Thursday, November 15, 2012

Counting The Weeks Till Spring!

November 15, 2012

It's a bit gray, but not raining.  So far.  It's supposed to get up into the 40's later today, but at the moment is around 35F degrees.  Just a tad bit nippy.  Winter is only five weeks away.  However, the up side is that Spring is less than eighteen weeks away!

Well, I guess I got excited over Pogo's achievements a bit early.  This morning, he has decorated two carpets, a scatter rug, and sprinkled near the potty patch once.  So much for being a good boy.  This potty training thing is going to take quite a long time. 

Today, Pogo will be meeting a new friend.  My friend (whom I haven't seen in so many years) will be here in a few hours, and she is bringing her little dog with her.  This should be fun because her dog is shy, and Pogo gets very excited when he meets a new dog.

Well, the dust bunnies can rest easy now.  I've only managed to evict a few of them.  The rest are safe until my next burst of energy.  It's simple.  Love me, love my dust bunnies. 

 I'm also not the greatest plant waterer.  After killing off my house plants,  (unintentionally)  I bought me a new plant a couple of months ago.  Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to water the poor thing.  All of a sudden I will look at it, and all of it's leaves will be hanging over the side of the pot.  That's when I rush to give it a big drink.  So far, it's still hanging in there.

How about a photo of a cute bird?  Here's a little tufted titmouse that I photographed through the Mrs' patio doors. 

Speaking of birds, I have to get outside and fill up my bird feeder.  Earlier this morning there was only a little bit of food in it.  Outside my window, there must be close to fifty little birds looking for food. 

Now it's time for me to get dressed and put in another load of wash.  Tomorrow is a work day, so I need to finish up a few things today.  Tonight, I will start to seriously work on my calendar.   I'd like to have it finished and uploaded by next week.  

That's all the chatter for today.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Yes, it appears it may take some time for Pogo to be potty trained. At least it's tiny little messes. Can you imagine a great dane running amuk?

I love the tufted titmouse, we used to have a lot of those. The birds down here are so very different, but interesting and colorful.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Great photo and such a lovely bird too! Yeah you are getting to have a great visit today. Hope Pogo gets along with his new friend. Bit nippy here this morning too (for us)but sunshine will bring us back up soon. Have a great day and stop messing with those little dust bunnies! LOL! My "furgurls" are cuddled together on the bed, I put a cover over them and they never moved...! :) Hugs, Mat

smiekeltje said...

Oh oh what a raskall that Pogo LOL! I think he wanted you to know that he knows where to do his potty, but finds it a lot easier to do it wherever he feels the need for it.ROFL.
Lots of work to do still.
Hope you will have a nice day with your friend, and Pogo too.
Have a great day!