be the recipe to take care of it. 

Now, on a more serious note, I want to share this image.  Please, please, please, if you see an animal that is being hurt in any way, call the authorities.  No animal should ever be abused.  And, if you are looking for a new fur baby please don't buy, ADOPT!

Now it's time for me to start getting ready to leave.  I'll put my camera beside my purse so I don't forget it.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tis A Good Day To Shop

June 21, 2018

Good morning.  Well, it's looking kind of "iffy" outside right now.  There's a bit of sun peeking out from behind some clouds, no rain yet, and temps today should be in the mid to upper seventies.  For the life of me, I can't figure out how the forecast can change so quickly. 

We changed our outing plans from today till tomorrow because it was not supposed to be as nice a day today.  I guess the weatherman is not on speaking terms with Mother Nature.  These two need to get together so that folks like me can plan our days out.

DIL Janet came by last evening after work.  We decided not to fire up the oven to cook the pizzas because it was too hot, so we had Marie Callender pot pies instead.  They can be cooked in the microwave and are delicious.  We decided to meet this Saturday at the Christmas Tree Shoppe to do a bit of shopping.

Today, Pogo and I are planning to go to Ocean State Job Lot and pick up some bird treats and a few other things.  So, if it is going to rain, maybe the rain will wait until after we get back home from our little outing. 

I have some more photos to share of the flowers in the garden and around the yard.  The white rose is growing in a little patch near the front corner of the house, and the yellow rose grows in a little garden near the front door.

While I was out taking a few photos, I decided to stand beneath the Red Japanese Maple tree and take a photo looking up through the branches to the sky.  It makes for an interesting photo.

This last photo shows the little yellow petunia that fell out of the big plant on the porch.  I thought it might grow some new roots if I put it in water.  We'll see.

There's not much happening around here today other than a bit of shopping.  So I think on that happy note, I'll take my leave.  Pogo keeps running over to the door to look outside.  I think he's anxious to go shopping too.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Gary Jr.

June 20, 2018

Good morning.  Today is looking to be a beauty, with temps in the low eighties, lots of sunshine and a bit of a breeze to keep things comfy.  It's also my son 's birthday.  Gosh, where does the time go?  Not too long ago, (in the photo below) Gary Jr. was two years old, playing outside with his little dog Susie and his sister Deanne.  Today he's the father of six beautiful children and a grandfather of two awesome little boys.  Happy Birthday Gary Jr.  I hope your day is awesome.  I love you.

Today I have a couple photos from the garden to share.  This first photo is one of the peonies getting ready to burst open.
This next photo is one of my lilies.  Look how tall this one is.  The fence is six feet tall and the lily is taller than the fence.  I don't even know what color this lily is, so I'm going to have to wait for some of the buds to open.  You can see one of the white peonies next to it.
I was planning on going out to do a couple errands today, but tomorrow is going to be a bit cooler, so I think Pogo and I will do our errands then.  In the meantime, I'll make a shopping list so that when we go to Ocean State Job Lot we don't forget half of what we went there for. 
Today I think I'll see about filling up a bag of  "tossables" to put in the recycle bin.  I'm also trying to put together another big bag for the Big Brother Big Sister folks to pick up.  Aside from that, Pogo and I will spend a little time just sitting out on the porch and relaxing. 
In the past few weeks, I've  had a bit of fun on my laptop, and now my quick page folder is over flowing.  So today, I'm going to post two quick pages.  These might be nice for photos of those wonderful guys in your life.
Here is your download link:
Here is your download link:
Later this afternoon, DIL Janet will be coming by.  I've been saving two spinach pizzas in the freezer for our supper.  Mmmm. yum yum!  On that happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Sign Is Scorpio

June 19, 2018

Good morning.  Yesterday was a hottie!  Thank goodness for the beautiful breeze flowing through my yard.  It made it easier to deal with the warm temps.  Late in the afternoon, things started looking like a storm was coming.  Or at least some heavy rain.  Nope.  Eventually, we did get a little rain, but not very much.  There's only one tiny puddle out front. 

I was born in November, and my original birthstone is Topaz.  Imperial orange and yellow Topaz.  For some reason, some birthstones have been changed over the years.  Now folks use Citrine for November's birthstone.  This is also a beautiful stone.  But I've been hunting for a long time for some Imperial Topaz (that I can afford).  Here's a photo of an Imperial Topaz that I borrowed from the web.

The colors range from a peachy orange to yellow to golden orange.  Isn't this gorgeous?  Is it any wonder that I am partial to orange? 

A while ago, I came across a small planter (or pencil holder) shaped like little Groot.  Oh gosh, I fell in love with it and just had to have one.  God bless Amazon.  They have just about anything.  I ordered my little planter and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  I put  a tiny plastic plant in it and set it on the railing on my porch.  Isn't this just the cutest?

When I go outside to tend to the plants in the greenhouse, my little Pogo stays right by the gate on the porch and keeps a watchful eye on me.  I can't help myself.  I have to take another photo of him.

Pogo feels really safe on our porch.  He can bark at anyone he wants to and then he runs behind me or beneath the little plant table if something starts to feel threatening..  Behind this gate, he's a Great Dane.  Or so he thinks!

I got a couple new catalogues in the mail, and one of them has the cutest animal planters.  They are all shaped like different doggie breeds.  I thin I may have to get me the Yorkie planter for the porch.

Today I want to find a place to hang my new red, white and blue star.  Once it is hung, I'll take a photo to share.  Other than that, Pogo and I have no special plans for today.  We're just going to hang out and enjoy watching the birds and the little critters in the yard. 

It's sunny now, with temps in the high seventies.  We should reach the low eighties in a few hours.  My new little Windmill wind chime is telling me that there is a gentle breeze outside, keeping things quite comfy. 

On that happy note, I'm going to take my coffee and head for the porch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.