Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye November

November 30,  2012

Gosh darn, it's cold this morning!  I sure do not like this cold!  There's talk about some warmer temps coming our way, but sad to say not today.  I'm at work so this will be a short post.  The Mrs will be waking soon.

Pogo is with me today because his day sitter had to work.   I hope the Mrs doesn't get upset.  She prefers me to leave my dog at home.  This I don't really understand because she enjoys playing with him.  Ah well, go figure.

Yesterday's mail brought one package for me to wrap.  Hopefully, there will be more waiting for me when I get home this afternoon.  I got to go shopping for a little while and was able to pick up my Laura's Christmas gift and a birthday gift for a friend.  I am feeling so good about being ahead of myself so far. 

I have yet to figure out what to get Pogo for Christmas.  He's not really crazy for toys yet as he's still learning what to do with them.  He has no teeth so that lets out chewies and dog treats.  He already has a lot of clothes and warm comfy blankets.  Hmmmm, this one is going to require a lot of thought.

Several days ago, I broke a vessel or something in one of my fingers, and for days my hand is painful.  Sad to say, there's not much you can do this.  It's just a waiting game till the pain goes away.  On the other hand, I can't seem to find the broken vessel, so maybe it's not that.  Maybe it's just arthritis.  I have that in other spots, so maybe it's now in my hands.  Oh goodie.

Let me share a pretty flower photo with you before I have to sign off.  This beauty is one of the Mrs' bouquets.

Now I must get busy here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

How is pogo set for stuffed animals to cuddle with? My aunt has a dog like Pogo who likes stuffed animals the grandkids leave behind...some of them are bigger than she is, but it’s like another doggie bed. Kaline adopted one of my little bears when she was a kitten that was as big as her and would play with it and cuddle it. Do they make bottles of gravy for dogs? They have cat gravy at the pet store, but we go with moist food for “Sunday treat” instead of the gravy.

I’ve been having trouble with pin in my left had that wakes me up from seep. I’m seeing the doctor Tuesday and I’m going to ask him to see if I have a pinched nerve in my neck or shoulder, because that’s where the pressure is, I think, when I sleep.

Hope the pain in your hand goes away!
Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Pogo is happy when he gets a visit from aother dag Yes? May be you can find him a little toy dog, that can walk and bark a bit(you know, on batteries), it may be he thinks it's a playmate for him LOL?
Sorry to ear about the pain in your hand.
Could it help to hold it into warm water for a while?
If it will hurt longer perhaps you should let it check by the doctor, to know for sure what is the cause?
Will rush to my blog now to post the Christmas blogtrain freebie.
Have awonderful day!

The Queen Jester said...

Hope your hand feels better soon. I loved the flower photo, it must be nice to have fresh cut flowers in the house, they always bring such joy.