Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy Birthday Joe

December 31, 2017

Good morning.  We're up three degrees this morning.  It's now 5F degrees, and it might even get up to 13F degrees later today.  Tonight though, temps will drop below zero.  Brrrrr!   I don't know how folks in the Northern Mid-West states do it, but I just don't do well in these wicked cold temps.  Just seventy nine more days till Spring.  Just seventy nine more days till Spring.  (I have to keep telling myself this)

Well, today is Joe's birthday.  Pogo went out in the house to give him a present, but Joe wasn't there so Pogo left the gift and the card on the recliner chair where Joe sits.  We hope your birthday is really super, Joe.  Happy Birthday.

Yesterday, daughter Deanne had five of my great grandchildren over to her house and what an awesome day she had.  The children were having so much fun, and Deanne managed to get a few photos that she shared with me. 

The two sets of cousins are meeting each other for the first time.  This was my favorite photo from yesterday.  Aurora and Alima are meeting and really liking each other.  This is just so precious.

If you're noticing the pink mittens on Aurora's hand, I asked Deanne about it.  She put them on Aurora earlier when she picked her up because it was cold out, but then Aurora did not want to take them off.  She kept them on all day.

Here's a photo of the girls having a grand time with the large Christmas bags.  You don't really have to spend a lot of money to keep kids busy having fun.  Just buy a bunch of bags and boxes and leave them to it.

They are all going to try to get together again in February and I'm hoping to be able to join them.  Here's hoping I don't catch any colds or other bugs.  I'd really like to see them all together. 

I have a couple other photos to share.  These are of my adorable little guy.  Yesterday, after I brought a load of jammies in from the dryer, I set them on the sofa so that I could sit and fold them.  Pogo had other ideas.  He promptly jumped onto the top of the pile and scrunched them all around and then burrowed down into them to take a nap.

Every time I tried to take a piece away to fold it, he gave me a wicked glare that told me to leave them be.  It was two hours before I could them away from him to fold them.  Of course, by then they were all wrinkled.  Gosh, you just gotta love this little fellow.

Later, after supper, I thought I might curl up under my blanket and watch a bit of TV.  Pogo decided that he might like to do this too.  So he curled up by my side, and fell asleep.  I put the light out, but then I had to reach over and grab a blanket off his chair to keep part of me warm.  Pogo was taking up half of my blanket.  Here's a photo I tried to take in the dark.

Usually, he stays with me part of the night, then goes over to his own sofa to sleep.  Not this time.  No siree.  This time he was going to spend the whole night with me, and he did.  And I spent the whole night with his blanket keeping half of me warm.  I'm not complaining, I'm actually enjoying it.

This morning, I'm watching Jewel School on JTV (Jewelry Television Channel).  They really have some of the neatest new tools to make it easier to make beautiful jewelry.  Today they featured a knotting board.  This makes it easier to make the knots between your pearls.  What a super idea.

Well, I've chatted enough for this morning.  Now I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee and go watch the rest of the Jewel School.  Tonight is party night for a lot of folks.  If you do go out, please be careful while driving.  I want to see everyone make it back home safely.  Pogo and I will watch the festivities on TV in the comfort of our living room. 

I'm off now. So, till Next Year, Y'all have an awesome New Year's Eve. 

Hugs, Edna B. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

2 Degrees? Are You Kidding??

December 29, 2017

Good morning.  Well, I woke up this morning at a little before eight o'clock and the temperature (outside) was only 2F degrees.  That means I just have to go back under the blankets until it warms up a bit more. 

It's three hours later now and the temperature has climbed up to 7F degrees.  Woo Hoo!  Obviously Pogo and I will not be going outside today or probably anytime soon.  I just phoned the hospital (and left a message for their pharmacist) to see if they could phone in a prescription for Pogo.  I do believe he has ear mites.  I'm not sure where he picked this up, but he keeps scratching and I just want to help clear it up.

My little guy finally ate something last night.  I gave him hamburg and he wasn't very interested.  So I put some of my spaghetti on his plate and cut it all up and mixed it in with his hamburg.  He licked his plate clean and asked for seconds.  This morning he had another plate of it for breakfast. 

