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Monday, April 11, 2016

A Trip To The Pantry Saved My Dust Bunnies From A Horrible Demise

April 11, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining and the wind is blowing.  The weather forecast for this week has changed quite a bit.  Today, and the rest of the week will be in the 50's, even topping 60 degrees by next Sunday.  Do I dare hope that Spring has come back?

Well, yesterday I really did mean to do a bit of dusting to evict a few of my dust bunnies.  However, when I got to the pantry to get my dust cloth, I realized that it was time to empty Pogo's "pee pad basket" into the big trash bag.  Being Sunday, all the trash would be put out in the evening.  So I emptied the basket and put in a new liner bag.

Next I took the large bag of trash out of my kitchen barrel, and put the bag of pee pads into it.  This meant that I would have to put a new bag into my barrel.  Done.  The big bad was not full yet, so then I emptied all my little trash buckets into it. 

When I pulled out my kitchen trash barrel, I thought "why don't I just sweep behind it first."  So I swept the whole kitchen floor.  Of course, this was a good time to get out the mop and wash it all down.  Not quite what I had in mind, but I did it.  By the time I put all the trash outside and put my little kitchen back together, I was pooped!!  Maybe I'll chase a few dust bunnies today.

Earlier in the morning, I had made a couple of calls to contractors to get estimates for building a small deck and screened in porch.  One of them came out in the afternoon, and oh my!!  Be still my heart!!  The fact that I wanted it screened in with a real roof over it made a huge difference in the price.

Wow!  I was not quite prepared to be spending such a huge sum for this little porch.  However, after thinking it over, it is what I want.  My hubby always told me that I was worth the expense of getting what I want.  This little porch will bring so much joy to me and Pogo, so I guess it is worth the expense. 

Today, I will talk it over with my SIL Eddie.  There is some electrical work involved, and I will want him to do this.  Plus I know he wanted to build my little porch for me.  It is really a big job, involving building codes and licenses so I'd rather have a contractor do it.  Then it will be all finished in just a few days too.

So, that was the highlight of my day yesterday.  Today I will be planting a few flowers in little pots.  This was a Christmas present, and I've been waiting for the right time to do this. 

These are anemones, and as you can see, I've painted the ends of some tie wraps to keep with the little pots so I remember what color is in each pot.  I soaked the bulbs overnight, and this morning I will soak the potting soil and plant the bulbs.  Then I will put a colored tie wrap in each appropriate pot.   I have bulbs for outdoors, but they will have to wait a bit longer to be planted.

The Christmas before last, dwarf Helen had brought home a beautiful red poinsettia plant.  After all the beautiful red petals were gone by, we still kept tending to the plant.  And this Spring it is giving us a beautiful surprise.  It is re-blooming.  The plant has thickened up nicely, and there is another tiny flower bud forming.  Goodness, what a really nice surprise.

This morning I slept quite late and it is very close to noon time.  I guess I should take my leave here and see about making some lunch for Pogo.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a gorgeous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

You'll enjoy the porch and it will be worth every penny as it will extend the time Pogo and you can be outdoors and safe from bugs. He'll love it. I'm amazed at how much trash the two of us can generate. If I've been busy cooking it seems to fill up rapidly, mostly because of the packaging involved in the foods.

smiekeltje said...

You were busy there! ou may have felt a bit pooped out, but also it must have been a good feeling hey?
Yeah, building things can be really expensive. But you are talking already for so long about a porch that it might be worth the pennies.
I have days I just have about one trash bag and other weeks there are suddenly two or three. Mysterious it can be LOL. Love to see your bulbs flowering
Yesterday we had a short visit from a friend, and the weather wasn;t as good as they said, so no garden work there.
We'll think about today, what mischieve can get into.
Have a wonderful day.