Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!

February 29, 2012

Now there's date you don't get to write very often!  Today is Leap Year Day.   I've read somewhere that people who experience the most leap year days get to live the longest.  I've been here for 19 of them, and I'm shooting for about 28 of them (with lots of luck and good health).  It's good to dream big!

Remember all those items that I touched and lost during the process of packing?  Well, will wonders never cease!  They all showed up here in the "mail away" box.   I must have tossed them into the box to fill it up, and then forgot all about it.  Tootsie was ever so glad to see the box get here.  It was full of her treats and pee pads. 

My Tootsie has decided that she really likes the marble floor tiles here.  They feel really good against her tummy.  Plus, she loves to lay in the doorway to the porch where she can hear everything that is happening. 

Would you like to see the view from my screened in porch?   It's such a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book (or just relax).  I took this photo yesterday while I doing a bit of blog hopping.

This view is looking a bit to the side.  The tall flower pot with the red plant is next to the gate leading in to the hot tub and pool.  To the right of the stairs, by the two white chairs, is the laundry room.  How's that for being close to everything? 

While I was sitting on the porch yesterday, I noticed a bird right nearby.  Finally!   The nice part is that this bird didn't even mind me taking its' photo.  Actually, it looked quite happy.

We had us another nice walk yesterday.  I'm going to try to go for a walk every day, and maybe by the time I get home, I can keep it up.  With a little luck, maybe I can leave a few of these extra pounds behind when it's time to go home.  Wouldn't that be nice?

I also got to work a bit on the March collab kit.  Now I just have to figure out the e-mail thing.  I need to sit down and try to get to my email and clean a lot of it out.  Plus there's probably a lot waiting to be answered.  So that's my project for today. 

While I was at Walmart yesterday, I bought a hair brush.  This one is different than the one I have at home.  This one has little round tips on the bristles.  To be perfectly honest, it doesn't work as good as the dinner fork.  So, I'll keep looking.

Now I think I'll be getting dressed and take Tootsie out for a walk.  It's an absolutely gorgeous day here, and we don't want to miss any of it!  Till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Many Murphy Adventures

February 28, 2012

Good morning and greetings from our very comfy screened in porch here in Florida.   It's been quite an adventure so far.   In the past, I've always arrived here in daylight, usually no later than mid afternoon.  this year Tootsie and I got to Florida just before dark, and drove from the car rental place to our condo in the dark.  That alone was an adventure.  I don't usually drive around here in the dark except to go to the supermarket which is right up the road.

Tootsie and I have been waking early and going to sleep at night rather early.  Yesterday afternoon, we took a walk around the whole complex here.  I never realized it was so big!  About half way around, I was wondering whatever possessed me to do such a thing.  My legs and hips were screaming at me!  But I just kept stopping to take photos of some of the gorgeous flowers here, and eventually we made it back to our condo. 

So far, the birds are hiding from me during daylight.  Methinks they just don't like being photographed.  Sooner or later though, I will get me some photos!!   I've seen a lot of turkey vultures, but they are so high in the sky that I cannot get a decent photo.

On our walk, Tootsie and I met a new little friend.   Most of these little guys are quite skittish, but this one sat for a few photos before running off under a bush.   Notice in the last photo how he was actually trying to impress us with his very colorful throat.  Such a cutie!

Wow, I just got quite a scare!  I tried uploading these photos, and everything froze mid way.  Then my mouse died so I put a new battery in it, but it was still quite dead.  Next, I tried using the touchpad, but that was dead too.  I took everything back into the living room to see if that would make a difference but it did not. 

I'm not going to panic!!!  I'm going to find me a Best Buy and get another laptop.  When I get home, I will raise hell where I bought this one.  But now, my brain has activated, and I think why not unplug and re-plug into the electric outlet, shut down the laptop, then re boot.  Might work?  Yeahhhhhh!  It worked and now I'm back in business. 

This is how things have been going though.  When Tootsie and I arrived at Orlando airport and picked up our baggage, I called the car rental place to make sure they were on the way to pick us up.  The lady on the phone said yes, and she would call me right back to let me know which car to watch for.

  In a couple of minutes, my phone rang.  Unfortunately, I had not learned yet how to answer the darn thing.  Once it stopped ringing, I called the lady back and made my apologies for being so beany brained.  When we got to the car rental office, they showed me how to answer a call on my smart phone. 

When I unpacked the toiletries from my suitcase  that night, I realized that I had forgotten my hair brush .  Well now, isn't that smart!   My hair needed brushing so I ran my fingers through it but it still didn't look too neat.  Come Monday morning, my ancestral roots kicked in and I knew exactly what to do.  I got me a salad fork from the kitchen and combed my hair with that.  Works for me!   Today, I used a dinner fork and found that it works better than the salad fork.  I'm back in business!