This morning, I've been watching the reality show "Chrisley Knows Best" on TV.  You know, I'm not really into reality shows but this one really is quite entertaining.  I absolutely love the grandmother.  She definitely keeps me smiling. 

Today I have a few photos to share .  This first one is Pogo putting his new little yellow lamb in its place.  The little lamb just wants to snuggle, but Pogo is letting it know that these are his things and not to get too chummy with them.  Well, at least that's what it looks like.

Next is a photo of the new walking, barking doggie that dwarf Mike gave to Pogo.  Hmmm, Pogo hasn't decided yet what he thinks of his new friend.

Next is this beautiful hand embroidered towel that my friend Mary Ann sent to me.  The dog is a Chinese Crested, which is what my Tootsie was, except that she was born with hair.  The hand work is just gorgeous.  I love it.  Thank you Mary Ann.

This last photo is a bird feeder that my friend Kyra sent to me.  You can put some seeds on the saucer, and then hang a treat ball from inside the upside down cup.  Now I can't wait for Spring to hang this up in the garden near my porch. Kyra, I love it.  Thank you.

When I first started typing this post, dwarf Helen came to ask if I wanted her to go out and start my car.  Well, yes I certainly do.  Thank you so much Helen.  And then just a few minutes ago, she went out to shut it off and bring back my key.  Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled, but I love it. 

Yesterday, daughter Deanne stopped by the store and brought me a few staples.  Bread, milk and lettuce.  That's about all I needed.  The larder is full, so Pogo and I can ride out these wicked cold temperatures.  At least, that's our plan.

Well, now I think I need to find my way to the kitchen and wash the dishes that are waiting for me in the sink.  There are two things that I can do that actually look like I did something.  That is to wash the dishes and to do the laundry.  When I finish the dishes, I think I'll do a load of laundry too.  After that, it's playtime for Pogo and me. 

I'm off now, so till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Are You Listening Mother Nature? I Really Need Spring!

December 28, 2017

Good morning.  Brrrrr! This is just too cold for me.  It's only 9F degrees, and will go down to zero degrees tonight.  Oh, Mother Nature dear, please put a rush on Spring this year.  I just don't like this wicked cold. 

I do believe that I might have picked up a bit of a cold from someone.  Last night, I started coughing and finally had to take a pill to stop coughing.  Then I had to repeat it again early this morning.  Oh no, this is just what I do not need.  I guess it's time to Zicam my nose again.  Hopefully, it's going to help.

Oh gosh, here come the sneezes now.  A day just isn't complete if I don't have at least one bout of sneezing.  It's from allergies and something that I sadly have passed on to my daughter Audrey.  Poor Pogo doesn't know what to make of me when I start my sneezing. 

I don't think Pogo is feeling up to snuff these days either.  His appetite isn't so good.  It's also been too cold for him to go outside to go potty and that has to be affecting him too.  Hopefully, this will work itself out really soon.

Today I have some photos to share of some of my great grandchildren.  This first photo is one that I love.  This is how the tree was decorated at my grandson Bobby's house this year.  I just love it!

And these are his two little ones.  First is Aurora.  She has to hug and kiss each and every present before opening and playing with it.  Gosh, such a sweetie!

Next is her little brother Xander.  He's wearing the Santa suit that his Grandma Deanne got for him.  Now tell me, is he not super precious? 

Next I have a photo of Alena all dressed up in her princess outfit.  You can't see them, but she is wearing owl knee socks with her lovely outfit.  Alena, you look absolutely beautiful.

There will be more photos coming soon, I'm sure.  I've been blessed with lots of great grandchildren.  I'm really hoping to be around to see my great great grandchildren too.  Oh my, wouldn't that be something?

It's not looking like it will get warm enough to tempt me to go outside this week, so maybe SIL Eddie will come over and put new batteries in my car starters.  Going outside late at night to start the car really sucks.    On the other hand, I'm still here to complain about it, so I guess it can't be all that bad.

Well, my chilly old bones are wanting an infusion of something nice and hot.  Maybe a cup of cocoa this time.  Mmmmm, oh yes.  That does sound good.  On that happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pogo Is Soooooo Fashionable!

December 27, 2017

Good morning.  It's almost 7:30 and I've already had a cup of coffee and gone outside to start my car.  In wicked cold, I need to start it once in a while to make sure the battery doesn't decide not to work.  I have a car starter but its battery needs replacing.  As soon as it warms up enough for me to go out, I'm going to see about getting a new battery for it. 

