Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beautiful Amaryllis

December 9, 2012

Good morning.  It's only 5 a.m., but I've been busy.  The Mrs has been sundowning for quite a while now, so we don't really get many winks here any more.  Before the sundowning got so noticeable, we could usually get two or three hours of winks.  Of course, we have a monitor not far from our ear so that we can hear her. 

I just looked up sundowning on Google, and I've tagged a page that I think I shall email to one of her daughters so that they can learn a bit about it.  As the days go on, the Mrs gets more and more agitated and confused, and sleeps less and less during the night.  During the day, she naps on and off in her chair.  Most of the mishaps take place in the evening, during the night, and in the early morning.  So much for the glory of the golden years.

On to something more cheerful, how about some photos of the Mrs' beautiful Amaryllis?   At the moment, she has some that are a deep corally red, and some that are a deep mauve.  Aren't these gorgeous?

We just planted an Amaryllis a few days ago, so it will be a while before ours is big enough to bloom.  DIL Janet brought me a gorgeous fuschia Christmas Cactus a couple of weeks ago, and all the little buds on it will be blooming soon.  One blossom is already out and it is simply beautiful.  I shall have to take some photos of it to share with you.

Last night, after the Mrs was all tucked into bed, I was able to work on finishing up the new December collab kit which we will start posting tomorrow morning.  Gosh, it's turning out to be quite pretty.  But, that's all the hint I shall give you. 

My tree did not go up yesterday, and it will probably have to wait until Monday (tomorrow).  I was thinking that I would do it this morning when I get home, but now I think I need to go to bed after Pogo has his breakfast and get some sleep.  It will be another long night tonight.

I'm thinking that I'd like to check out Canon's newest point and shoot camera.  It has a 50x zoom, and might be a lot easier for me when I'm at work and when I travel.  I love my DSL, but sometimes it would be easier to leave it at home and carry a much lighter camera.  Hmmmm, I think I just might look into it this coming week.

Judy in Adelaide, Australia, has been wishing for snow for a while now, and late yesterday she finally got her wish.  Lots of snow for her and her little boy to play in and maybe build a big snowman.  Have fun, and please please do not send any of the snow my way.  lol.

Now I think I'll try to catch up on some of my emails while the Mrs is asleep.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Why do we wonder every time again that prices went up again? And most of them aren't even told before, you buy something and find it more expensive than last time you bought it, went up again a 0,50€, or a few euro's sometimes.
It's bad, that prices go up, but the wages not, or not enough. Oh, my, economy, politics, crisis, not fun to think about.
Better new, our Christmas decorating is finished. Have to make a photo of it. It's soooooo cosy, specially in the evening.So today we both take a "free day"LOL, I am at the computer and Jan is doing some crosword, reading the paper and such.
Hope you will have a bit more sleep during the night at the Mrs!
Oh, received already your Christmascard. Thanks so much, Pogo is adorable!

aquascrap said...

Sorry Edna but I think that you may have the wrong person. My little boy is not so little anymore....he's 38 but I'm sure if there was snow he would enjoy "playing" in it. As much as I would LOVE it to snow here our temperatures are too warm for snow.

Our temps are in the mid - high 20C, that would most probably be high 70's -80's in Fahrenheit.

Snow is something that we only get rarely. For it to snow, and then it falls mainly in the Hills, the temperatures have to be really cold. Although some parts of our state did get some snow a couple of months back when the weather was freezing due to a cold front that came up from Antarctica.

Before I leave this earth it is my one wish to have a white Christmas. Whether that will happen will depend on a few factors, one of them being sitting in a plane for 14-20 hours. I love flying but it's the feeling of claustrophobia I get being in a plane.

Love the photos of the Amaryllis, especially the mauve one. Are they from plants that the Mrs has growing in her garden or from a flower arrangement?

Well nearly my bedtime. Hope you get some much needed sleep yourself today.

Enjoy your day!

Judy xx

Mats World said...

Again, missed a couple of days, so just had to catch up, sorry for short post, but just seem to be busy, busy, busy and can't get all done in one day what I need too! LOL! Must be the age thingy (slowing down) that is causing me to be so far behind! Anyhow, lovely flowers and hope you are having a great Sunday! Catch you tomorrow I hope! Hugs, Mat