Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Golden Orange Butterfly!

July 31, 2012

Today is the last day in July, and it's been quite a month.  Tomorrow as we usher in the new month, I'm hoping that life will settle down a bit; and we can sit back and enjoy the rest of summer. 

With all the excitement lately, I forgot to post my photo for Mandarin Orange Monday.   Last week at work, I went out to the backyard in hopes of getting some new photos of dragonflies.  In one spot, I saw a glimmer or orange and took a few photos.  I  really did not know what the orange was as it was a distance away, but then that's how I get some  really nice photos.

Once I had a chance to look at the photos on my laptop, I was pleasantly surprised.  The orange glow turned out to be a beautiful dragonfly.   The photo wasn't as clear as I would like, but it had a soft, mystical glow about it.  I used a frame and style from Brenda's Scrap Design.

There are some awesome photos posted at Mandarin Orange Monday, so click on the link to have a look.  And, if you like photography, and the color orange, do join in the fun.

Yesterday, Dee Dee, Eddie and Jasmine stopped by to visit with Pogo.  Well, now Pogo was in his element.  He just loves people, and was busy going from one to another to collect all the pats and hugs that he could.  He especially loves to play with squeaky toys, but only while they are squeaking.  Once they stop making any noise, he loses interest. 

Later, Pogo and I went shopping at Petco.  I was disappointed that there were no small tee shirts, but we did buy a new harness, collar and leash.  We also bought a little red squeaky chcken toy, but so far Pogo has shown it very little interest.

The foster mother, where Pogo was living, sent me this photo that she took with her phone of me and Pogo the day I got him.   You can see just how tiny this little guy is.

My new blog book came in the mail yesterday.  I can't say enough about how great these books are.  It's sort of like leaving behind a journal complete with photos. 

Tonight is a work night, so I think I'll keep this an easy day with a nap later on.  That should make Mr. Pogo very happy.  He's a champion napper.  Actually, he's curled up beside me right now, sound asleep.  Hmmmm, maybe we'll do the nap thing now instead of later.  On that note, I'll leave.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting To Know Each Other

July 30, 2012

It's a gorgeous morning, and Pogo and I have made it to day three of getting to know each other.  I took him to work with me all weekend, and he charmed the socks off the Mrs.  As Mrs rode into the kitchen on her scooter, Pogo let out a series of huge barks that took us all by surprise.  This of course, got us all laughing.  Who would have thought that such a tiny handful of doggie could have such a huge bark!

Pogo also did his first little "bit" outdoors last night, and was rewarded with hugs and "good boy". Let's hope he remembers this today when we go out for a walk in the yard.  I'm learning that I have to be very quick in the morning or he runs to the nearest piece of carpet.  This is going to take us a while.

I've been  reading over the information in Pogo's folder to see what I can learn about him, but there's not much there.  It's mostly his medical records.  When he was rescued, he only had three teeth, and they were badly infected and had to be removed surgically.  Aside from that, he is in good health.  I think possible he went without food lots of times because he does not like sharing his food, and will protect it aggressively.  (Obviously harmlessly, he has no teeth.)

Pogo is six years old, and as big as a minute.  You  realize just how tiny and fragile he is when you try to pat him.  His little head gets lost in your hand.  I wonder just how long his name has been Pogo because he does not seem to respond when you call him.  I think it's a cute name, so we'll keep it.

Yesterday, I brought my favorite fuzzy little blanket out to the sofa, in hopes of catching a nap.  Well, let me tell you.  Pogo fell in love with my blanket.  He immediately made himself a little spot to curl up in and slept for over an hour.  So now I know what to do when I want him to to take a nap.

We did not get to go shopping at Petco yesterday, so we will definitely do that later this morning.  Pogo needs a new harness that fits a little better, and probably a couple of little tee shirts to wear in the morning when it's still cool.  This morning, he was shivering quite a bit, and wanted to be held. 

So far, Pogo is doing really well riding in the car.  As soon as I get his new safety belt, he will start riding in the car seat.  Hopefully, he will like that too.  I must say, things are certainly different here with this little fellow in the house.  But iit's a nice different. 

I have a couple of photos to share that I took at the park a few days ago.  I was trying to capture some good "flight" photos.  These are two that I rather like.  I never get tired of photographing the birds and the geese.