Well, yesterday Pogo and I stayed in and Pogo tried on all his new things.  Everything but one shirt fit him.  I took this adorable photo of him wearing his new hat and scarf set.  It also has leg warmers, but they wouldn't fit over the sleeves on his sweatshirt.  Isn't this just the cutest?

I also want to share a photo of Pogo's little friend Cisco who lives in Texas.  This is Cisco curled up in his bed with his new blankets and toys.  He's such a sweetie, and is the picture of a very content little fellow.  Isn't he adorable?

Isn't the internet an awesome thing?  I have made so many wonderful friends, most of whom I've never met in person.  Even Pogo has made some new friends over the internet.  I think Cisco might be his favorite little friend.  No wonder though, he's such a cutie!

I also thought I might share photos of the bracelets that my granddaughter Andi, and great granddaughter Alena made for me.  Gosh, these are so pretty, I love them.  Alena made the red bracelet and Andi made the green one.  They do really beautiful work.

I have a really funny story to share.  My friend Kyra had tucked a box of chocolate covered cherries into the box of gifts that she sent to us.  Of course, I set that box of chocolates to one side, and after lunch (on Christmas Day) I curled up in my lounge chair all set to enjoy some delicious chocolate covered cherries. 

Well, I popped one into my mouth and bit down on it.  Woo Hoo!!!  Wowsie, it tasted like I had just taken a big swig from a bottle of booze!  Another chew, and yup, Happy Hour was about to begin!  I immediately turned the box over to see what the ingredients were.  And there it was:  13% liqueur!!  I enjoyed my cherry, but I had best not eat more than one a day.  hahahahaha.

Yesterday afternoon, I started cropping a lot of the Christmas photos to make scrap pages, which I'll share here when they are finished.  I also have some adorable photos to share of  some of the great grandchildren enjoying their Christmas.

I have a new quick page for you, but first let me share a couple cute photos that I took of Pogo on Christmas morning.  This first photo is Pogo before we started opening presents. 

This second photo is Pogo just a few moments after we finished opening and playing with everything.  All that excitement tuckered him out.  What can I say?  He's a champion napper!!

Now for the new quick page.  It's just a whimsical page that might be nice for some of your Christmas photos.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Well, now I think it's time to make some breakfast for Pogo and me.  Then I want to do a bit of blog reading.  It's a really nice way to start my day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

We Had A White Christmas Here In New England

December 26, 2017

Good morning.  It's only 7:30 so I'm not sure what sort of day we'll be having here today.  According to my cell phone, today will be cloudy and in the mid twenties.  I know that there is some really bitter cold coming our way this week so Pogo and I will be spending all our time indoors.

Yesterday morning I looked out my window to see lots and lots of snow swirling and blowing everywhere.  We ended up getting a three or four inches of it.  Here's a photo I took from the laundry room door.

Pogo and I spent the morning opening presents, playing with some of them and trying on others.  I took lots of photos.  Oh my, such wonderful gifts everyone gave to us.  Santa Claus has a sense of humor and left lots of presents for us in Holland.  Of course, my friend Kyra sent them on to us.  There were gifts from Santa, Mrs Claus and Rudolph.  Wowsie!!  Kyra, you are such an awesome friend.  You know we love you very much.

I took a photo of the adorable Christmas plant that daughter Deanne had brought me on Christmas Eve.  Isn't this cute?  (that's the TV in the background)

I also took photos of the M&M tree to share, along with a photo taken in the dark to show off the lights.  It's really the cutest little tree.

Today I will crop all the photos from yesterday so that I can share a lot of them here.  Pogo and I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts, and the candy too.  I love chocolate!  Right now, Pogo is nest to me on the sofa, curled up in one of his new fuzzy blankets.  This little guy really loves his blankets.

Last month, I took photos of a couple of my crochet projects but I could not post them because they were going to be gifts.  By now, they've been opened so it's okay to post the photos.  These are the two bed dolls that I made.  In the new year, I'd like to make a couple more of them.