This morning after we did our grocery shopping, I made some scrambled eggs and green peppers for our breakfast.  First I got out the frying pan.  Wow!  It's so big I could cook an elephant in it.  Then I looked for a spatula.  Sorry, nothing but a very bendy plastic serving spoon in the drawer.    I did my best, but let me tell you things don't look the same when the pan is huge and the food is spread out so far.  Also, this bendy plastic spoon just doesn't work so good as a spatula.  When all was said and done though, the food did taste pretty good.

My precious little girl is not eating too well, and doesn't see so good any more.  She gets so confused sometimes, and doesn't know where she is.  So now, she follows me everywhere and tries to stay close.  To look at her one would never guess that she can't see them.  She tries to act like nothing is wrong.  God Bless her little soul. 

I have a couple of new photos of Tootsie, one taken this morning when we were waking up, and one just now chilling on the porch floor.  In the process of uploading these photos, I've dropped my mouse twice.  I'm having a good day! 

I think that's about the news for today.  Tootsie and I will be walking over to the office soon to mail some postcards.  If that goes well, maybe we'll walk some more.  At the moment, the weather is simply gorgeous with a little breeze.  Not too hot, not too cool.  Perfect!

I've seen a lot of butterflies and dragonflies, but so far nothing lands so that I can get photos.   I'll be working on that all week.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Extra Post Today

February 27, 2012

Tootsie and I had a bit of breakfast, and went out for a while this morning.  First we put gas in the car, and then we visited a local flea market to see what we could find.   I found some great "Find A Word" puzzle books, some post cards and a nice birthday gift for my son in law, Mac. 

I finally got to upload some photos here.  This first one  was taken at home, and shows my little girl keeping a close eye on me while I pack the suitcase.  

And this next photo shows her this morning.  She was wasn't feeling so good, and the long day of traveling had simply wiped her out.   I think the pillow helps to make her tummy a bit more comfortable.  We have marble tile floors here at the condo, and she likes to sprawl out on them because they are so cool.

The maintenance guys were just here to fix the ice maker in the freezer.  I tried all last night and today to make some ice, but it just wasn't working.   Maintenance will come back later to make sure it is still making ice. 

The housekeeping lady also came by with extra pillows and a table lamp, and while she was here she showed me how to connect to the internet here inside my unit.   Management had the area by the pool wired for internet access, but I don't want to have to sit over there to use it.  Especially if it's not nice out.  So now I can sit out on my screened in porch while I play on the internet.   

I did my post this morning with my Broadband2Go stick.  It will still come in handy if we go somewhere and need access to the internet.   How lucky can I get?  Before, I had no internet, and now I have two!!

When Tootsie and I were on our way back here this morning, I saw lots of large birds in the sky.  I'm assuming they were turkey vultures.  If we don't see any here by tomorrow, I think we'll take the camera and go for another ride.  I'm itching to get some new bird photos.

I have another photo to share with you that my friend Mary Ann sent to me.  She's vacationing in Arizona, and having a grand time playing with her new lens.   Mary Ann, great job on the photo!!  You'll have to teach me how you got the motion to stop for the camera.  It's fabulous!! 

Folks, I hate to say this, but it's hot here.  Hot!  Hot!  Hot!  There are both gray and white clouds in the sky, and the temps are up in the 80's.  It's like summer.   I just saw a dragonfly go by, so I think I'll have to grab my camera and take a walk.  Plus the office just called me to say that my "mail away" box has just arrived. So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

We Made It To Florida

February 27, 2012

Good morning from sunny (actually, still dark outside) Florida.  It's only 5:19 a.m. and Tootsie and I have been up for an hour.   We didn't have very much trouble falling asleep last night.  It was a long day, and we did not get settled in our condo, groceries and all, until around 8:45 p.m.  Actually, we got here around 7:30, brought our bags in, had a much needed potty stop and then went to the market for a few groceries. 

This morning, we will go to Walmart to pick up more groceries.  Plus, we need to put gas in the rental car.  Last night, I was too tired to find a gas station.  Later today, I'm hoping to settle out on the porch with a nice cold bottle of water and just relax with my feet up. 

Have you noticed?  I have internet!!!   Thanks to my new "Broadband2Go".  This is really cool.  When I think of how disappointing it was last year without ready access to the internet, I wish I had known about this little gadget.  It's really quite worth it's weight in gold!

I have a couple of photos to share that I took of Tootsie.  Whoops!  Sorry folks, I'm not able to upload any photos at the moment.  I'll take a break here, and try again later.  Right now, I'm going to have a cup of coffee.  Be back soon.  Till then, hope your day is beautiful.

Hugs, Edna B

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder

February 26, 2012

It's only 6 a.m. but Tootsie and I been up for a while now.   Must be nervousness.  Plus there are still some last minute things to do.  I tried getting by with only a small suitcase, but that did not work, so I repacked into a bigger one.  All items with chargers have been charged up, and will now go back into the carry on bag.  Our clothes are laid out, and there are butterflies living in our tummies. 

