Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Morning Jack Frost!

November 18, 2012

Well, the frost was certainly on the pumpkin last night, and on the cars, and the houses, and the trees, and just about everything.  Sad to say, I did not take any photos.  I was too busy warming up my car and cleaning off the windows. 

On my way home this morning, I stopped by a Walgreen's store to buy some bacon that was on sale.  It was a fabulous bargain, but they did not have any.  I asked the clerk about it and he said that they had a run on it at midnight.  Now, either the clerk is a lousy liar, or the local stores buy their merchandise from Walgreen's when it is on sale.  I tend to think that they just did not have the advertised product.

During the night, I spent a few hours going through a lot of my photos, trying to pick out some to use on my new calendar.  So far, I have narrowed them down to about twenty or thirty.  Later, I will narrow them down to twelve.  With a bit of luck, I will be able to get everything uploaded to the printer in the next day or two. 

For breakfast this morning, I made us scrambled eggs and bacon.  This is one of Pogo's favorite meals, and he licked his plate clean.  Of course, this means that he won't want to eat any doggie food for lunch or supper.  He's a very picky kid.

I'm watching the shopping channel on TV as they demonstrate a Bose wireless mobile speaker.  Oh Lordy, it sounds so magnificent!  You can hook your phone, tablet, ipod, laptop, etc up to it wirelessly and listen to your music in glorious sound.  Hmmmm, this is something to think about.  I love listening to music when it sounds good.

For photos this morning, I dug into my archives from back in April.  A woodpecker was having a feast on the Mrs' birdfeeder, so I took these photos through the patio doors.

Now I'm going to take Pogo out for another sprinkle, and then crawl into my toasty little bed for a nice long nap.  Before you know it, it will be time to leave for work again.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Getting colder here too, mostly at nigt. Still we are lucky here at the coast, always a bit warmer.
Hoping you will jave a nice and long nap before to go to work!
Don;t spoil that little raskal too much with scrambled eggs LOL.
Have a great day