Last night, Joe brought Chinese food home for his supper and he shared it with Pogo and me.  We had already eaten our supper so I saved it for our breakfast.  Oh my, was it ever tasty!!  I know, I know, one doesn't usually have Chinese food for breakfast.  But when one is retired, who cares what you have for breakfast?  Right?  I'll make up for it and have a bowl of cereal for my supper tonight.

Well, my coffee is cold now so I think I'll head over to the kitchen and make a fresh cup.  Hmmm, maybe I'll just make a cup of hot apple cider instead.  Oh gosh, what to have, what to have!  hahaha.  Till tomorrow folks, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, December 25, 2017


December 25, 2017

Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone.  It's very early, only a little after five a.m.  Pogo and I woke up early so I figured I may as well make myself a cup of coffee and type my post.  Actually, I'm also having a big mug of hot Cream of Wheat cereal. 

Pogo and I want to wish everyone a joyful and blessed Christmas.  Here is my Christmas card for this year.  Yup, that's my special little guy singing his little heart out.

My goodness, it's been such fun around here.  Yesterday, DIL Janet came by dressed as one of Santa's elves and carrying a huge bag of presents.  Yes, I know, she really spoils me and Pogo.  But we love it!

Here's Pogo checking out his new bag of toys.  You can tell by the look on his face in the second photo that he's quite the happy little guy.

Here Pogo is checking out my new M&M Christmas tree.  Janet taped a tiny string of candy cane lights to it.  Oh my gosh, it really is adorable.  I'll take better photos of it to share.

Afterwards, Pogo took his new toys and sat on the sofa with Auntie Janet.  I have to tell you, my little guy had a super day!

Inside the little Christmas tree was a lot of packages of M&M's and a gift card to JoAnn's Fabric store.  Woo Hoo!  Then she asked me to open the two huge packages that she had brought.  Oh my, wowsie!  They were both full of yarn.  Oh my gosh, I'll be busy all year!! hahaha.

Later, Kevin and one of his friends came by to visit.  He brought me a little stuffed dog who was holding a stocking with a gift card to Michaels craft store.  Yup, he spoils me too.

Just before the boys were leaving, Deanne, Eddie and Jasmine showed up bearing more gifts.  We put on the Christmas music station on the TV and had ourselves a wonderful visit.  The gifts were put, unopened, near the tree with all the others.  You know folks, somewhere, somehow, I did something right because I have been blessed with an awesome family and so many wonderful friends. 

Much later, when all was quiet and most folks were sound asleep, my dear friend Santa Claus stopped by.  The reindeer were tucked between the house and the shed.  We gave them a drink and fed them all sliced apples and carrots.

Then Santa and I sat down for a wicked nice visit, while we drank hot apple cider and chatted about all sorts of things.  Pretty soon, though, it was time for him and the reindeer to be going on their way again.  They still had a lot of places to go before the sun came up.

I dug into my archives for one of my favorite photos of me and Santa. 

On this happy note, I'll take my leave.  Pogo and I have lots of presents to open.  Woo Hoo!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tonight's The BIg Night!! Santa's Coming!

December 24, 2017

Good morning.  Woo Hoo!  Tonight is Christmas Eve!  I hope everyone has been good, I know Pogo and I have.  Well, we tried our very best to be as good as we could.   And tonight Santa Claus is coming to our house.  If you've been good, he'll be coming to your house too. 

Folks, there's magic in believing.  And believing brings about some awesome nice things for all of us and in all of us.  Tis the season for magical flying reindeer, decorated trees and stockings hung carefully for Santa Claus to fill.

This weekend, as we celebrate Christ's birth, please try to do something nice for someone less fortunate.  Make sure that Santa knows where all the homeless children are bedded down.  And don't forget our homeless animals.  Food and warm blankets are so appreciated.  Santa thanks you for taking care of them.  And Pogo and I thank you.

Everyone is super busy today so I won't chat too long.  I do have a fun photo to share.  Deanne sent this to me last evening.  SIL Eddie is making a set of stairs for Sassy for Christmas.  Sassy is beginning to have a bit of trouble climbing now and these stairs will make it easier for her.  The stairs look great, Eddie.

And here's a photo of Sassy that I dug out of my archives.  She's just a bit older than Pogo and such a sweetie pie. 

Before I leave I have another coloring page for you.  Just in case you have a bit of time to sit and relax with a box of colored pencils.  Have fun.

