Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Claus Comes Tonight

December 24, 2012

It's 5:45 a.m. and I'm at work.  The Mrs is still sleeping (thank goodness - it gives me a chance to post my blog) and I've been looking up a few of the new toys on Google.  One ad on TV yesterday caught my eye and made me sit up and wonder what is happening in the world today.

They were advertising for a fun new game called "Doggie Doo".  I guess you take your doggie for a walk, he poops and you scoop it up.  I guess you win if scoop up the most doggie poop.  Excuse me??

There's also a dolly called "Baby Alive" who, after you feed her, will poop green slime.  Well dang me!  I just gotta have me one of these little darlings!   There's even a book that explains how everyone and everything poops.  Every normal child really needs all of these marvelous new toys!

Folks, somewhere along the way I have been misguided.   I never realized that it was important and fun to play with doggie poop and dolly diarrhea .  No one ever thought to give me a book explaining that everything poops and it's okay to play with the stuff.  I never passed all these wonderful things on to my children either.  What a disservice I've done to them! 

PULLEEZE!!!!!  Whatever happened to nice dollies and stuffed doggies?  The Little Golden books were nice too.  Whatever happened to children being just children while they can?  Maybe there are some important qualities to these toys but I fail to see them.  I guess I am now officially a dotty old lady!

Enough ranting!  Today is Christmas Eve day.  Later today (around 3 p.m.) when I leave here and head home, I will go to Deanne's house where we will have our Christmas Eve gathering and I will pick up my Pogo.  After that, Pogo and I will go home and rustle up some supper.  Then it will be time to curl up on the sofa and watch a Christmas movie while we wait for Santa Claus. 

I tell you, I am having a grand time this year for Christmas.  Most of that is due to Pogo and his adorable antics.  My daughter in law bought him a Santa suit, and I will take photos of him wearing it.  I've asked Santa to wrap most of Pogo's stuff in tissue paper to make it easier for him to tear things open.  Yessir, I'm looking forward to Christmas morning.

Now for your last two parts of "A Child's Xmas".   Your download links are just below the preview.  I hope you have fun scrapping with this kit.

I suppose many of you have lots of running around and last minute wrapping to finish up today.  I hear there will be lots of bad weather in parts across the country.  Do be careful and get back home safely.  I'm hoping Santa will be very good to each of you and your furry kids too.

If you decide to stop in tomorrow for a minute or two, you will find a Christmas freebie .  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I am in tears I am laughing so hard. Your rant is wonderful. But, I know why they have Doggie Doo toys ... they made them especially for my neighbor who never learned 1) your dog should poop in it's own yard! 2) If it poops in your neighbor's yard (mine) pick it up!. Yesterday my husband and I chipped seven frozen German Shepard size poops out of our yard. We play with Izzi out there all of the time and can't leave the stuff laying around or we all will be slipping and sliding in it. So, maybe I'll run out and buy a Doggie Poo toy for them ... you think they will get the hint? I doubt it ... I have asked them to take care of their business and you see, it still happens. Oh my ... I agree, what is this world coming to.

This morning I have to run out and pick up my Christmas pies. I don't bake my own because I have a habit of eating what I bake before anyone else gets a shot at it. As that would be a disaster for my plan to control my weight over the holidays, I decided to go to Julie's (My favorite Coffee Shop) and get some of her pies. She gets them from Lake Geneva Pie Company and they are Yummmm.

I am finished with my wrapping (can you believe it?) but today I need to clean up my mess and the wrapping room, because that is my Granddaughters room and she will be coming at the end of the week. I have to clean her little aquarium, ugh. That is a job that was made for procrastination. Then I am done, so I too am hoping to sit down and watch movies and sip on some eggnog tonight. Edna, you are such a wonderful person, I hope Santa is good to you and Pogo in gifts and more so in spirit. Merry Christmas ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

agravette said...

too funny! and the post above mine is hilarious too...imagine chipping frozen poop! we have a doggie problem here too...the neighbor's dog loves to dig through our trash bin and drag trash through our yard, across the street and into the other neighbor's yard...oh well, at least it's a cute dog! Merry Christmas to you and God bless you!

The Queen Jester said...

Great rant! I used to have the Everyone Poops book - kept it in the bathroom for fun.
Can't wait to see the photos of Pogo in his Santa costume.

aquascrap said...

Merry Christmas Edna and Pogo!!

It's already Christmas morning here and the last 2 days have been very busy. I have had friends and family over for Christmas dinners.

I don't think I want to see another prawn, piece of ham, or turkey lol and wash another dish. I have a dishwasher but it leaks and my new year resolution is to get it fixed so I don't have to wash dishes EVER again!

Today my sister and her husband and us are going to a hotel for a smorgasboard Christmas lunch.

I too must be a dotty old lady. I agree with your rant Also don't forgot the breast feeding dolly that so many people were up in arms about.

You and Pogo have a wonderful Christmas with your family and can't wait to see the photos of little Pogo with his presents and his Santa suit.

Judy xx

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

U so make my day! Love reading your blog. Thanks for the free gifts and for all you share throughout the year! I love coming in here to catch up after a couple of days! Wanted to wish you and Pogo a very Merry Christmas and thanx for stopping by my place. Nice place to come and thaw out a little...LOL! Hope it is a safe one! Hugs! Mat