Today while we are out, I need to stop by the Town Hall and pay my taxes.  Can you believe?  These are the taxes for 2013!  We now have to pay them the year before.  I find this rather sad that towns have to collect on taxes that have not come due yet in order to get through the financial year. 

Now I want to do a bit of catching up on my blog reading while I enjoy my coffee.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Award And A New Friend

July 29, 2012

Good morning.  Well, the rains finally made it here.  Around 5 pm yesterday, a light sprinkle started, and by the time I was part way to work the heavens opened up and really poured down on us.  Sometime during the wee hours this morning, the rain let up.  

There is so much news to share today.  Let's start with the award given to me by Andrea at From The Sol.   I met Andrea through participation in the photo challenges, and have made a new friend.  Folks, if you love cat photos and good photography, you really should treat yourself to a visit to Andrea's blog.  She has a talent for capturing some awesome moments with her camera, and has inspired me to join in some of these new challenges. 

The rules for the award are: (1)  Post the rules.   (2) Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.  (3)  Name five things you love.  (4)  Name five things you hate.  (5)  Pass the award on to five other bloggers (leave them a comment notifying them of the award.

Some of my most fabulous moments have been:  Earning and graduating with a Master's Degree in Education, the birth of each of my children, opening my ceramics store, marrying my late hubby in a gorgeous park, and the day Tootsie came into my life.  I could elaborate on all of these things, but the bottom line is that just about anything I ever dreamed of becoming or doing has all come to pass.  I have been very blessed, and I am so thankful.

Five things that I love -- If you read my blog, then you already know the answers to this.  I love Nature, Flora and Fauna, Reading, Being creative, and My family and friends.  I also want to say that I love blogging.  This blog has brought some very special people into my life.

Five things that I hate -- Hate is a very strong word.  I do not like to hate.  I try hard not to hate.  But I very much dislike  Dishonesty,  Indifference, Most creepy crawlies that bite and sting, (especially ticks)  The tragedies and bad things happening in the world today, and last but not least, Not So Honest politics.  (the honest stuff is okay.)

There are five blogs  that I read every morning while I enjoy a cup of coffee.  Andrea at From The Sol already has this award, so I shall pass it on to the other four bloggers.

Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart Designs
Nani at The Chronicles of Nani
Queen Jester at Life In A Canned Ham
Su at A Lady In Florida

These special ladies will keep you entertained with their fabulous humor and stories, and will keep your freebie design folder filled to brimming.  So grab a cup of coffee, and stop in for a visit with each of these wonderful folks.

Next bit of news is about my home visit yesterday from the pet adoption agency.   The lady called me to say that she would be coming by and would bring the dog with her so that I could meet him.   Needless to say, even the dwarfs were getting excited about the home visit. 

Well, what can I say?  The nice lady arrived with the teeniest little bundle in her arms.  I guess  I checked out okay, because a half an hour later she asked me if I would like to keep the little guy now.  Well, DUH!  Of course, I want to keep him!  Folks, meet my new teeny tiny little fur baby.  This is Pogo. (a teacup Yorkie)  All three pounds of him!   I took these photos of him in my yard.  Gosh, he almost gets lost in the grass!

All afternoon, Pogo was busy checking out every little nook and corner of my place.  Gosh, there was just so much to sniff and see.  This little guy is also a cuddler.   When he got tired of checking out the place, he climbed up on my lap to have a nap.  When I leaned back to close my eyes and catch a few winks, Pogo curled up on my chest, tucked next to my chin and fell asleep.

Last night, I brought Pogo to work with me.  The Mrs had never seen such a tiny bit of a dog, and fell in love with him.   This, of course, is good because it means that Pogo can come to work with me sometimes.   Later this morning, Pogo an I are going shopping at Petco to buy him a new harness (one that fits his tiny little body) and maybe a little shirt.

It's getting close to time for me to pack up and head on home.  Tomorrow I will have lots more news to share about my new friend Pogo.  Till then, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


July 28, 2012

This is day three of the three rainy days we were supposed to be having, and so far the rain has missed us.  I'm not complaining, but a little rain could be good for the grass and the gardens.  Today is also a special day.  I'm having a home visit today from the Rescue Animal folks.  They want to make sure that my house and I are fit for a rescue doggie.

