Sunday, November 11, 2018

Something Wrong With My Math?

November 11, 2018

Good morning.  It's only 3:13 a.m., but as long as I'm up and awake I thought I may as well type my post now.  Just in case I fall asleep when it's time to get up.  (somehow that doesn't make sense!)  It's dark outside and 32F degrees, with a prediction of reaching the low forties later today. 

Did that title get you wondering what I mean?  Yesterday, on the way home from doing a couple errands, Pogo and I stopped at McDonalds for a quick bite to eat.  I ordered the special; Big Mac, French fries, coke and an apple pie.  Price $6.42 including tax. 

The fellow at the ordering window tells me that they only have pumpkin pie.  The apple pies are still cooking.  I tell him I do not want pumpkin pie.  Please give me a something in its place, or take it off the price of my order.  He took it off my order and said my new total was $8.11.  What?

I told him that could not be.  He was taking something off the price, not adding to it.  He said that because I did not want the little pie, the price goes up to $8.11.  Now I know that I'm old and maybe I don't remember everything, but has math really changed that much?????

There is a long line behind me, so I finally asked to see his supervisor.  He left and after a few minutes comes back and says that now I can have the apple pie.  They have finished cooking.  After all this, I almost don't want my order.  But I am hungry so I paid the $6.42 and went on my way.  Can you imagine?  The price goes down if they include the pie in my order!!!  I still haven't figured it out!

While we were out, I stopped a few times to get some photos of the trees that still had their leaves.  They are so pretty.

I took this next photo because I thought it was interesting how the tree on one side of the street was already naked, and the tree on the other side of the street still had most of its leaves.

I finished taking the purple pills Friday evening, so yesterday I was curious to see how the shingles were going to feel now.  No different!  If they haven't cleared up by next Friday, I'm supposed to call the doctor at the Urgent Care.  Actually, I'm lucky though.  They haven't spread very far from the original outbreak spot.  (and they seem to be fading)

Yesterday morning I woke up with a nasty pain in my lower back (off to one side).  As the day wore on, it did not go away, so I finally took a pain pill when we got back from our errands.  Earlier, I had put an IcyHot Lidocaine Patch on the pain spot, but it did not seem to do much for me.  The pain pill helped quite a bit. 

This morning, the pain is still there but it is now a dull ache.  Hopefully, in a few more hours it will be all gone.  Folks, sometimes getting old is a bit crappy.  All sorts of aches and pains seem to crop up, memory begins to take a frequent leave of absence and the whole body slows down.  Don't get me wrong, it's still better than the alternative!!!

I spent several hours on my laptop yesterday, working on new quick pages.  It's always very relaxing.   Today's quick page features my favorite subjects.  The animals.  It reminds us to always be kind to the animals because they will always do their best to protect us.  Yes, even the wildlife, as long as we are not hurting them.

Here is your download link:

Before I take my leave here, I must share something very interesting with you.  Guess who ate doggie food this weekend???  Yup, Pogo did!!  While we were shopping at Ocean State Job Lot a few days ago, I picked up a few tins of a new brand (one that I hadn't seen before).  I figure I can give them to Sassy if Pogo doesn't want them.  Surprise, surprise!  He ate it!  My goodness, will wonders never cease!

Now I'm off to finish my coffee and watch a bit of TV.  I've been keeping my eye on the shopping channels because they have been having some wicked good holiday sales.  I'd like to have all my shopping finished in the next couple of weeks.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

I am so happy for you that your birthday was a happy day.
And that by now the shingles seem to fade and get away!
Oh my, that court stuff for the tennant must have been stressing! Hopefully all will be well now once the tennant leaves the house. Will you be looking for another one in place?
If so, hopefully you will find a nice person.
Gosh, Pogo eating doggy food!!!! Miracles still are happening ROFL!
Now i really should make a short blogpost, so wishing you a lovely day and week.

Theresa said...

Strange math:) It's like you are penalized for not eating the pie and I never get a drink, price is usually more, go figure! I pray that the shingles will be gone completely VERY soon. Beautiful pictures of the trees! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Kathy said...

McDonald's doesn't budge much on their specials. You get everything on it or pay the a la carte price. I know it doesn't make much sense.

So sorry you are still having trouble with the shingles. Hopefully they will all be gone by the end of the week.

Such beautiful trees! Just lovely. We are just starting to have color here in Pennsylvania. It takes us awhile because we are so far south. In my younger days I used to go to New England every fall just to see the color.

Hooray for Pogo liking the new food! I hope it is something you can get for him every now and then.

Have a great Sunday, Edna.