Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poor Birdie!

November 21, 2012

It's a beautiful morning, and I'm at work.  Therefore, I won't be making a long post.  Mrs has had her breakfast, is dressed and is settled in the living room watching her programs on TV.  Pogo is with me today, and is being so pesky.  He seems to want me to pick him up constantly.  Must be because we are not at home. 

I just took a photo of a cardinal through the Mrs' bedroom window, and it's not too bad so I'll share it here with you.

A little while ago, a female cardinal flew at the window, and knocked itself out and fell to the ground. It was quite a while before it came to and was able to fly away.  It had me so worried for a while.

Yesterday, the new books I ordered to learn about the tablet came in the mail.  So hopefully, before the week is out I will know a bit of how to use the tablet.   My cards should be arriving soon too.  I want to get them addressed and ready for mailing. 

Deanne and Eddie will be coming by tomorrow.  It seems funny to be calling someone else Eddie.  Right up until I was around 50, everyone called me Eddie.  I guess with age comes formality, because then they just called me Edna. 

Now I must get busy here.  The Mrs' family will be coming by in a while to set up the dinner tables for tomorrow's family feast.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I love the name Eddie ... I think it suits you especially since it is not formal. My nickname was Andy, now that is a name to get rid of. I disposed of that when I was still in my teens (many years ago). But, Eddie is really nice.

I feel for your little bird. Thankfully she recovered. I have occasional bird hits ... I usually watch them to make sure they don't get picked off by a hawk while lying there. There have been times, in the winter, when I picked them up and put them in a brown paper bag and brought them in the house. If they lay there to long they could die of exposure even it the hit doesn't kill them. Anyway, as soon as I hear them fluttering in the bag, I release them.

You are really loaded with technology, brave sole that you are. I struggle to understand what I have. I had a friend who used to help me with different things, but she is not available anymore, so I assume I will have to start figuring things out for myself ... I may be sending you e-mails saying "Help!"

I am cooking for tomorrow so I can't stay on the computer long. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Edna, full of friends, family and good food. Enjoy ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

Funny with names, in groups people want everyone to have their own identity so when they talk about people they don't have to use two names...we're all lazy! lol In my family, my brother is Dave and my husband is David. My uncle is John and my cousin is Johnny, although that's just family, friends call my cousin John. My brother-in-law is Ben and his son is Benjamin. Keeps conversations moving. :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

People always seem to have difficulties with names. They want a name to be as short as possible LOL. Now I have a name of only 4 letters, but at high school friends managed to make it even shorter.they called me (not always, but at times)" KYR...... look here"... or something. Never liked it too much.
I will call you just Edna and nothing else, okay?

Enjoy your day!