Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Here! My Secret Santa Box!

December 13, 2012

Good morning.  It's sunny and cold outside.  About 36 degrees F, heading for  42 degrees.   The weatherman says that starting Sunday, we will have at least four days of rain.  About the only good thing I can say about that is "Thank goodness it isn't snow!"

Oh boy, the mail lady brought me a fabulous package yesterday afternoon.  It was from my Secret Santa, and wowee!  What a great package!  Of course I opened it.  Down deep I'm really a kid at heart.  I put everything under my little tree and took a photo to share with you.

My Secret Santa really put a lot of thought into this box.  It was chock full of all the things I really like.  There was a word search puzzle book, a clipboard with paper and pen, a gorgeous pinecone candle ring and candle, holiday socks, a new bath scrubby, a Christmas house full of Almond Joy candy bars, a whole bag of the same wonderful candy, a book by one of my favorite authors, a bottle of Olay body wash, and my favorite cologne "White Musk" by Jovan.  I love everything!

I always knew that Santa liked me, but wow, what a fabulous surprise!  So to my Secret Santa, I want to say "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."   Even Pogo had a great time helping me open each of the individually wrapped presents.  He loves to shred paper and toss it around.   So I just sat back and watched him playing with the paper for a while. 

I haven't figured out who my secret santa is yet, but I'm working on it.   I've been reading all the different blogs, looking for clues, but some folks are very good at keeping secrets.  However, this is also part of the fun, and I'm learning a lot about some very nice folks.

I want to thank Suzanne at Colorado Lady for sponsoring this wonderful Secret Santa party.  This is my second year, and I absolutely love participating.  Now I want to get back to my blog reading.  I still have quite a few blogs to go through.  I've already looked at each and every blog blog before this, bu now I am really looking carefully for clues.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s.  I still have not heard from Su, but I will keep you updated as soon as I hear something.  If you want to stop by and leave her some good wishes, I'm sure she'll just love that.


Nani said...

Your Santa was good to you! Have you figured out who it is yet? I looked at every participating blog hoping someone that knits posted a scarf like mine. Nuh-uh. (too easy?) Still I have a hunch but my proof is very shaky. That was fun way to spend my afternoon break! LOL

Yay Pogo for using the Potty Patch! I know the little tree should show me how cute and little Pogo is, but I think it makes him look cute and HUGE! LOL Just in the photo, of course, but…perspective is so much in the eye of the beholder! :)

I hope Su does better and soon. Sending a prayer for her and I’ll stop by her blog too.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Potty Patch Fairies and Secret Santa's ... what a wonderful life you lead. And, I almost forgot Santa and Raindeer Cup Cakes ... my mouth waters. I am a frosting freak and the Frosting looks sooooo good on your Cup Cakes.

Sorry about your friend Sue. I hope she will be home soon and feeling better. Getting sick is not pleasant, but during the holidays just makes it harder. I hope her family is around to help.

So the little boy is doing his job in the right places. Perfect timing now that the cold weather is moving in ... and the rain. We are due for rain this weekend as well. I bet little Pogo is feeling mighty proud of himself :)

I am sitting here with a throbbing tooth ache ... Ugh! I had a root canel done Monday and it got infected ... the swelling and pain are all the way up to my eye. Ibuprofen helps, but I am patiently waiting for the antibiotics to do their job. Hopefully once the infection is quelled the pressure will go down and with it the pain. I thought I was too old for tooth aches ... I get no respect!

I am going to the Botonical Gardens tomorrow with my friend. We spend a lot of time there because it is beautiful no matter what time of year. I am going to try to avoid the gift shop though ... I can't spend any more money on Christmas and gift shops are a weakness. They have good food in their cafeteria though, so lunch is a given.

I have to make a picture of my daughter and her friend for a frame my daughter bought. I am hoping I can come up with a cute cartoon like picture with their faces on it. Wish me luck ... it is hard to be creative when you face is blowing up. I best get to work on it.

Oh, yes, that is my wall of windows ... a real pain for those of us who don't like doing housework. So far I claim I am too short and that way my hubby has to climb up on the ladder to clean them ... it's good for him to contribute, don't you think? I am surprised your furbabies never took an interest in the Christmas tree. All of my cats love it. Da Boyz spend all of their time under the tree ... only Diva ventures into it. Maggie used to climb it too ... maybe it's a girl thing. Or maybe the boyz are just to fat, Ha! Anyway, you have a nice day Edna

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

That Secret Santa surprise looks really great! it's so nice if somebody just takes the trouble to think a bit about the presents, and finds some things that really suite you!
I must make a picture of my Santa gifts too, but it will be for the blogpost of Monday!
I am sure Pogo will have more great times, in shredding some paper LOL!
Have a wonderful day

The Queen Jester said...

Surprise gifts are always the best. Heck, any gift is always fun! I think we're all five year olds deep down inside and during the holidays it's magnified.

Debby said...

Hello Miss Edna. Looks like your Secret Santa was so sweet just like mine. I got tired of waiting for the reveal and went searching. You were easy to find after I found your Pogo. We both have little Yorkies. Mine isn't so little but they are both cuties. I want to thank you for the darling calendar......did you take the pictures in it? The coaster set is perfect for me.....and I even needed them. I have so many pictures of my little grands that need a home. The litte note cards are so cute too. It will be fun sending notes to my mother that also has a Yorkie.
I read some of your posts. I hate to tell you but Yorkies, my experience anyway,don't like to potty outside. We let ours out and she will go but she prefers inside on a potty pad. We have gone through alot of carpet because she misses the pad alot. But that's the only thing that I would change about her.
Thanks so much and let's keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

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