People have been telling me about some really bad changes coming regarding taking pets on the plane.  I've heard that they will be putting all pets into a storage place and charging an enormous amount of money for their tickets.  Personally, I think this is outrageous.

First, pets don't take up any seat room.  They have to be in a carrier under the seat in front of you.  Second, for this privilege, you have to pay at least $200.  If these changes do take place, this will most likely be my last flight with Tootsie.  But  that's okay, we have a car, and can drive to where ever we want to go.  That's unfortunate for the airlines because not only do they lose the pet's ticket fare, but they lose my fare too.

Last night, I got an email from the airline with the okay to print out my boarding pass.  This was a surprise because usually they don't give you an e-ticket when you are traveling with a pet.  I'm not complaining though, it's already printed out and tucked into my carry on bag. 

Yesterday, my granddaughter Jasmine and her teammates took first place in their cheerleading championship competition.  CONGRATULATIONS, Jasmine!   While she was at her competition, Eddie stopped by with Kevin and Jack Jack.  (grandson and great grandson)   I'm not sure how the little one got the nick name Jack Jack, but it must be because there is a Jack Sr, a Jack Jr, and now a Jack Jack.  

Both boys are growing so big, and ever so handsome.   I know, I'm biased.  But then grandmothers can be!  Did I mention that great grandbaby number six is expected around the end of June?   It will be a girl, and that will round it out evenly to three girls and three boys.  Sometimes it pays to live a long life!

Here is a photo of Jazz from yesterday's competition.  I took a photo of the photo with my camera  because I don't have time to do any scanning this morning.   Am I a proud lady?  You betcha!!

Now I think I'll have me another cup of coffee, and do a bit of blog reading.  Each morning, I like to catch up on my favorite blogs.  It's sort of like getting together over a cup of coffee and chatting about how things are going for us.  Nice! 

That's all for now.  Till tomorrow, (if my Broadband2Go does what it's supposed to do) Y'all have a fabulous day.  This photo is me and my little Tootsie in a few hours, flying off into the wild blue yonder.

Hugs, Edna B.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lots Of Last Minute Things To Do

February 25, 2012

Good morning on this lovely sunny Saturday.  The snow seems to have all disappeared and the winds last night did not amount to very much.  Thank goodness!  In twenty four hours, Tootsie and I will be on our way to the airport.  Woo Hoo!

This morning I packed our suitcase, and put together one last small load of laundry to do.  I've checked things off on my list of "to do"s, and made a new shorter list.  My carry on bag is all packed, and I've laid out our clothes to wear tomorrow morning.   Something came up last night and Wayne couldn't stop by so he's coming this morning to pick up my sickly laptop.  Hopefully, when I get home it will be just like new again.

I've already lost (misplaced) three items that I needed to pack.  I don't know why, but I have this bad habit.  If I touch something, it's lost forever (or at least a very long time).  I touched the two new outfits that I bought for Tootsie and I touched my external CD drive.  Really, I should have known better.   Well, if I don't find them by tonight, then we'll just do without them.

Kyra gave me a link to some info about my new Nook tablet, so I will look this up later when things here have quieted down.  Thanks so much Kyra.  Every bit of info is so helpful and very much appreciated.

Yesterday at work, I noticed that the snowdrops have blossomed so I got a photo to share.  They're telling us that Spring will soon be here.

In the afternoon, I was watching a little red squirrel looking for food under the bird feeder.  The poor little thing had to sit in rain puddles to eat whatever he was able to find. 

Now I think I'd best get busy here and put in that last load of laundry.  We haven't had breakfast yet,  so I'll be rustling up some food too.   That's all the news for now.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ooooh, White Stuff!!!

February 24, 2012

Good morning from snowy New England.  What a surprise to see the snow coming down this morning!  I should have watched the weather channel last night.  Instead, Tootsie and I were enjoying our favorite programs on fashion design.   As a youngster, I had dreams of being a famous designer, but the closest I got was to be making all my own clothes and my kids' clothes. 

I think I finished my list of computer programs for Wayne, and dug out the important disks.  Anything that I may have forgotten (and I'm sure there's plenty) will just have to wait until after I get back from Florida.  I even made a phone call from my new phone.  Woo Hoo!!  I just might make it into the age of smart technology. 

On top of that, I bought and downloaded a book onto my Nook tablet.  Plus, I got me a few free books.  I'll work on downloading library books and maybe an audio book when I get to Florida.   I backed up all my PC files onto an external hard drive, so while I'm in Florida, I'll start to clean out those files and get rid of duplicates.  At least that's what I have planned for my first week.

I have a couple of photos to share that I just took a little while ago.  The first photo is just to remind us that we really did have some snow this winter, and the second one shows the rhodies thriving in the snow.