Now Pogo and I are going to head out to the main part of the house so that Pogo can get his turkey treat.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, December 22, 2017

A Fun Day For Pogo And Me

December 22, 2017

Good morning.  Day is breaking and it's looking a bit gray.  I think we're supposed to be getting some snow today, but I'll check the Weather Channel to make sure.  Oh my goodness, just three more days till Christmas!  It's sooooo exciting!

Well, I just turned on the weather report and it says snow showers later today, with temps staying right around 32F degrees all day and night.  Then a bit warmer tomorrow, but with rain.  Oh gosh, that will mean lots of icy patches everywhere.  Hopefully, folks will be driving cautiously and stay safe.

Yesterday was a fun day.  The mailman brought another package of Christmas goodies and some more Christmas cards.  I love reading all the cards.  The package was set with the other boxes.  On Christmas morning, Pogo and I are going to have a wonderful time opening everything.  Woo Hoo!

After the mail came, Daughter Deanne came by with Tink Tink to take us for a ride.  I still had something to mail so we went for a ride to the Post Office.  Oh my, that little car is such fun, and it goes forever on a tank of gas.  Well, not exactly forever, but quite a distance for sure. 

Here are some photos of Deanne with Tink Tink, and Pogo and me sitting inside the car.  Oh gosh, I'm so sorry about that antenna that is right in front of Deanne's face.  I have to say, this is a "Pogo size" car.  hahaha.  But we sure had fun riding in it.

Later, I think I started to do a few different chores, but kept getting sidetracked.  Ah well, what else it new?  I still have a few of Santa's things to wrap, so I'll do that after I finish this post.  Then I will have to start putting all the wrapping stuff away to make room for some company that may show up over the weekend. 

I do have another Christmas quick page for you.  This is another one that features our wonderful animals.  My wish is to find loving homes for all our homeless and shelter pets, and for man to stop destroying all the homeland space for our wild animals.  There should be room for all of us.

Here is your download link:

Last night, I fell asleep really early.  Later, when I woke up for a while, I crocheted for a bit.  The "Cool Stripe" scarf is finished, and I put a couple more rows on the Cranberry afghan.  Then it was lights out again and back to sleep. 

Now I think I'll finish my "Santa" wrapping and start putting things away.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.  Please drive safely. 

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Pogo Gets A New "Do"

December 21, 2017

Good morning.  Tis a wee bit cold this morning, just 23F degrees.  It will be warming up to around 33F degrees later today.  I guess the good part is that the sun is shining.  I'm so glad that I did my running around the last few days because today is just a bit too cold for my liking.  Pogo and I will be staying in today.

Yesterday was such a busy day.  In the morning, dwarf Helen and I went shopping, and I finally found the curtains, a curtain rod and a new shade for the spare room.  The room is painted a soft yellow, and the new curtains are a soft, medium yellow.  The rug has a shade of green for the background so it all looks quite nice. 

Later, when Joe got home from work, he hung the window shade and the curtains, and put all the furniture back in the room.  We are all ready for whoever moves in next.  I'm in no rush.  If the new person is not interested, it's okay.  I'll be happy knowing that the room is all set for whenever we do need it.

Yesterday was a big day for my little Pogo.  The mailman brought us a big box (to set away till Christmas) and some more Christmas cards.  Two of the cards were addressed to Pogo.  Here he is with his cards.

Pogo had an appointment later in the afternoon at the beauty salon.  So, I took a photo of him just before we left for the appointment.  Here's my little Lion King before his new "do." 

And here he is after his new "do."   He's looking very excited because there is a delivery man at the door with a big bag of Chinese food for our supper.

It doesn't matter how Pogo wears his hair or what he is wearing, he's always looking so handsome.  We made another appointment for him for the middle of February so that he will be looking all spiffy for our Florida vacation. 

DIL Janet came by last evening after work, and we had a wonderful "girly" evening.  We all had a super tasty supper, then we chatted and watched TV while Janet got to wrap a few personal gifts that had to be ready for mailing today.  It was an awesome way to end a very busy day.

I still have not finished Santa's wrapping, so that's what I'll do today.  Daughter Deanne might be coming be later with Tink Tink so that Pogo and I can have a lookee at the new little car.  SIL Eddie is just so smitten with his little car.  Kevin, you did good sweetie.  This was the perfect gift for your Dad. 

