Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Price Of Milk

June 22, 2022

Good morning.  Today will be cloudy with temps in the low seventies.  Another awesome day.  I hope all this awesome weather doesn't mean that summer is going to be wicked hot.

Yesterday I paid all the bills, and today I think I'll clean out a bag full of junk mail.  I'm saving my crocheting for evening time.  

I found a very interesting map online and borrowed it to share with you.  This one tells what it costs for a gallon of milk in every state.  

There's quite a difference in prices.  $0.93 to $3.78.  At least, I think I got all the prices.  I tried to find out what year this information came from but I had no luck.  I find it very interesting that states with the highest and lowest prices are right next to each other.  How can this be?

Here's a super new tee shirt that I found on the web.  It says I have OCD.  Obsessive Crochet Disorder.  

I wonder who thinks up all these super sayings for the tee shirts.  It has to be an awesome job.

Today "Meals On Wheels" came by again with a meal for me.  This is the second time they've come by.  I don't know how I got on the list, but it sure is nice.

Now it's time to watch In The Heat Of The Night.  Mornings I watch "Perry Mason", "Matlock", and "In The Heat Of The Night".  Three very different types of crime stories.  Awesome!

So, till Friday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B. 


smiekeltje said...

Good you have still good weather. It makes you feel a lot better, don't you think so?
Indeed a funny t-short you found on the web. It's great that there are people who can come up every time again with new quotes and funny designs for t-shirts.
I just watered the garden, and it has enough now for several days, only some containers and smaller pots do need almost every day some water.
Have fun with your crime stories pn tv. We do watch also a lot of crime stories.
Wishing you a splendid day, hoping your Meal on wheels tasted well.

Suemn said...

I bet your daughter signed you up for the Meals on Wheels. I bet it's nice to get a meal where you don't need to think about what to make for a lunch or supper:) Wishing you a great summer day Edna!

Steve Reed said...

You must have seen all those Perry Masons by now! The milk map is interesting but I suspect it's not current. I think prices are higher now and have been for some time.

Barbara said...

Your kind of OCD is wonderful. From the pictures you've share of your projects, you make good use of it!

Theresa said...

Love that shirt, my niece needs one:) Meals on Wheels, what a blessing. I am happy that got your name to bring a meal to you. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!