While I was at Best Buy the other day, I asked the technician to show me how to shut off the touchpad on my little laptop.  I like to use a mouse, and that darn touchpad makes it very difficult to type.  Now I'm a lot happier with my little laptop.

I think all I still need to do before we leave on our trip is to pack the suitcase.  My carry on has all my important stuff in it.  Camera, laptop, Nook tablet, chargers, meds, tickets and purse stuff.   And I think I've decided to take the stroller with us.  So it's a little extra work for the person pushing our wheelchair, too bad Harry!  I'll be sure to give him/her a nice tip.  I also have to make sure to give away any food that might spoil.  I'd rather someone use it.

Now I must get busy here.  The Mrs will be awake soon and be wanting her breakfast.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sort Of Good News, Sort Of Bad News

February 23, 2012

Good morning.  Lookee, lookee!   I have my blog back.  At least some of it sometimes.  Wayne was here for a couple of hours last night, and some of the news isn't too bad, and some of it isn't so good.  He was able to get back my blogger on the desktop PC so that I could at least post.  But there is still a problem with the desktop PC, so that is all I'm supposed to do on it for now. 

As for my laptop,  that one looks like it might be a goner.  At least until it is wiped clean and started over.   I'm so glad that I got that little laptop.  I'll still be able to do some work on it and hopefully keep on posting.  The problem, it seems, is that something somehow came in through Google or another blog and messed up all my Google stuff and my internet movements. 

So, I spent part of last night making a list of all my programs, and making sure that I will be able to re-install most of them without too much trouble.  Wayne will take the laptop home with him tomorrow and work on it while I am on vacation.  Meanwhile, I had just finished making a copy of all my files on an external hard drive.  Some days I'm so smart that I surprise myself!

I had some questions about "Broadband 2Go" which I will try to answer.  It is a 3G Nationwide Wireless Internet USB device from Virgin Mobile, and looks like a thumb drive.  I bought mine at Best Buy for $100, but Walmart also carries it for $20 less.  (Of course, Best Buy  gave me a $30 gift card to spend on something else.)   I let the Geek Squad install it for me.  With my track record lately, I thought this was a good move. 

I bought a $50 Virgin Mobile top-up card which will give me unlimited email, web browsing, and downloads for a month.  There is no contract required, so you buy your time to fit your needs.  They have several $ denominations to choose from.   This works similar to a cell phone.  If there is cell coverage where you are, you are on the internet.   I hope this helps somewhat.

Today's photos were taken last Friday at work.  On the next lot over from the Mrs, there is a small horse barn.  When one of the horses poked its' head out to look around, I tried to take a few photos.  Unfortunately, because of the distance and the various branches between me and the horse,  getting nice clear photos was not going to happen.  But I do have a couple that I can share.

When I get a chance, I am going to go over the barn and corral area and get some really good photos.  The horses are just so beautiful.  I'll have to remember to take some snacks with me.

Yesterday, Jazzy and I went to the nail salon, and she had her nails done up in a "crackle" design which was rather pretty.  This morning, Jazzy and her brother Kevin are coming over to clean up a lot of the leaves that are still in my yard.  So, on that note, I think I should get busy here and get dressed.   Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Taking Advantage Of Internet Access At Work

February 22, 2012

I'm at work and typing this tonight for tomorrow.  As long as I can have access to the internet here at work, I thought I would do my post tonight for tomorrow morning.  It's been a hectic day, trying to tie up all the last minute ends before I leave for vacation.  The mail away box is on it's way, I finalized plans for my rental car, and transportation from and to the airport in Orlando. 

All the bills that have come in are paid, so now there's only a few things left to do (I think) before I leave.  The internet problem at home is driving me nuts.   It's also making it difficult for me to leave comments on other blogs.  I'm beginning to think that the problems lie in upgrades for Explorer and Google because it's affecting my desktop PC at home too. 

I'm having second thoughts about not taking Tootsie's stroller with us.  I thought it might be easier to leave it home and have less to carry back and forth, but having it with us would make life easier once we get to Florida.   There's still a few days to decide. 

Yesterday, I attended a workshop at Barnes & Noble bookstore to learn how to use my Nook tablet.  Once I got there, I didn't feel so dumb anymore.  There were quite a few people attending the workshop.  They have these workshops twice a week, so I should have plenty of help finding my way around the tablet.  I already bought and downloaded my first thing.  Angry Birds, of course!

I have one more thing to buy, Broadband 2 Go.  Plus, I need to buy a card for a month's worth of internet access.  There is still no internet connection at my condo in Florida.   In good weather, I can go to the pool area to get access to Wi-Fi.  But, if it's raining or cold or late at night, too bad.  That's why I will be needing the Broadband 2 Go. 

I have a couple of photos to share with you.  These were taken over the weekend at work, through the kitchen window.  In the first photo, these two adorable birds are deciding whether or not to share the dinner station.   In the second photo, these two delightful birds have decided not only to get along, but to chat while they enjoy the food.

