Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pogo's Very Own Christmas Card

December 15, 2012

Well here I am again in the middle of the night.  I should be sleeping but I'm wide awake.  I did fall asleep earlier for a few hours, so that explains why I'm up now.  I know I'll fall back to sleep in a few hours, so I thought I would post my blog now. 

First let me say that even though I don't respond to all the comments left here on the blog, I do read all comments and enjoy them tremendously.  I have met so many wonderful folks here in blogland.  I've learned so much, and expanded my interests because of all the opportunities made possible by my blog and all you wonderful folks.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

You'll have to put up with me a bit here.  I love the Christmas holiday, and I always get a bit soppy this time of year.  However, it will pass and I will be back to my own crabby self soon after the new year begins.

The Christmas cards have been coming in every day, and I have to say that they get better every year.  These cards are simply beautiful.  I want to share one card in particular.  This card came to Pogo from some new blogland friends.  Oh yes, fur babies have internet friends too!

Is this not fantastic?  If you click on the image, it will get bigger so that you can read it better.  My Pogo thinks he is the cat's meow now.  He is such a happy little guy, and sends licks and rubs to his friends, the Priebe fur babies.  (His rubs are his kisses)

Gosh, I'm watching the weather channel, and the weather coming our way isn't looking so good.  Today will be sunny but cold, about 36 degrees F.  Then it looks like we have a mix of rain and maybe snow and slush for the next five out of six days.   Pogo's potty patch is looking darn good right about now!  Today I will go online and try to order some replacement grass patches.

Now I think I'll make us some breakfast, then hopefully catch a few hours sleep.  Till tomorrow, Y'al have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I sure am glad Pogo enjoyed his Christmas card. You can imagine my surprise when I saw it on your blog. Our pets are our kids at this point in our lives and isn't Christmas all about kids? Yes, I know, there is a deeper meaning and I don't mean to belittle that, but the fun part ... the trees, decorations, presents, treats (Lots and lots of treats, in Izzi's words). It is great fun to share with Pogo. And he does make a very handsome Santa Dog!

I went out to lunch yesterday and while we were in the restaurant, the news came on about the horrible massacre in Connecticut. I was sharing my lunch with a very dedicated educator and we both were mortified. I pray that something gets done about the availability of weapons that are capable of such carnage. We really are better than this ... America needs to wake up!

We did go to the Botonical Gardens after lunch and it was calming and beautiful. I hope I have time to post some of the pictures before Christmas because they had a wonderful Christmas display ... but, if not, I will get them out there sooner or later.

Christmas is a fattening holiday. Not so much because of the Christmas dinner, but all of the get-togethers that serve yummy, rich, tasty, tempting tidbits. I already know what my New Years Resolution is going to be :(

Have to go ... Izzi is getting a doggie massage today ... part of her Christmas. She loves it, needless to say. Too bad I can't get one too. A big difference in cost ... hmmmm. Have a great day Edna.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

Sweet card! It's cold and rainy here in Mesa so it feels more and more like winter. Brrrrr.

It's so sad about the little kids killed in the massacre, makes it hard to want to do much of anything.

smiekeltje said...

What a sweet Christmascard!
I knwo about the "soppy"bit, around this time of year, LOL. And why not?
Good that we are still able to be "soppy"sometimes!
Have a great day

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, what a lovely card, very sweet and a cute idea. I actually add my fur babies to my cards each year. I think all are now familiar with my 3 fur girls! LOL! (Well, they are my babies!!) I think I have finally caught up again, so still wishing you and Pogo a good day and great week! I want to say thank you for your freebies, your entertaining blog and your friendship! Blogland means a lot to me! Hugs for both of you! Mat