I'm sitting here watching the weather channel on the TV, and it's showing the relentless heatwave throughout the country.  They talk a lot about the droughts, and the damage (and deaths) being caused by the lack of rain, yet I don't hear anything about building a water pipe line. 

Is there something wrong with the brainiacs of our nation?  Can we only build a pipe line for a product that is sold to other countries?  Is this not something we can do to save ourselves?  Gosh, it might even put a lot of folks back to work!  Oh wow, what a unique idea!  (sorry about the sarcasm)

I have been looking around lately for some other interesting photography challenges, and have found several that I want to try.  One of those is Flower Art Friday, whose theme this week is red.  I was not able to post any photo art yesterday because (I was at work) Mrs was up very early and needing my attention. 

These are some of my knock out roses.  I've applied the "Rose Dust" texture (over all) from Pixel Dust Photo Art, and then a sponge filter (Photoshop) to the background. 

While the rest of the world was watching the opening special of the Olympics, I was having a wonderful time playing with hundreds of new photos on my laptop.  After work yesterday, I went to the park in hopes of finding some dragonflies to photograph.  Sad to say, I did not come across any of the dragonflies, but there was still a lot to capture with my camera.

I met a very nice lady who was there walking her dog George.  We stopped to chat for a while, and I found her to be quite fascinating.  She had so much information to share about the history of the park.  Of course, I took photos of George.  I got her email, and sent her a nice photo.  Meet George.

While we were standing near my car chatting, a man who had been fishing in the pond proudly help up his catch.  Wow!  I did not realize that there were such big fish in the pond.  I forgot to get the man's permission to show his photo here on my blog, but I can show you his prize fish.

I emailed his photos to my smart phone, and am now working on figuring out how to email them from my phone to the man's phone.  I'll have to ask Deanne to help me with this one. 

From the park, I stopped by a supermarket to pick up some veggies and a few things that were on sale.  Yesterday was also my grandson Stephen's birthday.  Seeing as how he is unemployed, I bought him a couple bags of groceries for his birthday.  A bit of a different kind of birthday gift, but a nice one, I thought.

Gosh, I'm being a regular chatty Cathy (remember her from the late 50's, early 60's?)  this morning.  I have lots of great photos to share all week,  and some photo art to work on.  Squished in between all that, I'm working on the next collab kit.  I'm also getting hungry for some breakfast, so it's time to raid the fridge.  On that note, I'll leave you.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Maybe We'll Get Some Rain Today?

July 27, 2012

Good morning.  It's cloudy with spotty showers today,  and hopefully the temps will not be so hot and muggy.   I have a few different things to share today, but I'm at  work with limited time to spend on my laptop, so some things will have to wait until tomorrow.

Yesterday, I received a fabulous new award, but that is being saved for tomorrow when I shall have more time to share information.  I also received a request for information about having your blog printed into book form.  I do this at:  http://www.sharedbook.com.  You can have it bound with a soft or a hard cover, and you can have as many pages as you like. 

You can also order your book in PDF form.  There are many different cover styles to choose from, and prices depend on what you choose for your book.   I ordered my newest book, and a few days ago and it is already in the mail on it's way to me.

Last night, Eddie hooked my dehumidifier up with a new system that let's it drain itself through a hose leading outside.  So I finally got to leave it on through the night, and managed to get to sleep before 3 a.m.

My favorite TV program is back on the air with a new season, so I got to watch that last night.  I find Project Runway absolutely fascinating.  I  love the different design challenges, and last night's was quite interesting.  The designers had to fashion and make an outfit out of candy.  They were turned loose in a candy store, and were free to buy any candies they wanted to use for their design.  Some of the fashions were fabulous!

I'm slowly trying to make friends with my new smart phone.  So far, I can get reception at home, but not here at work yet.  Still, it's a start.  The doctor's office called back to tell me to stop taking the Bayer Aspirin for a while.  Sad to say, I had to explain once again to the nurse that I DO NOT take aspirin because it makes me bleed.  I'm only taking the meds the doctor prescribed.  They called back again to say that the bruising and hives were a side effect from the prednisone, and to continue to take it until it is gone.  Okey dokey.

Today, I have a pretty photo to share of one of my roses.  It's such a soft, beautiful pink.

Now I really must get back to work.  Mrs is calling.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just Call Me Spotty!