Wayne is supposed to coming by my place tomorrow night to try to fix my computer woes.  Gosh, I surely hope he can do this.  I miss chatting with my friends here and on other blogs.   Now I think I'll see about downloading a book onto my Nook tablet, and hopefully I'll be back here by Thursday morning.  Till then, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Internet Problems - Feb. 21, 2012 - Will Post When I Can

Monday, February 20, 2012

Today Is A Murphy's Law Day

February 20, 2012

I hope this is a good morning for you.  Mine has just not gotten off to a very good start.  First, I could not find my car keys this morning.  All I could find was the spare key to start my car.  My regular car key and all my house and other keys was no where to be found.  After searching my work bag, my purse, and every where in the house (at work) plus around and inside my car, I still had no keys.  I finally had to  call my son in law, wake him up and have him bring his keys to my home so that I could get in when I got there.

Eddie was my first good news this morning.  When I got here, he was waiting to let me in my house.  Then we went looking to see if perhaps I had left my keys on the counter by my stove.  Well, my goodness.  There they were big as life just sitting there on the stove counter.  My second bit of good news.  BUT!  My mind is getting so scatter brained that it is worrying me.  How in the world could I have done this?  Hopefully, I won't do it again real soon.

Next, I tried to print out directions for one of the dwarfs.  No matter what I tried, I could not make the printer print.  I checked everything twice, and it appeared that everything was hooked up properly.  DUH!  I forgot to plug the USB cord from the printer to the laptop.  Once connected, the directions printed.  See what I mean?  Totally scatter brained!

Now I had to call the new cable company and change my installation date from tomorrow to a day after I get back from Florida.  I don't know how late the installer will be here, and I have to go to work tomorrow evening.  So now,  that is done.

In a few minutes, I will be leaving (hopefuly) to go to Barnes & Noble store to learn how to use my Nook.  I'm already worn out, and my day is just beginning.   So before I run into any problems with posting, I will put up the previews (if I can) and the download links for the rest of our kit "I Love...".

Here are your download links:


Don't forget to stop by Su's blog and pick her two parts.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Posting Blues

February 18, 2012

I don't know what's wrong, but I've been trying for a couple of hours now to post here, but for some reason my laptop is not able to access anything having to do with Blogger, Blogspot, etc.  So, I'm using my desktop PC and at least able to post. 

Earlier today, Tootsie had her appointment at the beauty salon, so now she's all spiffied up and gorgeous for her  vacation.   After that I spent time trying to figure out how to download library books for my Nook Tablet.  Needless to say, it's a long involved process.  At least for me.  I wonder why no one has written a "Dummies Book For Downloading To Smart Phones and Nooks Readers/Tablets"?  I'd run right out and buy it!

A local library will be holding a few workshops soon to teach folks how to download to their E-Readers.  Also, Barnes & Noble is also having similar workshops and I plan to attend.  Last night, I tried in vain to download a song.  Eddie came over this morning and did it for me.   Sigh......... Will I ever learn?

I had planned to talk about my newest awards and the blogs that I will them on to, but considering the lateness of the day, I will do this tomorrow.  I do have a photo to share.  This one is a really pretty pigeon with such beautiful coloring.

My internet service has been getting slower and slower.  Today it is exceptionally bad.  Do you suppose that my cable company found out already that I am changing to a new company?  Hmmmmm.    Hopefully, once the change is made, things will improve considerably. 

Now I must see about what's for supper, and make sure my work bag is packed.  Tonight it's back to my night shifts.  I'm hoping that my laptop is working again with Blogger by tomorrow.   It surely would make things much easier for me.  So, till then, stay warm and Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogger Is Messing With Me!

February 17, 2012

Okay, I shall try again to type this post.  I already had it finished, when Blogger decided to erase the whole thing.   Needless to say, I am not very happy with Blogger at the moment.   You would think that at least most of what I had typed had been saved.  Usually, everything gets saved every couple of minutes or less.  In half an hour, all that got saved was the date.  Unbelievable!!

The re-typing will take a bit longer because I'm at work and the Mrs. is beginning to wake.   I was in such a good mood before Blogger decided to mess with my work.   This has definitely dampened my spirits. 

I received a couple of blog awards and had written quite a lot about them, but now they will have to wait until tomorrow.  I need to start making breakfast soon.  Let's get right to some photos.  There are some overgrown shrubs and bushes in the Mrs' backyard, with lots of activity going on beneath them.  I've taken some photos from the kitchen window to share.  The first photo shows the bushes, and the other two show a bit of the activity going on beneath.

That will have to do for now.  I will have lots more to post tomorrow.  Till then, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's A Great Day For A Freebie

February 16, 2012

The sun keeps popping in and out this morning, but it's not cold, so it will be a good day for Tootsie and me to do a couple of errands.  One very important errand, we have to pick up her travel health certificate.   Vacation is getting oh so close.

