Monday, December 4, 2017

It's Time To Get All The Boxes In The Mail

December 4, 2015

Good morning. Tis nippy outside, only 35F degrees.  The sun is shining, and in a few hours the temperature will rise to about 44F degrees.  I can't complain.  After all, it will be winter in just a few weeks. 

I'm looking at the calendar, and I can't believe how quickly I'm running out of time to get all my packages to the Post Office.  I'll have to make a trip there tomorrow.  Hopefully, everything will be in the mail by the end of the week. 

Today, Pogo will give his favorite mailman the Red, White and Blue afghan.  We hope he likes it.  Yesterday, a friend of mine came by for a visit, and I gave her the blue afghan.  Blue is her favorite color. 

Later today, I'll have to make up my grocery shopping list.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer, so I should take advantage of the warm temps.  Any packages needing to go out will have to wait for Joe to get home from work.  That way, he can carry them into the Post Office for me. 

Folks, if any of you click on "friend me" on Facebook, please send me an email or leave a comment if your name on Facebook is one that I won't recognize.  That will be a big help for me. 

Today I have my part of an old Christmas scrap kit that I made in collaboration with my friend Su.  I hope you can use it. 

Here are your download links:  (let me know if there is a problem with them)
part 1 & 2

I also have a cute photo of my Thanksgiving Turkey Chrysanthemum plant.  Dee Dee gave this to me on Thanksgiving, and I'm doing my best to keep it alive.

Now I have a bit of blog reading to catch up on.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


gypsyrose said...

Thank you for the new kit I have dowloaded it and its lovely I know I will be using it for some Christmas scrap layouts.
Bet everyone will love the afghan's they look lovely in your photos.
Sent you a link sorry I didnt think about it.
take care x

gypsyrose said...

Kathy said...

We have been spoiled with warm weather this year, for sure. Our temperatures are just a tad warmer than yours. How nice to give your afghans away. I know from making them myself that a lot of work goes into one. Thanks for reminding me to get to the post office. Christmas is sneaking up on us quickly and I have to get my cards and packages out.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

I don't know how I missed your blog yesterday. Oh I remember I had already gone to your blog and then I called and you were finishing up your blog and called me back. I guess I just forgot to go back and look again. It is so amazing the things that I cannot remember to do anymore. It crosses my mind and suddenly it is gone.

Awww I am so happy that the Mailman liked his afghan. That is such a sweet gesture Edna. I am sure that you have the biggest heart in all the world. Cisco, Pogo and I think so anyway. I am glad that your friend got the afghan in her favorite color. I bet she was smiling.

Would you believe after it was so hot and muggy yesterday that the other side of the interstate where we live is having winter participation all the way into Thursday. I got an alert on my phone and read it and shook my head and read it again. They said some parts could get snow. My daughter Karyn said, Yep this is the Hill country for you. I am thankful Nathan is off work the next couple of days so he does not have to travel in it.
Take care and talk to you soon... xxx Beth and Cisco