July 26, 2012

Good morning.  It's looking a bit cloudy outside, but we're supposed to be getting rain for three days, starting today.  The temperature is looking pretty good too, high 70's to 80.  You know, this is this is the first summer in a long time where I've been able to enjoy getting outdoors. The weather has been so much nicer this year.

Yesterday I sort of got side tracked from whatever I was planning to do.  Of course, with me that's really quite easy!  The UPS truck delivered a package that I've been waiting for.  Can you guess what was iside?  YUP!  A new smart phone! 

It has taken me since December to get comfortable with a few features on my current phone, (like making and taking a phone call)  but it just does not get the best reception.  I cannot use it here at home or where I work.  However, I do love the GPS that it has.  That works perfectly.  So, after doing much homework for several months, I finally bought me a new phone.  This one is T-Mobile, and works just fine here in my house. 

Rather than fuss and fume trying to set up the new phone, I went to the T-Mobile store and asked one of their techs if he would set up the phone for me.  An hour and a half later, I left the store with a smile on my face.  Now I just have to set up the email on this phone, and get my own phone number switched over to it.   We'll try again!

This morning, I also have to call the doctor again.  Small purple bruises have been popping up on me, and now I'm getting round red spots that look like hives.  Obviously something I'm taking is causing the bruises, but I'm only taking the prednisone and sometimes benedryl for itch.  These have never caused problems before. 

I know I cannot take aspirin because that makes me break out in bruises (causes bleeding)  but I haven't taken any.  Oh well, just something else to worry about.  Oops!  More red spots!!!

Today, I have some photos from my garden.  My hydrangeas are finally coming into bloom, and are quite pretty and different. 

Also blooming are the butterfly bushes.  I have a purple one and a white one.  They were very slow to bloom, but oh my they are pretty now!

I finally got around to ordering my next blog book.  This one is 2012, Volume One.  (Jan-June)  Either I gabbed more than usual, or I posted more photos (or both), but this is the biggest book so far with 380 pages.  I'm glad that I started these books because it's really interesting to go back through them. 

Now I must get dressed, and start my day.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bunnies At The Dinner Table

July 25, 2012

Good afternoon.  I was up during the night, so I slept in this morning.  It's quite nice outside, sunny and warm.  Eddie is here, busy puttering in the yard, and Dee Dee and I are watching the shopping channel.  They are featuring shopping totes today.  You put these nifty tote bags in your shopping cart at the maket, and put your  groceries into them.  Check out, and carry the bag home with you.  Sounds pretty good, but I can imaging how heavy each bag is once it is filled with food plus a gallon of milk and a couple of half gallons of juice. 

As for the tummy waist reducing belt, I won't be buying that either.  But I do enjoy watching these displays of all the new products.  I think it's great that a person can shop from the comfort of their home.  Except for clothes.  I find it difficult to buy clothes without trying them on first. 

This week, I worked on a lily photo for Mandarin Monday Orange.  I find working on different types of photo art to be very relaxing and I learn something new with each piece. 

I also have a few photos to share of a cute little bunny who just loves our bird seed.  Isn't is amazing how you can watch all different kinds of animals and birds sit down to the same dinner table and get along nicely with each other.  Outside my kitchen window, you can find different kinds of birds, squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies all sharing the bird seed.  We can learn so much from watching.

There's really not much for news today.  Yesterday's cleaning did not accomplsh very much, although I didn't expect it to.   Later today, when Janet gets here, maybe we can go out looking for new things to photograph.  We haven't done that in a while.  For now though, I'm going to sit and visit with my daughter.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breakfast Fit For A King!

July 24, 2012

Good morning.  Have you noticed how quietly, and quickly, July has been slipping by on us?  It's time to start thinking seriously about gift shopping for the upcoming holidays.  Believe me, while you're enjoying August and getting the kids back to school, December will pop right up. 

I've been tucking things away for a while now in my giftee draw.  Plus a few bags set near by.  I like to have all the small stuff done early, leaving me just the bigger items to tend to as the holidays grow closer.   It works for me.

On my way home from work Sunday morning, I stopped by a dairy farm that I pass to get a few photos.  These are some of the gorgeous critters that were grazing in the pasture.

The second photo was my last shot.  This critter was starting to look at me a bit weird, so I thought it best not to upset him and went on my way. 

