Thursday, December 28, 2017

Are You Listening Mother Nature? I Really Need Spring!

December 28, 2017

Good morning.  Brrrrr! This is just too cold for me.  It's only 9F degrees, and will go down to zero degrees tonight.  Oh, Mother Nature dear, please put a rush on Spring this year.  I just don't like this wicked cold. 

I do believe that I might have picked up a bit of a cold from someone.  Last night, I started coughing and finally had to take a pill to stop coughing.  Then I had to repeat it again early this morning.  Oh no, this is just what I do not need.  I guess it's time to Zicam my nose again.  Hopefully, it's going to help.

Oh gosh, here come the sneezes now.  A day just isn't complete if I don't have at least one bout of sneezing.  It's from allergies and something that I sadly have passed on to my daughter Audrey.  Poor Pogo doesn't know what to make of me when I start my sneezing. 

I don't think Pogo is feeling up to snuff these days either.  His appetite isn't so good.  It's also been too cold for him to go outside to go potty and that has to be affecting him too.  Hopefully, this will work itself out really soon.

Today I have some photos to share of some of my great grandchildren.  This first photo is one that I love.  This is how the tree was decorated at my grandson Bobby's house this year.  I just love it!

And these are his two little ones.  First is Aurora.  She has to hug and kiss each and every present before opening and playing with it.  Gosh, such a sweetie!

Next is her little brother Xander.  He's wearing the Santa suit that his Grandma Deanne got for him.  Now tell me, is he not super precious? 

Next I have a photo of Alena all dressed up in her princess outfit.  You can't see them, but she is wearing owl knee socks with her lovely outfit.  Alena, you look absolutely beautiful.

There will be more photos coming soon, I'm sure.  I've been blessed with lots of great grandchildren.  I'm really hoping to be around to see my great great grandchildren too.  Oh my, wouldn't that be something?

It's not looking like it will get warm enough to tempt me to go outside this week, so maybe SIL Eddie will come over and put new batteries in my car starters.  Going outside late at night to start the car really sucks.    On the other hand, I'm still here to complain about it, so I guess it can't be all that bad.

Well, my chilly old bones are wanting an infusion of something nice and hot.  Maybe a cup of cocoa this time.  Mmmmm, oh yes.  That does sound good.  On that happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


gypsyrose said...

Sorry your not feeling so good hope the cough and cold will clear quickly. your great grandchildren are lovely as it the room with the tree, look after yourself x

Kathy said...

And here I was complaining about 22*F. Stay inside Edna although it is chilly even inside. Hope your cold gets better soon. Your great a grandchildren are so precious.

smiekeltje said...

The kids look adorable!!!
Oh gosh, sorry you don't feel very good. Hope you can get rid of that cold quickly, we don;t need that to get worse!!!!
Hold tight and stay warm