Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Cable Woes

December 29, 2020

Good morning.  It's cold, but the sun is shining.  It always seems a speck warmer when the sun is shining.  Now if only the sunshine could bring back all my old TV programs.  Comcast has changed the lineup of all the programs that I watch, and they've taken a lot of the fun out of them.  For me, anyway.

I'm seriously contemplating getting rid of cable.  It's way too expensive and I only watch a few channels anyway.  Last night I was watching the Kids Baking Championship.  Part way in, the sound went out.  I waited a while, but it did not come back.  I tried changing channels but still no sound.  

I shut the TV off for a while and tried to look up on Google to see if Comcast was having troubles.  I did not find anything, and after a while I put the TV back on.  The sound came back on too.  But it was out long enough for me to lose a lot of my program.  

Since Comcast has started its new program packages, there's all sorts of problems with regular cable.  It's sort of like they make it unpleasant, maybe we'll all switch over to their newer packages.  It won't work with me.  I'll just get rid of the cable.  Deanne found a service that carries almost all the programs that I watch.  I'm going to look into that.

Last night I started using the new yarn and put a few more rows on my pocket wrap.  I think I only have about twenty more rows to go to finish it.   Then I'll try it on to make sure it is long enough before I sew the other pocket on it.  Woo Hoo!

Today I thought I'd give you a couple coloring pages from Dover Publishing.  Something fun to do while waiting for the New Year to ring in.  Enjoy.

Now I'm just waiting for the mailman to come.  I put a batch of bills and cards out for him to pick up.  I just checked on my missing packages again and it looks like the smallest package just might get delivered soon.  I hope the other two packages get delivered soon too.  They have all the gifts for my great granddaughter Alena and everyone at Audrey's house.  I'm at the "this is not funny" point.

I guess in the future all packages will have to be shipped via UPS.   They have a very good delivery record.  Lesson learned the hard way.

Now I'm off to do some blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Wow, cable companies have a kind of monololy, and among eachother kind of price agreement, it seems and then they can do as they like. Very unpleasant that you will have to find your channels again and make your own line up again. It happens here too(not very often but it is annoying work to get all the channels under your chosen number etc).
May be it will be a good thing yyou get rid of that cable and go to the service Deanne found. If they are offering that with a nice price, why not?

I do hope with you that all your packages will arrive within the next few days, it is always a kind of lottery dont you think?

we are getting some colder weather slowly, I went out today in rather nice weather, came out of the supermarket and it rained cats and dogs LOL.
But we are still blessed, we have a house, we have v=central heating, we have food and tv and yarn hahaha.
Have a lovely day, (hope your cable doesn't fall out anymore)

Beth Reed said...

I am very sorry to hear about the tv cable going out. Comcast is just an all around bad tv service. When I lived in Arkansas I think it was that we had Comcast. Our tv was ok but our internet was always going out so I just finally canceled it and we went with just an antenna.
I haven't felt well today. I had a very sick stomach last night before I went to bed so I'm drinking some ginger tea and some ginger ale. I hope it helps.
Great job with getting the wrap almost completed. I bed that it is gorgeous.
Time for me to lay down and rest. I will talk to you soon. xoxoxo

Barbara said...

These coloring pages are beautiful. Such intricate detail. Coloring has become a balm to my spirit in the last month.

So sorry to read about the package problems you've had. Just today I received mail from my son in Colorado. It took a full 2 weeks to get here. It much have gone the opposite direction before turning around and heading east!

And the TV problems. That is very disconcerting. Hope it all straightens out for you one way or the other.

stamps3223 said...

We left our cable company last Feb when they raised the bill $80.00 a month check AT&T tv if you have it in your area, not Direct tv this is different you need a really good internet and certain data package but the AT&T tv package is a lot less than what we paying our cable even though I had to take the next step up internet from our cable company. We get a discount for out tv service because we have our cell phones with them and I have more channels than I had with cable. The package I have I do pay $5.00 more a month for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries but well worth it. You buy your box for $120.00 a month or $10.00 a month till it's paid for. We love it

Robyn said...

Hi Edna!

We finally cut the cord with the cable company and because we have smart TVS I ordered two Amazon Fire Sticks that run through the internet and I get SO much TV and movies for free and the best part is I can get all the old sitcoms from the 50s and 60's . I'm a sitcom kid, always have been but I like the older ones. I finally can watch some 'decent' television if I want too. Back when things were respectable...

I think I am crocheted out for a while. I made many scarves for Christmas presents, I made myself a pull over cardigan, I just finished up a scarf nd hat for a friends mother, I finished a scarf for myself and now working on the matching hat. Once that's done I"m going to put my needles down for a bit and take a break.

As for shipping, I sent 2 huge boxes of Christmas gifts with UPS a week before Christmas. They arrived 3 days later. I sent a small box on the same day using USPS, as of today it just made it's way to the state I sent it too. it's been THREE weeks!...

Theresa said...

We have cable but had a problem recently with a feud between the cable company and the owner of a TV station. They blacked it out for about 3 weeks and it finally came back on. The only programs we watched on that channel was Wheel of Fortune and some football. They charge us a lot and don't deduct for time when you can't watch. My Sister uses the firestick and some use other ways to watch other than cable. Hope you get it figured out. Enjoy your day dear friend, stay warm. HUGS!

My Tata's Cottage said...

Cable companies are such rip offs. We thought of dumping direct TV too. We lost a few local channels and our son Nick watches the different ball games. We bought antenna for $10 and got a whole bunch of great channels with old shows. HaHaHa. It was from Walmart and easy to install. Two guys who work on the hubbys floor were house hopping at Christmas. They both have the virus and one guys wife does too. SO they sent the others home Monday and locked their floor down. He was able to return today but it was nice to have him home. The two guys had not been at work so that was a good thing. We have a fire stick but we also bought a portable DVD player. We have tons of DVDS. EVen Hallmark got greedy and makes you m=pay for some of their movies argh. I do not like those murder mystery ones. They all have the same story line. The petite chick runs into a murderous situation alone. D U H ! So dumb!
I think many people will dump cable as the cost is rising and personally there are things we do not watch. The news for one thing! Can not take their lies and drama. Have a few phamily members like that, no thank you!
ANyway I hope your week is terrific. Take care. HUGS xo xo