I'm watching a paid infomercial program about the "Tummy Tuck" belt.  Wow!  You put the belt on, and in just ten minutes, it whips all that belly fat into shape.  Voila!  Slim belly!  Amazing, how some elasticized material can get rid of 40 pounds of unsightly fat bulges.  Hmmmm, food for thought!

During the night, the noise from the thunder and lightning woke me up and after that, sleep was not forth coming.  So around 5 a.m. I decided to get up and make some breakfast.  I cut up potatoes that I cooked yesterday, and browned them in the frying pan.  Then I scramble two eggs and pour them over the browned potatoes.  Add some black pepper and mix well. Add three or four slices of bacon, and a slice of toast to your plate, and top it off with a cup of coffee.  Breakfast fit for a king.  (or Queen)  Mmmmm!

I had my appointment with the doctor yesterday.  A lot of the poison is gone, but there's still a ways to go before it's all gone.  80 percent of the itch is gone too.  Spider bites are just plain nasty! 

Today is supposed to be hot and muggy, so I think I'll just cool the house down a bit, and maybe catch up on some cleaning.  Not my favorite thing to do.   However, the dust bunnies are beginning to annoy me so it's time to clear some of them out. 

First on my list for this morning is to finish my order for the next blog book.  I ran into a problem while placing my order, so I need to speak with customer service and get some help.  That's it for the news today.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Bright Morning Message

July 23, 2012

It's a bit cool and damp this morning,  so maybe the rain will be catching up with us today.  It's also early, only 6:25 a.m. and I'll be on my way home soon.   This afternoon, I have an appointment with the doctor for a checkup on the spider bite.  The poison seems to be working it's way out of my system slowly but surely.  The itch has lessened quite a bit, and seems to be controllable with Benedryl. 

The town is re-surfacing the roads here, but at least all the broken stone and gravel have been smoothed out a bit to make travel a bit easier.  Friday afternoon, I had to sit and wait a while for one of the workers to get a machine and smooth it down a bit in front of the Mrs' house so that I could at least get out of her driveway.  Hopefully, the new surface will be down before I come back next Friday.  Here's what it looked like coming to work last evening.

Remember I said how gorgeous yesterday morning was?  Well, on my way home I looked up and there were two clouds shaped like left handed check marks.  My brother was left handed, and it was as though he were up there saying "Here's a fabulous day for you Ed."  It was a nice feeling, and of course, I stopped for a second to grab me a photo.

Last night after the Mrs was tucked into bed, I went online in search of more rescue doggies.  I looked at more than two hundred pages of photos, and it breaks the heart to see so many fur babies waiting for a forever home.  Here's just two of those little guys waiting.  Meet Judy, then Pogo.

Today, I will make some inquiries about these two, and a couple more.  Hopefully, soon, there will be some happy barks in my home again.   I also want to go online later today, and order my next blog book, 2012 Vol. 1.  I can only do six months at a time because of all the photos, and of course my rambling.

Before I forget, let me post the last two parts of "Summer Fun" for you. 

And here are your download links:



Don't forget to stop by Su's blog to pick up her Parts 5 & 6.  While you're there, take a moment to stop and say thanks.  It's really appreciated.

Well, that's it for the news this morning.  It's time to check on the Mrs. and pack up my things to head on home.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day. 

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s.  To my friend, The Queen Jester, I want to say thank you.  You have such a wonderful way of looking at things.  I never gave the opportunity of a new texture a thought.  Something for me to think about.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh Lordy, What A Gorgeous Morning!

July 22, 2012

Good morning.  It really is a gorgeous morning out there.  The sun is shining, and it's about 74 degrees F at the moment.  It's simply perfect weather for that nap I'm going to be enjoying in a little while.

I got home from work around 8 this morning, after doing a little bit of shopping at Walgreen's.  First on my "to do" list was to whup up some scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.  I don't usually eat breakfast when I am alone at home, but lately I seem to getting the munchies a lot.

Last night, Su and I had a great chat, and managed to set up themes for the next several collab kits.  We also get to do a bit of sharing of news, expertise, and ideas, which is always nice.  In case you're wondering, we do most of this after the Mrs has gone to bed.  Once she is tucked in for the night, I can play away on my laptop.

