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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oh, What A Fun Day I Had!!

April 5, 2016

Good morning.  Well, it snowed all day yesterday, and finally stopped around eight o'clock last evening.  Gosh, it even interrupted two of the scheduled opening day baseball games.  Hopefully, they will get to play their games today. 

Golly, it looks like I have some new tenants for a while.  Yesterday morning's one visitor to the bush outside my door turned into four robins.  Oh, they are soooo beautiful!  I was busy all day running back and forth to the kitchen to take photos through the window. 

We had at least two each of sparrows, robins, mourning doves, nuthatchers, blue jays, dark eyed juncos, chickadees, woodpeckers and tufted titmice.  I tried to get photos of all of them.  I wasn't quick enough to get pix of the nuthatchers. 

Today I'll post photos of the robins.  I had to laugh because a couple of them would sit on a branch close to the window and watch me take their photos.  If I stopped, they would do things to catch my attention again so I would take more photos (I guess).  I love it!!!

This next photo is my favorite.  I think I'm going to have it printed and framed.  It's definitely a good choice for my cards and notecards.

I wonder if my new friends will stay here once all the berries are gone from the bush?  Wouldn't it be nice if they made their nests in our yard.  Gosh, I hope they do.

Last night's supper was delish!  I had a big plate of warmed up left overs.  Oh, yum yum!!  Guess what I'm having tonight?  Oh yeah, there's enough left for one more supper.  I'll have to cook a hamburger for Pogo tonight.  He get's annoyed with me if I try to give him the same thing more than twice in a row.  No problem, all the more for me!

I just called SIL Eddie to make sure tomorrow is still okay for him to go with me to Boston to visit my Aunt Lucy.  He said yes, so that's what my plans are for tomorrow.  I'll try to remember to get a photo of Lucy and me.  I never had one, so it would be really nice.  She just received another super award for her charitable work.  She's made and given away more than one hundred crocheted blankets.  Today she is volunteering at a center for deaf folks.  Definitely my kind of gal!!

Well, I think I'll get busy now and do a few chores around here.  The bird feeder looks like it needs filling again.  Busy, busy, busy.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna,

How sweet the robins are. Would really be pretty for your calendar next year!! Did I just say that? Come to think of it, the new year isn't that far off!

I hope that you have a great time visiting your Aunt Lucy. She is a very active person and I am glad that she can volunteer.

Food is calling my name. I don't have any corn beef but I do have a cabbage. I might make a cabbage soup today.

For some reason I have a red line running thru my post. Not sure why it does that. I sent you an email last night with news that my son Jonathan bought a new car yesterday. Finally a way to the stores and some outtings... I am happy for him and he is over the moon.
Best run. Cisco needs to go out and I am so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open... Hugs, Beth and Cisco

Andrea Priebe said...

Your Robins are beautiful and they sure look well fed ... though I know they are puffed up to keep warm. Perfect for taking pictures, right? I could suggest that you get some of the freeze dried meal worms ... they have them at my Walmart. The Robins are not only ground feeders. but they love worms of any kind. If you put some out each day they may stay around and build a nest in your yard, just as you wished :)

Yea for your Aunt. She sounds like a lady that we need to replicate in our society ... too many Me, Me, Me people now days. Cool that you are going to Boston ... how much of a drive is it?

The last tow weeks have been really busy for me ... like some kind of an appointment or plan every day. This week, thankfully, is a bit quieter and I have actually had time to sid down and read a book and start another one. I ususlly read in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentist while I wait for my daughter or husband, but it is much nicer to be able to read in my comfy chair where I can doze off if I want to. I am catching up on some much needed rest.

Izzi is still having issues with her knee. She has finished her laser treatments and seems to be much better, but every once in a while I think she tweaks it or something and she starts hopping on it again. I was told it would take a long time for it to heal enough for it to feel stable to her. Anyway, I have taken her out of Agility and we just do walks every day. She needs more activity, but not sure what to do about it. In time ... maybe I will take her to a tracking class where she just uses her nose while she walks around. Food for thought. That's about it for me. Glad all is well with you and Pogo ... how do you keep Pogo from getting fat? You seem to feed him a lot of fancy foods ... Lucky boy :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

LV said...

We have robins around here too, but have not seen one yet. The one you shared is beautiful. So bright and colorful. You and Pogo enjoy your week, but be careful.

The Queen Jester said...

I just saw a robin when we pulled into our campground this afternoon, but it didn't look as cute as yours. Those are fabulous photos and I can't decide between the last one and next to the last one as to which is my favorite.

We love leftovers, mostly because I don't have to put much effort into fixing supper and the flavors seem to blend when they sit for a day or two. It's cold here in Nashville so I plan to make a big pot of chili this evening and maybe bake some cookies for dessert. We're trying to cut back on the sweets to lose weight, but I just have to have a little something sweet each day. I'm such a sugar addict. I blame it on my Norwegian heritage.

smiekeltje said...

The photos of the robins are awesome! I wish i had more birds in my garden, but it is hard in the middle of a city.
So you had an easy meal yesterday and even today there is leftover for you. Splendid, and the more if you really love to have it.
We had a hamburger yesterday for dinner with baked potatoes from the oven and fried mushrooms with a shalot and "normal"onion and some gardlic and parsil. Yummie.
I hope you will have lots of fun visiting your auntie Lucy. And great Eddie is driving you.
And then it will certainly be time to get rid of the snow, hey?
We have still not too bad weather, some sun, some clouds, sometimes bit of rain.
Have a marvellous day in Boston.

Mary Ann Roesler said...

Loved all your bird photos. These and the more recent ones. I started reading the posts with Aunt Lucy's photo. Both you and Janet connected with fond memories and people...what a joy. I think with social media it makes it much easier.