Now I need to make a fresh cup of coffee and catch up with a bit of blog reading before I get to my wrapping chores.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Countdown Till Santa - Just Five More Nights!

December 20, 2017

Good morning.  It's just a little after midnight, but I figure as long as I'm up I should post here so that I can maybe sleep a bit late in the morning.  I've been watching all the exciting jewelry sales on JTV (Jewelry Television Channel), and gosh!  I want it all!  hahaha. 

Really though, I've been very good.  I did manage to find, and order, a couple items that I want for upcoming gift events.  I absolutely love a super great sale.  And the good part is that most everything had free shipping. 

Yesterday, (Tuesday) I really didn't do very much.  I was going to go shopping, but dwarf Helen wasn't feeling very good so we decided to go today.  Instead, I kept myself busy most of the day doing --- well, I'm not sure what, but I really was busy. 

One of the things that I did was to photograph the scarf that I'm making with the new striping yarn.  The colors did not come out so good, but at least you can get an idea of how the yarn works.

I don't think I'd use this yarn on an afghan.  I use the variegated yarns on the afghans because I like the colors to change much sooner.  This yarn, though, is good for scarfs.  I'm sure you can find other patterns and items online that would look good with this yarn.

The weather yesterday was awesome.  Pogo spent most of his day sitting in front of the storm door watching everything that was happening outside.  Our squirrels managed to keep him quite amused. 

Last evening, Joe finished painting the spare room, so tonight we can start putting the furniture back in the room.  Hopefully, today, I'll be able to find the curtains for that room to finish it off.  I think I should also pick up a new window shade too. 

I also spent a couple hours on my laptop working on a new Christmas quick page for you.  This one features the real reason for the season.  I used a few pieces from Snow Raven's Christmas kits, "Funky Christmas" and "Christmas Dreams."  The kits are free, and Snowy shares a lot of her beautiful artwork on her blog.  Pay her a visit, and enjoy.

Here is your download link:

Later today, Pogo has his appointment at the beauty salon.  He's just getting a trim, and not a full haircut.  I'm sure he'll look good.  Actually, he would probably look great dressed in a paper bag!  He's just so handsome!

Now I think before I hop back into bed, I'll make myself a hot cup of apple cider.  Mmmmm.  That should make my tummy happy so that I can fall back to sleep.  On that happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s.  Remember to be good.  Santa Claus will be coming in just five more nights!  Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Bit Of Christmas Fun

December 19, 2017

Good morning.  Today's temperatures will be mild indeed.  I think the weatherman said something about the mid forties.  Woo Hoo!  This means that we can leave the inside door open all day which will make my little Pogo super happy. 

Well, yesterday my appointment with the doctor went well.  I'll keep doing the exercises for my neck and shoulder and go back to see him in another few months.  I told him that I'm learning what I can do and cannot do with that shoulder, so there's not so much pain.  For now, this is good. 

On the way home, I did a few errands.  I picked up a few groceries that I had forgotten to get the day before, I stopped by the Post Office to mail a couple packages and I went to the bank to make a deposit to keep the bill collectors happy. 

I had intended to buy the new curtains and a new curtain rod, but Walmart did not have either of these items yesterday.  Today I might check another store.  If not, I'll look on Amazon.  Thank goodness for Amazon and their two day shipping.  It has been a blessing for me. 

While I was at Walmart, I did pick up a new Red Heart yarn.  This one automatically works up into stripes, or blocks, of color depending on what you are making.  I thought I would try it out on something easy like a scarf.  So far, it is rather pretty.  I'll take a photo of it when I get more of it done.

Today I have a couple more pages for you to color.  These show winter scenes.  I love the cardinals in the first scene, and I thought the second scene would be perfect for those of you who already have
snow.  Have fun with them.  (just click on them to copy)

While I was digging through some photos one day, I came across some fun photos of daughter Audrey and I that we had taken many moons ago at Glamour Shots.  We were out shopping and decided to have some fun.  And we did!  This is one of my favorite Christmas shots.

Now I think I'll wash the dishes that are waiting for me in the sink, and then I'll have me another cup of coffee while I do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.