Su's new website will be ready soon, and chock full of so many fabulous Photoshop tutorials and know how.  You're not going to want to miss any of it.  She has an easy style of teaching, and makes the learning process fun.

I don't really have much for news this morning, so let me share a few photos I took last week (at work) of a gray catbird.  Sad to say, I took the photos through a dirty window (on the outside).  I would go out and wash the windows, but they are too high off the ground for me to reach.  These photos almost look like prints because of the background noise.  I gave them a teeny tweak of sharpening to get this look.

Now I  think I'll head on in to my cozy little bed and have that nap.  Later I am taking one of the dwarfs food shopping, and then it's back to work tonight.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna b.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Midnight Munchies And Great Bird Seed!

July 21, 2012

It's three o'clock in the morning, and I'm wide awake.  I've raided the fridge, watched a bit of television and played quite a bit in Photoshop.  Tonight it's back to my night shifts, but not to worry, I can nap later this morning. 

The project this week for Photo Art Friday is to feature light in our creation.  I usually start off with a photo that I think I can enhance with either filters or textures (or both) and then I just let my mind wander from one idea to another.  I add and subtract other photos, textures and filters until something pleasing appears.

In this photo art, I used a photo of a butterfly bush, a photo of Jasmine, and two textures from Bonnie at PDPA.  (Lavender Row & Mauve Threads)  Then I topped it off with a rain texture of my own.  After manipulating each layer, the results is a piece of photo art that pleases me. 

I have no clue what to call my new picture, but I had a lot of fun making it.  Photo Art Friday is open to everyone, so why not treat yourself and give it a try. 

I also worked on a dragonfly photo art piece, but I'm not finished with it yet.  It's still needing a tweak or two.  Actually, I started out working with a  photo of a tiger lily.  From there, I progressed to the dragonfly, Jasmine's photo, and then the butterfly bush.  In between, I tried six or seven different textures until I found what I liked.  I also used several blending modes on the different layers.

I think my mind is in overdrive tonight (actually this morning) because my itch reaction is slowly starting to go away, and I'm moving forward.  I know the pet adoption agency has been checking my references because my friends call to let me know.  I'll just  take it day by day now.

I have some cute photos of one of our little squirrels enjoying a feast of bird seed.  These were taken Thursday from my kitchen window.  Is this not the cutest little kid?  Note the happy grin on his face in the last photo.  Must be good bird seed!

Gosh, I seem to have a horrible case of the munchies.  I just finished a sandwich of ham and cheese with lettuce and mayonnaise, and now I'm eyeballing a little cup of yogurt.  That yogurt is looking mighty good.  Too good.  I think I'll eat that too!  This should take care of that little ole pound that I lost.  I can't wait to get back to my exercise routine.  (I never thought I'd hear me say that!)

I think maybe I'll try for that nap now.  My mind is starting to wind down, so maybe a little sleep is in order.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Yard Critter

July 20, 2012

Good morning.  I'm at work now, and boy oh boy is it ever noisy here!  There is a whole road crew outside tearing up the road.  They are in the process of resurfacing all the streets here.  It was so nice and cool when I got here, but I had to close the windows because of the noise, so now it is becoming quite warm. 

Yesterday when Eddie came by to check on the animal trap there was an animal in it.  However, it was not the fisher cat.  Instead, there was a possum all curled up inside the end of the trap.  And, a butterfly clinging to the outside of the cage.

The poor little possum was playing dead, but every now and then would blink an eye.  As soon as I took these photos, we opened the cage and let the possum go free.  Thank goodness, we do check this cage every day or this little guy may have perished.  We do have the cage in the shade, but it has been hot lately.  (except for today which is on in the low to mid 70's)

I'm going to be looking around for a new site that gives photography lessons that aren't too expensive.  Where I take them now, the lessons have been far and few since last January.  It gets to be a bit discouraging.  So if anyone has any suggestions, do let me know.

Today is such a comfy day for a change.  The temps are much cooler, and it's a bit on the cloudy side. The change in the temps feels really good.  Now if only those guys outside could be a bit more quiet, it would be a perfect day. 

