Sunday, October 8, 2017

Perhaps A Bit Of Rain For Us?

October 8, 2017

Good morning.  Today is rather gray, but warm.  Temps are in the low seventies, and the wind is a bit brisk.  Actually, it's quite nice even though we're expecting rain later today. 

Goodness, time has a way of running away when you're having fun.  I bought a few new scrap kits this morning, and I just had to start playing with one of them.  I guess I'll be busy this afternoon making some new quick pages. 

Friday, Pogo and I had a grand time out doing errands.  The first thing we did was to stop at the Post Office to mail a couple of packages.  Guess what?  Postage for packages has gone up again.  Wow!  What a surprise!  If they keep rising these prices, folks will have to stop mailing packages.  Then what will we do?  Hmmm, maybe Amazon could start a shipping department for goods not bought from them?  Just a thought!

Next, we went to the Jewelry Salon to pick up my rings.  I have to say, my little guy is always on his best behavior when we go there.  After sniffing around for any new scents, he sits quietly by my feet and waits for me to finish my business. 

This is one of the rings that needed a new band.  I wore it so long that the band got very thin and then just split.  This ring was a gift to me from my dear friend Mary.  She's gone now, but I have so many beautiful memories.  The ring was given to Mary by her sweetheart, Bob, as a friendship ring back in 1934.  They married, and she wore the ring for many years before putting it away in her jewelry box.  Before she passed away, she gave it to me.  It's an antique gold setting with an African Amethyst stone.  Isn't this just beautiful? 

After we had been home a while, and Pogo had his turkey treat from Joe, I went to the market to pick up some groceries.  It wasn't that I wanted to go out again, but the larder is getting a wee bit bare because I haven't shopped for food in a while.  Now it is full again.

Goodness, I'm looking out my door, and it looks as if the wind has been picking up a bit more.  The leaves on the big tree out front are doing a spicy hot salsa dance.  Hmmm, this would be a good time to make a fresh cup of coffee and head for the porch to await the rain.  Yup, that's what I think I'll do.

First, let me post you the first of this year's Halloween quick pages.   All of Mother Nature's critters are ready for the upcoming magical moments.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Now I'm off to make a fresh cup of coffee.  Pogo is in a hurry to get out on the porch, and me too.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Lovely QP for Halloween, thank you so much.
It is looking like rain here too and I think that they said tonight we are getting down to 59 F so yahoo... Looks like fall might actually find us!
Your ring is just gorgeous and a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.
Have a wonderful day you two... Give my Kisses and Cuddles to Pogo.... xx Love, Beth and Cisco.

LV said...

Your ring is gorgeous. What a great friend giving you her treasure.

Anne said...

Hi Edna, I sure love that pretty ring but I love the story behind it and what a terrific friend you had! Gorgeous for sure! Friendship is precious.

Here is link to the new blog:

I Keep running into little snags with google. I sure dislike the way they handle things.

I hope you can get in there, let me know.

Have a wonderful week. We are getting snow so if you have cold weather stay warm, otherwise enjoy the sunshine.