Last night, Janet brought me some of the prettiest Valentine cookies, and spent the whole evening visiting.  This was really nice.  We splurged and had sub sandwiches for supper.  Yum Yum!

I don't have a lot of news for today, so hows about a freebie?  I have for you today another set of CU backgrounds, "Nature Trails Set 02".    I made these from some of my flower photos.  Enjoy.

And here is your download link:

Later today, I have to get busy on the March collab kit.  This month it's my turn to pick out the colors and a theme.  Hmmmmm.   So many ideas, which one to pick? 

Yesterday morning, I did manage to get the "wireless" printer working, and actually printed out mine and Audrey's travel schedules.   The "wireless" part will just have to wait till later.  I also printed out all my email contacts.  Next week, I will be switching to a new cable company, and I'm not taking any chances on losing any important information. 

I also finished taping all my "fashion" programs onto DVD.  I can't believe it took me all these years to learn how to do this!  But now I've learned it so that's all that counts.  Where Audrey lives, there are no cable companies or fast internet available.  We both enjoy these programs so I try to tape them for her.  Of course, I enjoy watching them again too.

Today, I have a really pretty photo that I took at the park.  It's just another serene picture of the pond and lots of birds.  I'm hoping it has the same calming effect for you as it does for me.

Now I think I'll get started on my day here.  Tomorrow, it's back to work, so I want to enjoy this day with Tootsie.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Hope Your Day Was As Nice As Mine

February 15, 2012

Good morning.  There's no sunshine yet, but maybe we'll have some a bit later.  At the moment, it's a tad bit soggy.  Go figure!  The heat wave moves in and brings the rain with it.  Well, I only have to go out to do one errand, and it can wait until tomorrow if need be. 

Yesterday, I did not get to finish setting up the wireless printer.  Life moved me along in busy directions all day long.  A friend stopped by for a moment and gave me a box of candy.  This was nice and so unexpected.  A little later, the mail lady came by with a package, and I gave her the box of candy.  (I already have a small box in the refrigerator)  She was so pleased that she gave me a hug.  Wow!  What a nice way to start the day.

Later, tootsie and I went out to do a couple of errands.  In the afternoon, Dee Dee and Kevin (grandson) came by with a valentine gift for me.  I've seen these in TV ads, and at Walmart, but only in pink.  Mine is a really pretty yellow.  Have a look.

All in all, I had a really nice, pleasant day.  As for the printer, who cares?  There's always today.  I also started packing our "mail to Florida" box.  First and most important we put in the wee wee pads for Tootsie.  Next, a bag of her treats, double wrapped.  Today, we'll put in a few more things.

Last night, I read a National Geographic Magazine on my new Nook tablet.  There's a good possibility that I just might make it into the new technology age.  Whether I want to or not!! 

The pots of Paperwhites are blooming away with lots of new blossoms.  I wonder why I never bought these before.  They are so pretty.  Here's a new photo from yesterday.

At the moment, I'm watching an ad on TV.  It's an M & M candy dancing naked!  Imagine!  Well, at least now we all know what they look like without their candy shells!  On this note, I shall leave you and get dressed.  (no pun intended)  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


February 14, 2012

No sunshine yet, but it's still a beautiful morning.  Tootsie and I are here, you're here, and it's Valentines Day.  It's definitely looking like a fabulous day.   Boy oh boy, did I ever sleep good last night!  I slept right through until 7:15 when Tootsie woke me up for a trip to the (her) potty pads.  Then we crawled back into bed for another hour and a half. 

Last night, I spent a couple of hours trying to set up the new wireless printer.  I'm up to the part where it actually works.  The "wireless" part will have to wait for another day when I'm not so rushed and when someone else can help me.  Too much tekky stuff.  For now, I can print from my laptop using the not so long USB cord. 

Um, that is also after I install the CD into my laptop and do all the stuff that it says to do.  Well anyway, that's one of the things that I will do (try) today.  Plus, I have to run out and pick up Tootsie's meds.  We are down to her last pill. 

Part of the fun of Valentines Day is having someone to share or do things with.  In Nature's world, there is a lot of togetherness.  At the park, we have a lot of ducks and geese, and most of them do things in pairs. 

It's time now for me to start packing the box that I will mail on ahead to myself in Florida.   It needs to be in the mail by the beginning of next week.  Ooooooh, the weatherman just said that tomorrow will be in the low 50's.  Gosh, some days I could just hug that man! 

I've had my coffee, so now it's time to tackle that printer.   Tootsie and I wish all of you a very Happy Valentines Day.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Only 37 More Days Till Spring!

February 13, 2012

It's a rather chilly morning here in New England, with specks of tiny snow flakes wandering around now and then.  The sun has been trying to poke it's head out, but so far the clouds are keeping it covered.   The heat wave starts tomorrow with five days of temps in the upper 40's. 

