Saturday, December 1, 2012


December 1, 2012

Today is my eldest daughter 's birthday.  I've mailed her some mystery boxes which I hope she really likes, especially one of them.  One box holds lots of creative delights.  But, that's all I can say until she calls me to say that she has opened her boxes.  So Audrey, have a fabulous day filled with lots of love and sunshine.  I love you Rummage Baby.

Oh - you don't know why she's my rummage baby?  Many years ago I used to tell her that I was a rummage sale that sold bags for a $1.00 and all you could fit in the bag was yours.  However, when I got home and looked in my bag, there she was.  Under all the goodies, there was a  beautiful bouncing baby girl.  Hmmmm. the best darn dollar I ever spent!

What else is today?  Why it's the first day of the World Wide Christmas Freebie Blog Train.  I have joined with a lot of other designers to bring you some fabulous Christmas Goodies.   Here is a preview of mine, along with a download link.

And here is your link:

When you've finished downloading, just click on this World Wide Christmas button, and it will take you to the complete list of freebies.  Enjoy!

After all this good news, it doesn't seem right to put in a blurb about what's happening right outside my window.  There is lots of white stuff falling from the sky and landing all over my yard!  Oh gosh, just what I did not want.  Snow!  Yuck!

I'm watching a program on TV about houseboats.  Oh my, I'm getting jealous and a bad case of wanderlust.  I have always wanted to spend a vacation on a houseboat.  The only thing that bothers me when I see boats is this.  I would hope that every boat owner has fitted his boat with screens around the blades on the motors.  This would protect the water animals from being cut or killed by the blades. 

Now it's time for me to put in a load of laundry.  It's back to work tonight.  Gotta make the money to help Santa pay for some of the goodies in his bag.  Ho Ho Ho.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Boy, you are one busy lady. I pushed the Christmas Freebie button and was amazed at all of the choices. I will have to go back when I have time to peruse.

I am up to my ears in trying to get caught up with Christmas in general. All of my friends are wanting to get together for lunch or shopping or something and that keeps snipping days of the time I have to get ready for Christmas at home. Not that I am complaining, I love getting together with friends. I just am feeling seriously stressed because I can't see how I am going to be ready for the big day in time for my family.

Surely there are soft treats Pogo could eat. You could even make some for him I know there are recipes on the internet. He would love that. Maybe a new blanky for his bed. Izzi has one and goes looking for it if it is not in her bed. She is a hot box though so she doesn't really snuggle with it, she just likes it to be there. She goes to bed in her bed, but during the night she goes out to find a cool floor to lay on.

Happy Birthday to your daughter. How lucky she is that you found her in your dollar rummage bag ... isn't life good :)

You inspire me ... I do have an address book that looks just like what you described. I have finally resorted to using the Christmas list my husband types up for our Christmas cards. It is easier to read and in alphabetical order so it is a quick study. I do think I have a touch of lazy in me.

We are in the 60's today ... no snow in sight which is a good thing for you because our weather usually keeps going east until it gets to you. We have been told we are going to have another warm winter ... that's nice but, not a good sign. We need the snow because our water table is already low and a warm winter probably means continuation of the drought. Sad ...

I better get going. I need to get things done today (and every day) if there is to be Christmas at our house. Keep up the good work Edna, it is good to know somebody is on top of things ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely QP...

smiekeltje said...

Your quickpage is beautiful and looks so happy!
Oh yes, I also have a dream to live on a houseboat! We still have lots in our town, and some are soooo beautiful and big! Lots of them cannot move, but smaller once could, if they wanted.
And you always are surprised by the room they have inside! It will always stay a dream(it's not cheap to buy one and then you have to pay lots of money for the place you have your boat in the canal to the city!!), but always when Jan and I see one that is for sale, we dream away for a moment.
Happy Birthday to Audrey!
I am sure she will be so happy with your presents.
Yak, snow! Hope it stays away here , but probably too much to hope for.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you so very much for your share of the WWCSF blogtrain. I appreciated your gift. Will return later to catch up! Hugs, Mat

The Queen Jester said...

What a cute story about the rummage baby. There are times I see a parent pushing a shopping cart that has a small child sitting in the larger part of it, not the seat for them and I will ask them "oh! Where did you find that beautiful child? Which aisle? I want one just like this one!" It always makes the kid grin.

6grand said...

Beautiful QP - love the elements you used to make it! Thanks for sharing.

Maureen said...

Thank you so much...!!

boop52245 said...

Beautiful thank you for sharing

sammawow said...

Thanks so much for your share of the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies!