Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pogo Is Soooooo Fashionable!

December 27, 2017

Good morning.  It's almost 7:30 and I've already had a cup of coffee and gone outside to start my car.  In wicked cold, I need to start it once in a while to make sure the battery doesn't decide not to work.  I have a car starter but its battery needs replacing.  As soon as it warms up enough for me to go out, I'm going to see about getting a new battery for it. 

Well, yesterday Pogo and I stayed in and Pogo tried on all his new things.  Everything but one shirt fit him.  I took this adorable photo of him wearing his new hat and scarf set.  It also has leg warmers, but they wouldn't fit over the sleeves on his sweatshirt.  Isn't this just the cutest?

I also want to share a photo of Pogo's little friend Cisco who lives in Texas.  This is Cisco curled up in his bed with his new blankets and toys.  He's such a sweetie, and is the picture of a very content little fellow.  Isn't he adorable?

Isn't the internet an awesome thing?  I have made so many wonderful friends, most of whom I've never met in person.  Even Pogo has made some new friends over the internet.  I think Cisco might be his favorite little friend.  No wonder though, he's such a cutie!

I also thought I might share photos of the bracelets that my granddaughter Andi, and great granddaughter Alena made for me.  Gosh, these are so pretty, I love them.  Alena made the red bracelet and Andi made the green one.  They do really beautiful work.

I have a really funny story to share.  My friend Kyra had tucked a box of chocolate covered cherries into the box of gifts that she sent to us.  Of course, I set that box of chocolates to one side, and after lunch (on Christmas Day) I curled up in my lounge chair all set to enjoy some delicious chocolate covered cherries. 

Well, I popped one into my mouth and bit down on it.  Woo Hoo!!!  Wowsie, it tasted like I had just taken a big swig from a bottle of booze!  Another chew, and yup, Happy Hour was about to begin!  I immediately turned the box over to see what the ingredients were.  And there it was:  13% liqueur!!  I enjoyed my cherry, but I had best not eat more than one a day.  hahahahaha.

Yesterday afternoon, I started cropping a lot of the Christmas photos to make scrap pages, which I'll share here when they are finished.  I also have some adorable photos to share of  some of the great grandchildren enjoying their Christmas.

I have a new quick page for you, but first let me share a couple cute photos that I took of Pogo on Christmas morning.  This first photo is Pogo before we started opening presents. 

This second photo is Pogo just a few moments after we finished opening and playing with everything.  All that excitement tuckered him out.  What can I say?  He's a champion napper!!

Now for the new quick page.  It's just a whimsical page that might be nice for some of your Christmas photos.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Well, now I think it's time to make some breakfast for Pogo and me.  Then I want to do a bit of blog reading.  It's a really nice way to start my day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

Pogo is so adorable in his little hat and scarf set. I guess he needs them with those cold winters you have. It is really cold here today too. In fact we are not getting out of the 20s for the foreseeable future. Brr. Give me summer. The bracelets are beautiful. Your girls are really talented. Hope you have a lovely day and stay away from those cherries! Ha, ha.

Beth Reed said...

Hi Edna and Pogo,
I hope that you are both nice and warm. So sorry that you had to brave the cold to start your car but your right. The cold will zap your battery. We use to have a battery starter when we lived in Indiana in the late 70's and early 80's but ours was electric. We had a power outlet under the covered garage but haven't had the need for one here in several years.

Oh your bracelets are just gorgeous. You really do have a talented family. Took after their grandmother in that area. I just love the little charm of the bird house. Too cute and yes Alena did a fantastic job making your bracelet. It is so nice to be able to get something that someone has taken the time to make for you.

I laughed about the chocolate covered cherries. Yes I think that you should have just one a day!! Love how Kyra comes up with fun stuff like that! I am not sure I have ever seen them here, but wow.... how funny...

Pogo is adorable in his little outfit. Trying on new clothes is awesome. It looks like you both had fun doing this!!!!Cisco and I had an early night last night. I took my book and started reading it and then remembered I forgot to play my games on my tablet so I did that right fast, and was yawning so I kept dropping the book after I played my game so it was time to shut out the light. Cisco slept with me last night. Sometimes he does that.

My coffee is ready so I will close for now. Hugs to both of you! Love, Beth and Cisco!

smiekeltje said...

So happy you had a good time opening all presents that were under your tree. Santa has been good to you, but you deserve it.
Oh gosh, really had to laught reading your story about the cherry chocolates, LOL!
Today and tomorrow we will have also some colder weather, may be even with some snow. Hope it will not be as much as last time.
But then in the weekend temerpatures will rise again to around 10C. Strange weather it is.
Well, have to get started. First have to dress then will go to the postoffice and later have to do some other stuff.
Have an awesome day and rest of the week. Stay warm and safe.

gypsyrose said...

Thank you for the QP have a few to use now, pogo looks so cute in his new hat and scarf and him and cisco both look comfy in there blankets the braclets are lovely too its nice to get hand made gifts, take care x