Tootsie and I are counting down the days.  Just 14 more days and we'll be on a plane to warm and sunny Florida.  Better yet, just 37 more days till Spring!  I absolutely love, love, love Spring!  I love watching things come alive, tiny leaves form on tree branches and green sprouts poking up through the ground.  My energy level usually picks up quite a bit in the Spring, and I'm hoping to spend more time outside with Tootsie. 

I think I might invest in a treadmill too.  I would really love to be able to walk more, but I can't go too far from my chair.  I get so far down the road and my body says "that's enough, already!"  At this point, I don't have it in me to walk back home.  Having a treadmill might just work well for me.  Who knows, maybe even Tootsie can try it out too.  She can't walk very far either. 

Remember the Paperwhites that I planted in a pot a couple of weeks ago?  Well, they are simply gorgeous.  It's so nice to see plants blooming.  It really makes the kitchen cheerful.  Here's a shot of one of the blooms.

Today, Su and I are posting Parts 3 & 4 of our newest kit, "I Love...".   It's such a fun kit, and can actually be used all year round.   Here's my preview and download links.


When you have finished downloading, do stop by Su's blog to pick up her parts.  I've already seen them, and you're going to love them.  Don't forget to take a moment to stop and say hello and thank you.   Here's Su's preview.

Now it's time to see what's for breakfast.  Tootsie has been sitting here patiently waiting for me to finish this post.  I count my lucky stars for every day that I have had her in my life.  I am so blessed.  On that thought, I will stop here.  Till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Invisible Snow and Rain Dance

February 12, 2012

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but it's still a bit chilly.  17 degrees F.  It's supposed to warm up to around 28 degrees later today.  Tomorrow, the heat wave starts again.  Woo hoo!  A day of 38 degrees, then it hops up to the upper 40's for the rest of the week.  Definitely  tolerable.

Well, I must say that yesterday's snow was something you don't see very often.  In the morning, there was a dusting of snow here and there on the ground.  The snow came down steadily all day with rain mixed in, but each flake disappeared as soon as it hit the ground.  At no point during the day or night was there an accumulation anywhere.  Not so much as one snowflake.   However, the wind howled all night long, bringing the temperature way down.  Brrrr.

As you know, I love photographing rain drops, and yesterday was no exception.  My new polarizing filter arrived, so I put it on to see if it made much of a difference in the rain drop photos.  My goodness, I surely think it helped a lot.  Have a lookee.  Are these not pretty?

The white dot in the middle is from the flash.  I tried photos with and without the flash.  Then I took a few shots of the little rose hips (red berries on the rose bush) and played with a few filters and gradients in Photoshop.  And soon, this.......

Became this.....  I call this "Rain Dance".  The little dancers are from Freda Frederickkson.

At work last night, I read about 40 more pages on my Nook. (In the Users Guide)  Strange to say, but a lot of it is beginning to make sense.  Mind you, only the easy stuff.  The technical stuff is still a mystery that I am working on solving.  I will have me a book downloaded on this thing pretty soon.  At least, that's what I'm attempting to learn.  Time will tell.

Now I have to go back out into the cold to take one of the dwarfs food shopping.  Yesterday he did not want to go out because it was supposed to be wet and snowy.  I know, I know, some guys are just so wimpy!  Stay warm folks.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day, and come back tomorrow for more of our new kit "I Love...".

Hugs, Edna B.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oooooo, White Stuff!

February 11, 2012

Brrrrr.  I expected to wake up this morning to see everything covered in white.  Not so!  There is a light dusting here and there, and the snow is coming down ever so lightly (but steady).  The forecast has been changed from 5 inches to maybe 1 or 2 inches with a bit of rain mixed in.  That's okay too, but this is New England, and anything can happen when it comes to weather.  We shall have to wait and see.

Yesterday was a pretty good day at work, and I even managed to take a few photos.  When I was making the Mrs' lunch, I happened to notice a funny discoloring on one of the tree branches in her back yard.  (this is while looking through the kitchen window)  After studying it for a few minutes, trying to figure out what would have caused this discoloring, I decided to photograph it.  As soon as I picked up my camera, the discoloring moved!

Here is the view from the kitchen window.

And here is a closeup view of where the spot moved to on the branch. 

And finally, here is the spot!

I never did figure out why this little red squirrel was hanging upside down on the branch for so long.  Maybe it was hiding from something?  I did look around but could not find any predator close by.  Either way, it's surprises like this that keep me carrying my camera everywhere I go.

The Mrs seems to be doing much better now that she can see clearly out of one eye.  It won't take much convincing to get her to go and have the other cataract removed.   I brought my new Nook in to show her how much fun she could have once she can see good.  She gets so excited at seeing what all this new technology can do.  Actually, I do too, once I figure out how to use it!

Now it's time for me to stuff this fluffy little body into some clothes, and get ready to go out into the weather to do some food shopping.  Tootsie is running out of doggie food (not that she is too worried about that!) and one of the  dwarfs also needs to do a bit of shopping. 

