Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Can Find Most Anything On E-Bay

December 19, 2012

Wow, can you believe it?  Only six more days till Christmas.  And I still have not figured out who my Secret Santa was.  Hopefully, we'll find out after the holiday.  I would like to thank my Santa  personally. 

Well, I did go to E-Bay yesterday to look up Magic Pig Wands.  Gosh, they really do exist!  They are a bit pricey given what they are, but the cost is okay if they really work.  lol.  They are $15.99 plus $6 S&H, plus taxes if applicable.  Here's a photo that I downloaded along with a little tag that explains how the wand works.  "Wave over food to remove calories....Wave twice for desserts."

It looks like this little tag was handled and read quite a few times.  lol.  So, what do you think?  Is this something we should all give some thought to?

Today I want to go to the post office and mail my last Christmas box.  This one is going in-state so it will get there in a couple of days.  I also have a couple of cards still to put in the mail.  After that, I will make a big pot of pasta with meat sauce.  Janet will be here for supper and this is one of our favorite foods.

It's four o'clock in the morning, and I'm enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while I type this post.  I had a nap earlier, and got a few hours of sleep during the night so I'm okay.  Last evening Pogo and I watched "The Polar Express".  I think that was the name.  I've never seen this movie before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By now, most of you have Su's blog and realize that she is not quite up to par yet, and will delay posting any kit parts until she is feeling much better.  Su, the only important thing for you to do is to get lots of rest and get well.  Su has a birthday coming up soon too.  I think it's a couple of days before Christmas.  I'm hoping she is feeling better by then because I'm looking forward to having a nice phone visit with her.  Su, here's a lick and a rub from Pogo and a hug from me.  Get well.

My Pogo is lying here beside me and snoring up a storm.  Imagine!  The size of this tiny little dog, and you can hear him snoring across the room.  lol.  It makes me smile because I think he feels safe and comfortable here, and that's why he can sleep deep enough to snore.

Well that's all my news for this morning.  So till tomorrow, I hope Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Snowy said...

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year all of you over there xxx
Good to hear you heard from Su's daughter and I hope she will be better soon. Those sunset pics look stunning !
Hugs Snowy

The Queen Jester said...

If that magic pig wand works, I need to buy one.
I can picture Pogo snoring away, Baxter used to snore also and it would sound so funny to hear the racket coming from a little (well, not so little actually) body. I wonder if she thought it was a cute when I snored.

Nani said...

My magic pig wand is stuffed and made out of green with peach flowers calico fabric. Mom got it at a craft show many, many years ago and it was a Christmas gift. I'd seen it and thought I should have one for my future kitchen, but I think it was about 6 or 7 dollars (must have been about 20 years ago) and it was more than I could afford for a kitchen I didn't have yet. Thing is I still don't have that kitchen, but David promises in our next home the kitchen is all mine. :) That was the same year Mom bought me a pottery jar labeled "common sense." She suggested it was a good jar for garlic or basil; something I use in my cooking all the time so I was always putting common sense on my food. Adding common sense and waving the pig wand over it, Mom may have been developing the first super foods!" LOL

I visited Su’s blog. It’s so good that she’s back! I agree, that the number one important thing is for Su to get to 100%. The wonderful thing about scrapbooking is that it’s often Christmas for a long time after Christmas as far as the layouts you’re working on!

Hugs, Nani

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

A Magic Pig wand ... where has it been all of my life. Just what I need and too late to ask for it for Christmas ... hmmmm, I have a Birthday coming up :)

You amaze me still. Always coming up with clever ideas. You are truly tuned into the world, that is why I so enjoy coming to see you.

Pasta sounds good, but I am eating meat and salads everyday so I don't exacerbate the weight gain that is in the offing with Christmas dinner and New Years Eve snacking. I don't want to be thinking about "fat me" while I am enjoying those special occasions. And, I have to agree ... old, thin and wrinkled doesn't turn me on either. Just a little layer of firming fat would be good :0

I am having problems with my printer ... of all times to conk out on me. I have one more page that I wanted to add to my book for my friend. We are going out to lunch tomorrow, so it has to be done. I am waiting for my "jack of all trades" son to come help me get it going again.

Izzi is not liking our weather ... she doesn't mind the cold, but the rainy, spitty stuff gets both of us wet so we don't go out as much. Have you ever tried playing Frisbee in the house? A little reckless, but fun. I have found a number of pathways where I can throw the Frisbee without knocking something down. It's the running and diving to catch it that gets to be a problem. I have to admit though, that Izzi is very careful and usually avoids any collisions. She is a good girl.

Well, back to the wrapping room. I am bound to get finished sometime, right? The hard part is wrapping all of the little stocking stuffers ... duh, I should just shove them in the stocking, nobody would care, right? I am so stuck on "that is the way we always do it". I may just change things this year and let it be the beginning of "that is the way we do it now" :)

You keep enjoying yourself Edna and get some rest ... don't want you to get sick when good times are to be had. We are supposed to get snow today ... Anywhere from 1 inch to 1 foot! You think the weather man is padding his chances. I guess they get tired of being wrong all of the time. Anyway, hopefully I won't have to dig myself out to go out with my friend tomorrow ... I am guessing you will be getting some of this white stuff in time for Christmas too ... that's a good thing, isn't it? Be happy , Be well ... See you tomorrow :)

Andrea @ FRom The Sol

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O well, guess I'll not get a Pig Wand! Little pricey! LOL! Just have to use some restraint. Wow, the wind is really howling out there! I covered my Hibiscus with a large box and had it weighted, but it's gone now. Temps are to drop 50 degrees, so I found another, sturdier box and put it on about half an hour ago, will see if it takes flight too! I am off to bed, tired and happy about getting some stuff finished. Chat more tomorrow or next day! Hugs for you and Pogo. Mat

smiekeltje said...

Another smile on my face. Magic pig-wands do really exist! LOL! But I really wonder if they will work the real magic, hahahaha.
Isn't it great to see our pets sleeping and snoring in all comfort?
Let's see if I can find some energy today to do a few little things.
Have a wonderful day.