The Mrs.  has just gotten up, so it's time for me to get busy here and start the breakfast.  If I can, I'll write more later, but in case I get too busy, this will be all for today.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Visit With Billie Jean

July 19, 2012

We're having a rather damp gray start this morning, but the weatherman says it should be dry and about 83 F degrees.  It's about 70 F at the moment, and my car is covered with raindrops.  The plus
though, is that it has been much cooler since yesterday afternoon. 

Yesterday, we all went to visit the animal shelter to look at all the pets waiting for their forever homes.  I wanted to see one little dog in particular, Billie Jean.  Oh my, such a tiny love she turned out to be.  She has recently had surgery on her shoulder to put in a bone that she was born without, and will be needing physical therapy for a while till she learns to walk on that leg.  Right now, she holds it close to her body. 

I got these photos of Billie Jean off the website.  Isn't she just the cutest little thing?  If I did get to adopt her, I would definitely change her name.  However, I am not the only person who has applied to adopt this little beauty.  I shall just have to wait and see.  I did get to cuddle with her and take her outside for a little while (on a leash). 

We stayed at the shelter quite a while and looked at all of their pets.  Room by room, cage by cage, you just keep falling in love over and over.  It's really a bit difficult to make yourself leave the building.  Once we finally did go back to the car, the heavens opened up and dumped lots of fat slurpy raindrops.

I tried to catch the first batch of raindrops falling on the windshield because they were large circles with patterns of drops that looked something like paw prints.   I wasn't quick enough to make it a clear shot, but I still like the photo.   Here is another shot of the windshield.

And here's another one.  This one shows how quickly these big fat drops were coming down.  As soon as the wiper blade would wipe them off the window,  they were quickly replaced. 

All of this was quickly followed by large dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and of course, more rain.   Here is a shot of the clouds above our car (taken through the sun roof window).

I was probably the only nut riding in a car, with a camera, taking photos of the rain, etc.  But then that's part of the fun of photography.  Especially the digital kind.  Tomorrow, I'll probably have a couple pix of the actual rain shots that I took showing the visibility.

While we were sitting at a traffic light, I took photos of a flag that was waving high up on a flagpole.  I want to see if I can learn to put them all together animated.  Now that will be fun to learn. 

Now I think I need to get busy here.  Tomorrow it's back to work, so I probably should do the laundry.  I also want to order my next blog book (Jan-June, 2012).  As for an update on my buggy itchies, I'm coping.  Each day, the itch seems to lesson just a bit, so hopefully that light at the end of the tunnel will be coming soon.  I'm not holding my breath, though, as it's already been more than two weeks.

Here's a preview of Su's kit parts.  If you haven't been to Su's blog yet, please do so. 

Well, that's my news for this morning.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Parts 3 & 4 "Summer Fun"

Good morning.  Today is supposed to near 90 F, with thunder storms later today.  Well, that sounds a bit cooler from the past few days, so it might be a nice break for us.  Well, most of the my itch had left yesterday, so it was a very comfortable day for me (other than the heat). 

I did not get to visit the animal shelter yesterday because daughter in law did not get here until it was too late in the afternoon.  I did not want to battle with rush hour traffic in this heat.  After lunch today, Deanne and Eddie will go with me to visit the fur baby rescue shelter.

Last night, Wayne came by and hooked up desktop PC with Norton, and took care of the problems with my laptop.  Yeah!!!!  Then, when it was near darkness outside, one of the dwarfs and I went to visit my granddaughter, Jasmine, to practice some night portraiture. 

Well, let me tell you what fun we had.  Not only is Jazzy beautiful, but she makes a great model.  Jazzy girl, I love you!  I had such a time trying to pick out just one photo for the assignment on night portrait, that I ended out picking out several photos and making two layouts.  All the photos are taken with candlelight after dark (outside on the front porch) except for the middle photo on the second layout.  That one was taken with "Night Mode" which fires the flash.

I do believe she and I will have to do this more often.  I have to so much to learn, and a great model certainly does make it ever so enjoyable.   Hmmm, ever think of professional modeling, Jazzy?

The only bad feature was the pesky, constantly biting mosquitos.  I did not count on them being out in such force.  Needless to say, I went home with a few mosquito bites that I did not have when I left home earlier.  I did take my medicine, but today I have a few new (not hazardess) itches to deal with.

I did promise to post my Parts 3 & 4 of "Summer Fun" this morning. So here they are, and do enjoy.

