Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lots To Do Today

November 21, 2018

Good morning.  Today is gray and breezy.  The temperature is thirty seven degrees.  We may be getting some sunshine later, but I think I'll just stay indoors.  Goodness knows, I have lots to keep me busy indoors.

In an hour and a half Pogo and I will be leaving to pick Jazzy up at the college and drive her to the Paris Cabaret.  The new holiday show starts this weekend, so they are having rehearsals.  I'm told that the DVD's for Gypsy have been ordered and hopefully will be here soon.  I'm hoping to share a wee bit of it here. 

The Spring show (as far as I know) is going to be The King And I.  It's been so many year s since I first saw the movie that I will be ordering it from Amazon soon to refresh my memory.  Pogo and I will watch it some evening with DIL Janet.  This will be soooo nice.

I dug a couple photos from my archives to show what my Japanese Red Maple tree looked like six years ago today.  Wowsie!  What a difference.  Today my beautiful tree is bald. 

That year, I still had a lot of roses blooming too.  Amazing, how different each year is.  Maybe with all these early Winter temps our Spring will arrive early.  I can dream.

Today I have another Thanksgiving quick page that I made from an old collab kit done by myself and Suruha.  The kit is called "Ham Is Good For You."

Here is your download link:

That's my news for today.  Got lots to do and still a lot of that "W" stuff to do.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Angelicastar said...

Whew!!!! I will be getting a break in December on doctor appointments. I just made my last appointment for the year today at the kidney doctor. They start over in January. I am worn out and need the rest. What make life so miserable for you is the government. I doesn't get any breaks with my medicare. I pay full premiums and the 20% that medicare doesn't pay including my deductible and when I went to the lab today, they told me I had a bill for 235 dollars. I was stunned and when I called the billing department for Quest labs they told me they wouldn't pay for my vitamin d lab work because it was too frequent. I called medicare and asked if they want to have an attorney to give them a call and a court order. I told the lady I know what you all do because I was an Insurance agent for 29 years, but this bill has to be paid and I expect medicare to pay it because you can't tell my doctors what test they need to stop doing because of the chemo I still has to take and all the other chronic medications. She was nice and told me to tell the lab to send the bill back to medicare. It's sad what you have to go through and the cost of medicare now. They need to stop paying these tv doctors for braces that they just send to these people and pay the bills for those who is getting the right care to survive. Medicare also pretend they didn't receive the bill. One or both is lying. (lol) Something just hang around keeping you stressed out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving....tell Pogo to send me some of his turkey treats for my Thanksgiving dinner. Have a very blessed Holiday and enjoy family and friends. Hopefully in December I will come here more frequently.