Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Audrey!

December 1, 2017

Good morning.  It's 1:42 a.m. and I'm still up.  I should mention though, that I had a nap earlier.  I was watching a program on TV and fell asleep.  So it's no surprise that I am awake now.  I just finished up washing the supper dishes.  Yup, I left them in the sink before I fell asleep. 

Today is my daughter Audrey's birthday.  The little girl who did not like to get her hands dirty has grown into quite an amazing woman.  Her hobbies have run the gamut from collecting dragons, to crocheting, to cooking, to taxidermy and to being an awesome grandmother.  Audrey, Happy Birthday, and may all your dreams keep coming true.  I wish you much happiness and sunshine.  I love you.

Today is also the first day of December, so here's the December page from my calendar.

Well, yesterday (Thursday) I did finally get started on my wrapping.  I confess, I started with all the easy packages first.  Once they were done, I tried to get dwarf Helen to wrap some of the rest for me.  Alas, she was not feeling well and doesn't like to wrap either.  So back to my wrapping.  Daughter Deanne called and said that she will come by today and help me with some of my wrapping.  Yeahhhh!!!

I set aside a couple bags of gift for Deanne to wrap, and while she is doing that, I'll wrap a few gifts myself.  It's always more fun when you have a helper.  Next year, I'll try to take my own advice and wrap things as I buy or make them.  Well, at least I'll try.

There's an ad on TV that has me wondering if my hearing is completely off, or if the ad makers don't always do all their fact checking before airing new ads.  This ad shows a woman climbing up a huge mountain of stale cigarette butts.  The man speaking says that the woman has smoked more than twelve thousand packs over a period of fifteen years.

Is this possible?  Do the math.  There are 780 weeks in fifteen years.  If she smoked sixteen packs of cigarettes a week, it would come out to a total of 12,480 packs in fifteen years.  Who in God's creation smokes sixteen packs of cigarettes a week???  I say if you are going to send a message to the public, at least have your facts checked.  Now of course I could have made mistakes in my math.  You check it.  If I'm wrong, let me know.  (either way you look at it, that's an awful lot of butts!)

I went into my photo archives and picked two photos from five years ago today.  On December 1, 2012, it was snowing.  I took these photos in my yard that day.

Today I'll mail off my renewal for the National Geographic magazine.  I got a great deal in the mail and I couldn't pass it up.  Just $15 for one year.  Wowsie!!  I enjoy the magazine, so of course I'm taking advantage of this great deal. 

Now I think I'll make a cup of hot apple cider before going to bed.  Just thinking of that apple cider is making my tummy dance with joy.  It is soooo delicious!  Well, that's it for today.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Audrey!!!!!!!!!

God morning,
I hope that the sun is shining and warmer for you on this first day of December. I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. It reminds me of something my grandmother said to me once. You can't wait to grow up and not be bossed around but then once your 18 the years pass to fast.
She is so right on that. It seems the years have flown by. Every year when my kids have birthdays I am just amazed that they could be that old lol.

I hope Janet feels better soon and I hope that Audrey will have an awesome day and birthday.
Cisco sends birthday wishes and hello's. Have an awesome day my friend. Love, Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

I've made it through all your posts of this week, hoorray!
First, happy belated birthday wishes to Audrey of course.
Oh, if I would live close to you, I would come over to help wrapping your packages! I really love to do it, you know.
Hope that Janet will feel better soonl so that she can come to visit again this week.
Lovdely when you have left overs of a meal you enjoyed, so you can have another one. I am doing that at the moment for myself, it is easy, for when I come back from hospital. And this way I am sure I eat something nitrious for dinner. May be something simple, but that doesn+t matter.
Well, now on to my blog for a quick update and then must spend my time good for the next few days.
Have a lovely day and week, and take care my dear!

Kathy said...

Happy birthday, Audrey! I hope she had a great day. I'm with you when it comes to wrapping gifts. I really don't like it. I used to get my sister to do it for me when she visited in December, but now that she has a new job, she can't come down and it's all on me. Good luck with getting everything done. I am so far behind I don't know how I will ever catch up.

gypsyrose said...

Love the photos of your rose and leaves covered with snow its such a pretty one hope it was ok, snow looks so nice when its fresh and you dont have to be out in it
Im going to have to start wrapping presents soon as well good luck with yours take care and have a good dayx

Nani said...

Happy birthday to Audrey!

That sure is a huge mountain of butts in that ad that you were talking about. I had a very good friend who did smoke over two packs a day for too long. He had a heart attack and died at 50. I miss him terribly, every day. So maybe the ad saying something.

I’m still waiting a couple of things to come in before I can really start my wrapping. Fortunately the last few years, when I’ve been late getting things started, made me appreciate how hard the post office works. Things do get where they’re supposed to go and before Christmas! LOL

Back to reading and writing and posting. :-)

Hugs, Nani