Monday, December 6, 2021

Only Three Weeks Till Christmas

December 6, 2021

Good morning.  Tis gray and wet outside,  The temperature is 49F degrees.  Today will be our warmest day, dropping way back down about twenty degrees tomorrow.

Yesterday, I finished wrapping and packing another box that is ready to be mailed.  Except for one big thing!  I've lost a gift.  It was here a few days ago, but it's not here now.  Hopefully it will show up somewhere, someday.  Meanwhile, the box has to be mailed without it.  Christmas is less than three weeks away.

Friday, I spoke with my doctor about the Watchman.  He's referred me to see another doctor (in February) who will help to decide if this is a good option for me.  Then it's a matter of whether or not the insurance will cover it.  

Of course, the Covid virus situation also plays a big part in these decisions.  Hospitals are cancelling all non emergency surgeries because they are running out of bed space due to the virus.  I'll just have to wait and see what the next few months bring.

It's time for me to get started on this new day.  To Suemn, please email me at  My internet cut out for a while a couple days ago.  I don't know why it happened, but only a couple of personal emails have come through.  

Here's a cute image I found on the web.  It's how I feel lots of days.

So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe.  Get your booster shot.  Have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Oh my, a lost gift! Well, it can happen, probably you already wrapped it and put it in the box? And if not, it will show up some day.
Good decision a out the Watchman to talk to another doctor too about it. And yes, operations, not really necessary are persponed here too in the hospitals. And couldn;t you just ask your insurance already now if they moght cover it?
I think it is around 3-4C today, but i noticed not much, we were bisy for several hours decorating for hristmas. Not yet ready, but the tree is tanding in full glory. So lovely to see.
You take care and have a wonderful day.
P.S. hope your internet is working properly again?

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I tend to hide gifts and then forget where I hid them :)
Yes, Christmas is coming fast, each year I think I have plenty of time, and then I realize one week before Christmas just how much I still have to accomplish, it's a busy time for us ladies.
Stay safe and well dear friend.

Suemn said...

HI Edna, I hope you find your lost gift. The cold weather just arrived yesterday and the winds are quite strong. Our high today will be 10 to 11 degrees. That's okay because it'll start warming up again:) I just sent my address to your email address. Thanks again!


Beth Reed said...

I am hoping that you find your lost gift. You might have put it under something like a blanket or your robe. I have hidden things from myself by doing just that. Well here's to hoping that it turns up in time to be mailed.

I am catching up on my reading today. It is chilly outdoors. A cold front moved in during the night but it is not cold. Just chilly. You enjoy your warm day because it might be a while before it warms back up. Have a wonderful day my friend. TTYL xxxx

Steve Reed said...

I hope your missing gift surfaces!

Theresa said...

Uh OH, I hope you find the missing gift. I am steady wrapping and thankfully none have to be mailed. Love that kitty and what it says is SO how I feel these days too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!