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Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Busy And Fun Day

April 10, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but it is still a bit on the cool side.  Only 33F degrees, and hopefully warming up to the high 40's later today. 

Well yesterday was a busy day for me.  First I did some laundry, then I was looking through a new gardening catalogue.  Oh my, such goodies!!!  I found a few things that I just might have to order for our gardens.  The plant cage/stakes are at the top of my list.  This will help keep the tomatoes and cucumbers from bending down to the ground.

Next I had a lot of fun going through the new "Wild Bird Care" catalogue from Doctors Foster and Smith.  I will definitely be ordering a few new things from this catalogue.  They have the weather domes that I want for the birdie treat holders.  They also have the squirrel chair that I want.  I think this is just adorable.

While we were visiting with Aunt Lucy the other day, she was showing us a few of her favorite things.  One was an owl that had belonged to her oldest son, Fred Jr.  A friend of his had made it from a piece of a tree.  I think most of it hand-carved.  It's just gorgeous!

On the way home that afternoon, I just had to snap a photo of Pogo who was sitting in his car seat taking in all the sights.

I'm watching the Weather Channel, and oh my gosh, it is depressing.  We have a couple of warmer days coming our way along with four or five days of rain.  By the time Spring finally settles in our area, it will be summer and too hot to go outside and play in the dirt.  Go figure!

I spent a little while on-line yesterday looking for small deck and porch plans.  Next, I'm going to try to get a couple of estimates from local contractors.  I also want to see if I can find a small deck surround (sort of like a screened in area).  If I can find one I like, we can build the little deck to fit it.

So, you can see I have some ambitious plans for this year.  It will be interesting to see how much I can actually accomplish.  The fun is in the trying.

Before I take my leave, I have a really cute image that I borrowed from the web.  I thought it was rather funny (and appropriate). 

Well, now I think I'll catch up a bit with my blog reading while I finish the rest of my coffee.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

The chair is almost like the one that I was thinking of. How adorable. I just love the owl. What a beautiful piece of art. I can see why it would be one of her favorites.

My friend Heather put out a new set of Masks to work with. They are so different so I decided to scrap a page with them, then it turned into 2 and before I knew it I had all 4 pages done. I am only required to do 2 pages but these were really awesome. I like to do extra for her anyway as we have lost 3 team members due to health reasons. I sure miss seeing their beautiful pages.

Cisco and I didn't settle down until close to 5 this morning. I got caught up in the pages and then in the book that I am reading. Speaking of books Edna, I forgot the name of the garden catalogue that you were telling me about. Can you tell me the name of it again. I would love to sign up for a copy.

Karyn is coming over this evening and making chicken fajita's for everyone. She is such a loving girl. She gives over a 100 percent in all she does. I want to do something special for her. I thought that I might do one of those secret pal card kits, where you send a card each month but not reveal who your secret pal is until the last card. Have different people sign it to keep her guessing! And one thing that I know that I am going to do is to send her a small bouquet of 3 yellow roses. She loves yellow. I might send tulips if they are not to expensive and have them delivered to her at work. She deserves to have her day boosted to happiness and bright cheer.

It is gray and gloomy here. I took Cisco out at 5 this morning and the clouds were sliding all over the sky and it was such a pretty moon glow, although we did not see the moon it was light enough to be pretty, and it was really chilly out. I looked at my phone and it was 47 with a high today of 78... Good thing that I had my robe on as Cisco wanted to do some major sniffing.

Better go and get my laundry started. I need to clean my room and bathroom. I found a leak behind my toilet so I have to report that in the morning so they can fix it before any water damage occurs. I tore my kitchen apart last night and cleaned it and the fridge and the stove. All I need to do now is sweep and mop it tonight after Karyn gets done with her cooking.

Take care and hugs to you and Master Pogo! With Love, Cisco and Beth

The Queen Jester said...

What a cute little chair. Squirrels are so fun to watch.

smiekeltje said...

That squirrel chair is just adorable!!
Oh my, that owl is a real piece of art and such fun.
ou do have big plans for this year and I hope you can realise some of them.
Love to read garden magazines, of course, but i don't buy them anymore because they are rather expensive. It's not so bad, I still have my files I've made a few years ago and although I looked into them I dont how many times, every time they are kind of new to me and every time I find something new.
Now today should be a real nice and rather wam day so I hope they were right and then we can enjoy some sun. It's only a pity there is a rather fierce wind blowing. well, we will see how we will spend the day.
Have a lovely day, my friend.

Nani said...

We woke to 8” of snow on Saturday morning! Of course David had to go out to get photos first thing and it was a good thing he did because I could already see patches of grass on the front lawn by the afternoon. It was still enough wet snow to squash all the daffodils. I’m so glad I have 4 of them on a glass on my table!

I love the squirrely chairs, so cute. Your snow photos have been so pretty, but I like your birds better. (I know you do too!)

I’ve been reading more than typing the past couple of days. I wanted to mention how happy the news of so much family reuniting is! I consider you part of my family, so happiness for you and yours makes my heart smile. :)

Now you had the sun on Sunday that we had Saturday, but then we had clouds and rain yesterday ad today (Monday) is starting out the same way. Don’t shoo the messenger, but there is a couple days of April showers before it gets chilly again then maybe…maybe spring for real??

Give Pogo a pat for me and don’t give up hope for actual spring with more flowers and baseball games that do t get snowed out!

Hugs, Nani