Stay warm folks.  Spring really is close by.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Snow On The Way

February 10, 2012

Good morning.  It's a bit chilly this morning, but the sun is shining ever so bright.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I left for work to notice that it wasn't so dark outside.  At least half of my ride was in daylight.   I had to stop a couple of times to take photos of the sky and the moon.  Once daybreak started, the sky was ablaze with color. 

When I got closer to work, I pulled over to get a photo of the moon before it got lost behind the clouds.  It was so big you could almost reach up and touch it.  At least it seemed that way.

Mrs is beginning to stir so I'll have to make this a very short post.  My new Nook tablet came yesterday, and boy oh boy, do I have some learning to do.  So far I have managed to get it connected to the web, and have started to read the user guide.  All 144 pages!!

As promised, I have a freebie for you today.  This is the second set of 2012 bookmarks. 

And here is your download link:


Yesterday, Nani had asked about the white ground in the bee house photo.  Yes,'m, that's snow.  The photo was taken on January 20 when we had a bit of snow.  It didn't last long, but tomorrow we are expecting a lot more. 

Now I must leave you and get busy here.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

So Much Fascinating History Around Us

February  9, 2012

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in my little part of New England.  It's 36 degrees and working it's way up to 45.  Sounds good to me!  Tootsie and I have to go out in a little while.  She has an appointment with the doctor for a check up.  We also have to pick up another letter saying that she's okay to travel.  I don't know why we need this.  Last year, no one ever looked at it.

I have an interesting photo to share with you today.  This little building is called a "Bee House" and is very old.  It belonged to the Mrs' husband's grandfather.  Any further back, I'm not sure of.  But this would put it's age around 130 or more years.  The Mr's father and grandfather raised bees for the honey.  

There is so much history all around us.  We just have to ask questions, and I'm pretty good at that!  I ask more questions than anyone I know.   One of these days, I'm going to get up the nerve to check out a local dairy's barn.  One of the buildings is made of metal and shaped like the old Quonset Huts.  At least that's what it looks like from afar. 

I also have a great photo of a goose to share.  This one was taken at our local park.   I'm not sure if this goose is airing out his wings or just showing his lady friend how macho he is.  Either way, he sure is handsome!

Now it's time for Tootsie and me to start getting ready to leave for her appointment.   I'll try to remember to put up another freebie for you tomorrow.  Till then, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tulips, Tulips, Beautiful Tulips!

February 8, 2012

Good morning.  The weatherman says it is 18 degrees and sunny.  I agree on the 18, but the sun hasn't smiled on us yet.  There's hope though, because it's supposed to get up to 38 degrees later today.  I've been watching TV about the devastating weather all over Europe.  Gosh, I feel so bad.  They are having so much snow and ice and sub freezing temperatures.  Speaking of snow, we have a 30% chance of getting a little snow tonight. 

Time to change the subject!  I've also been watching the clearance sales on the shopping channel.  I would love to pick up a few of their beautiful summer clothes, but they never fit when they get here.  So today I saved a bunch of money!  My old clothes will be just fine.

I got an email saying that my new Nook has been shipped.  Now I can't wait to fill it with books and magazines.  You can also take out library e-books on your e-reader.  I think that's just fabulous!  Usually when I go on vacation, I take out a few library books to take with me, but then I have to be careful not to lose any of them.  Plus, I have to carry them back and forth.  This Nook will make taking books with me such a pleasure.

The other day, I stopped at Walgreen's (pharmacy store)  and they had a display of spring flowers in pots.  My Dee Dee loves tulips, so I picked up a pot of lavender tulips for each of us.  Mine will be planted in the garden when Spring gets here.  Here's a couple of photos that I took.  Aren't they just gorgeous?

I've been looking up a lot of shade loving plants for ideas for the shady parts of our yard.  I think I'm going to put together a batch of pictures and sit down with some of the dwarfs to see what they like the best.  I find that when I get some of them involved with things, they have more pride in how things look. 

Yesterday when I got home from work, I tried my best to stay awake and alert.  Eddie was going to be here doing a few things for me, and I figured my nap could wait until afternoon.  Well bad me!  I had a chill and curled up in the lounge chair with a furry blanket, and yup!  I dozed off.  As I started to wake up, Eddie was leaving.  Then I promptly fell back to sleep.  After supper, I fell asleep early, but then I was up before 6 a.m. this morning.  

Later today, I think I want to start planning what to pack for our vacation.  I also fill a box to mail ahead.  The box needs to be mailed out in about a week and a half so that it will be waiting at the resort for me.   Right now though, I'm watching Cash Cab on TV.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a ride in this cab?  Unfortunately, I would get so excited that my mind would go blank and I wouldn't be able to answer any of the questions.

That's it for this morning.  It's time to get dressed and maybe start some laundry.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.