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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring, Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

April 3, 2016

Good morning.  Wowee!!  Is this Spring?  Or is it still Winter?  It started snowing here in the middle of the night and it's still going strong.  I went out on the front porch to get a few photos, and whoa!  The snow flakes were coming down the size of half dollars, with a few bigger ones.  Woo Hoo!

These are just a few of the snowflakes that fell on the steps.  Some of them were huge.  But then a few minutes later, they all got more normal sized.  I guess I can say goodbye to my beautiful daffodils.  They are all buried beneath snow.

Here's a few more photos of the snow.  It's a nuisance, but it sure can be really pretty.

This is the first band of snow that will hit us.  There's another band following right behind it.  The wind is supposed to pick up in a while, and get pretty feisty.  Spring, oh Spring, where art thou?

Yesterday, I put off going out to do a couple errands.  I figured I would do them this morning.  Hmmm, not going to happen!!  I will call the pharmacy and ask them to hold my meds for a couple of days.  I don't relish going out while the roads are messy. 

When I finish this post, I need to start preparing some veggies.  I'm making a corned beef and cabbage dinner for Pogo and me.  I'm cooking it in the slow cooker pot for about eight hours.  Last night my friend asked me how to make this meal. 

Silly me, I said I don't know but I'll look it up on Google.  Well I did, and it's just what I thought I remembered.  It's been years since I've cooked one of these meals.  Just toss everything in the pot (except the cabbage), put the cover on and set it on low.  Add the cabbage for the last hour.  Mmmm, mmm, mmm.

Today I have a quick page for you.  Unfortunately, it was looking more like Spring outside when I made this.  I guess now I'll have to make one with a Winter scene.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Now I think I need to get busy here and start my veggies.  I also need to call my Aunt Lucy.  She called while I was outside taking photos of the snow.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

We had a good bit of snow yesterday, but not as much as you got overnight! Wow! You can still see bits of the lawn peeking through here. Mother Nature played such an April Fools prank that included "it's April second - April Fools!" And she's still pranking in New England!

I used to love corned beef and cabbage! I'd eaten it when I got vertigo and very sick in2004 and had it since.i was talking to my dad a couple weeks ago when he made it. It makes me think it's time to try it again. :)

Thank you for the lovely quick page. I think I'm going to use with a shot of the snow.

Hugs, Nani

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

Adorable QP and I sure will use it today! In fact I think that I am going to use several of your QP's that I have been meaning to scrap and haven't done so. I really need more photos of my family and friends. I am running out and using some of the ones that I have used before. Time for me to tell some people that I need pics!

My son Matt drove in from Iowa and stopped in Ft.Worth/Dallas last night to spend the night. He called me and said that he was coming by to see me and get his mail but it was going to be a very quick visit. No kidding. 10 minutes tops but he has an 8 hour drive ahead of him so I don't want to bother him with a phone call or text telling him that I forgot to give him a packet of pictures of Alex that came to me last week from Alex's other MiMi. She put some in for Matt as well and I just forgot as he was in such a hurry to get back on the road and miss a lot of the traffic. I sure wish I had a scanner. I am going to try to download one on my tablet today and if I am lucky, scan his school picture that she sent to me.

I am going to toss a salad together and then lay down and read for awhile. If I am lucky I can get in a quick nap. Hugs to you and Pogo.... Cisco is being entertained by Jonathan. I hear them in the living room bouncing a ball and catching it and Cisco running with it only hoping for Jonathan to try and take it from him.... such a silly boy and his dog.. Oh did I say "His"...? I meant my dog lol....

Have a great day! Oh I finally stopped by my blog this morning and checked in lol! Love, Beth and Cisco and enjoy your corn beef and cabbage and stay warm!

smiekeltje said...

Such a disappointment to have again snow, is it? But it will not stay for long(cross my fingers).
we had such a lovely day yesterday, all good sunny in the afternoon and I did get out in the garden to do some work. I prepared some bigger pots and containers for the seedlings and gave those a new "home". Jan also helped in this and together we did a good bunch of work there.
Now just waiting to see that all grows well.
Today started out grey and it is raining and later this week temps will drop to about 11 C max. Not all too much but hey, it's only start of April.
I also had some meat on the stove for several hours to get it soft and we will have that today for dinner with some potatoes and veggies.
Not my all too favourite meal, but Jan loves it. Oh well, it desn;t hurt to eat it once in a while, LOL.
I think I will do laundry today and perhaps sweep the vacuum cleaner.
Have a wonderful day, stay in and stay warm!