Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Hanukkah

December 11, 2017

Good morning.  Tis cold outside, but the sun is shining so I can't really complain.  A little of the snow has melted.  Very little.  But that's to be expected.  Winter starts next week.  This is okay because that just brings the start of Spring a little bit closer.

Hanukkah begins today, so Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends and family.   When Michael and I joined our two families together many years ago, we ended up with the best of both worlds.  We enjoyed the festivities and traditions of both our families.  Hmmm, makes me wonder why the whole world can't just learn to get along and enjoy each other.

Today I'm starting out late with everything.  I'm not sure yet just what it was that I did yesterday to tire myself out so much,  Whatever it was, I slept most all night till around 5 a.m. this morning.  I got up and made some breakfast, then went back to bed.  I guess it's a good thing that I don't have to go to work anymore. 

My breathing hasn't been great lately, so that's probably why I get tired so easily.  I've been using my portable oxygen so that I can get used to using it when I'm not at home.  Many days, I don't need it at all, but when I do need it I'm super glad that I have it. 

I have an image to share today that I borrowed from the web.  It features three things that I love; my flag, Santa Claus and a little red cardinal.  I don't know who the author is, but I want to thank them for sharing this picture.

Another thing that I borrowed from the web is this animals' Christmas card.  I'm hoping that everyone will help to keep our animals safe this winter and all through the year.  They gives us so much joy and ask for so little in return.

Today I have no special plans.  I guess maybe I'll chase some of the dust bunnies around.  After that, I have a few gifts left to wrap, so maybe I'll do that while I wash a couple of Pogo's blankets.  Hmm, sounds like a good plan for me. 

On that happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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