And here your download links:



I won't have Su's previews until a bit later this morning, so I will post that tomorrow.  Her computer woes seem to  have been fixed now, and she says that she will be able to post later this morning on her blog.  So do stop by there a little this morning and pick up her parts.  Don't forget to take a moment to say thank you.

One more bit of "what else can happen?" news.  I was enjoying using my laptop late last night, and stopped for a few minutes to get a bottle of water.  When I tried to get back online, guess what?  I had no internet!!!  I checked my router & modem equipment, but could not figure out the problem.  So I grabbed the phone (land line) to call the cable company.  YUP!  No phone, either!!

Now I had to take my "smart phone" outdoors (after midnight) to call the cable company and report my outage.  When I finally got through, they said that there had just been an outage in my area, and that it would be fixed shortly or at least by morning.  Whew!  This made me feel so much better.  And when I got up this morning at 4:45 am, all was well again.

Now I have a few things to do around here so that my afternoon will be free for my trip to the shelter.  I'm actually getting a bit excited.  Nothing like a lick and a wagging tail to make you feel good!  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good News And Bad News

July 17, 2012 

Good morning.  It's looking mighty nice, but hot hot hot, outside this morning.  I will leave it out there until later when it's time to go visit the animal shelter.    Today I have good news and bad news.  Which should I tell first?  How about the bad news?  I won't be posting Parts 3 & 4 of "Summer Fun" today.  Su thinks she will be ready by tomorrow, so I will wait and then post then too.

Now the good news.  It appears that it was a less harmful spider that bit me.  My doctor says that because I am allergic to insect bites,  most of my problems are because of the allergic reaction to the bite.  The reason it spread so quickly and so far?  Remember all those wonderful exercises that I have been doing?  Got my blood churning pretty good, and carried the infection all over. 

So now I am on another medication (along with the others) to help knock the poison out of my system.   It seems to be helping somewhat because I did not itch at all throughout the night.  That alone is a plus.  I have another doctor appointment for next Monday afternoon, unless of course, it doesn't get better then I will go back earlier.

So, more bad news is that I cannot be doing anything strenuous (my exercises) until this is all cleared up.  The good news is that I had lost a pound from all that exercise.  It doesn't sound like much, but if I can lose a pound every week I'll be quite happy.  Of course, it will be a few years before I can actually fit into a bikini, but then I haven't seen too many bikini's in the stores for little old ladies either.

Wayne is coming by tonight to see about fixing my regular laptop and to install the security program into my desktop PC.  My little laptop has Kaspersky in it, and so far so good.  It just seems to run a speck slower than it used to.  The laptop and the desktop PC both have Norton.  I will be replacing this Norton.  It used to be pretty good, but I'm not so keen on it now.  Kyra has suggested a new program for me to try, so I shall look into that later today. 

I can hear you thinking "Why so many computers?"  My desktop PC is easier to use.  It has a 23 inch monitor and is more comfortable to sit at when working on projects.  My laptop travels with me to work, etc.  Last winter, I bought the baby laptop for vacation travel because it so much lighter and easier to carry in a travel bag. (and because Norton let a nasty bug into my PC and regular laptop.)   This little baby has already paid for itself.

I do have a couple of photos to share today.  The first one shows one of my lilies.  It's a good thing that orange is my favorite color because these spread everywhere, and so far the yard critters haven't eaten them.  (They only like the expensive plants!) 

I will have to work on learning white balance.  That blue background is actually white, in very bright sun.  This next photo was taken through the Mrs' front window.   I haven't seen too many of these little hummingbirds lately.  I wonder if maybe they don't like the heat? 

I am still behind one lesson in my photo class.  Night portraiture should really be easy, but only if you have someone to photograph after dark.  My dwarfs are not so keen to pose for the camera, but  I have an idea.  If my granddaughter is going to be home one night this week, I am going to drive over to her house and try shooting some candlelight photos.  Gosh, why didn't I think of this before? 

After that, hopefully there will be more lessons ready.  That is my one problem with these classes.  They seem to so far and few between.  Five classes a month has turned into four or five classes in six or seven months.  It's very discouraging and takes away my incentive to do the lessons sooner.

Now I want to get dressed and do a little something around here.  Hmmmm, the doctor said nothing strenuous, so I guess that lets out most everything but the laundry.  I think I can handle that!!!  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.