Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's Time For A Bit Of Halloween Magic

October 3, 2017

Good morning.  To say that it is a bit nippy outside just doesn't do it justice.  It is currently 42F degrees outside.  Later today temps will climb to the upper sixties, then back down into the forties for tonight.  Tomorrow, things should warm up into the seventies again.  Now, that's more in my comfort zone. 

Sunday, I meant to post Maxine's calendar page along with my page, but I forgot.  So here is Maxine's October calendar page.  She is such an adorable grump!

Yesterday, Deanne and Eddie came by and brought a bag of bagels and bread.  Oh, yum!  I picked out the apple bagels and the blueberry bagels, and gave all the rest to the dwarfs.  Guess what I had for lunch.  Yup!  Apple bagels.  There were two of them and I ate them both.  With a tummy full of bagels, it was time for a little nap. 

This is the month to make some fun Halloween quick pages, and I've already started on them.  As soon as I get them uploaded, I'll be able to start posting them.  In the meantime, I dug out an old kit that I made in collaboration with my friend Su.  This one is called "Goth And Gore" and I'm hoping that you can have a bit of fun with it. 

Here are the previews for my parts of the kit.  First, the elements, then the papers, and finally the quick pages.

Here are your download links:
1 & 2


Last evening, I crocheted on the new afghan for a while.  I call it Lemon and Lime, and it's already more than half way done.  I'm hoping that my next box of yarn gets here soon because I still have a couple more items to make for the holidays, and I need the yarn from that order. Maybe I'll call the company later today to see if the order has been shipped yet. 

Today I have to get a couple packages ready for mailing.  Later, I'll have to type up a new birthday and anniversary list.  Maybe then I won't always be late with my gifts and wishes.  I used to always be so prompt and on time.  Now I miss a few because there are so many and I can't remember them all.  I used to have a list, but it went wherever all my other missing papers went.  haha.

Now I think it's time for me to head for the kitchen and wash the dishes that are waiting in the sink.  Oh goodie, goodie!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Phoebes World said...

Goodness Miss Edna...you are very talented Can't wait to see your finished work.
My My My ...apple Bagels.. I have never heard of them (mind you I am a transplanted Brit). I will have to look out for them as they sound lush!
Enjoy your day
Phoebe x

LV said...

We have not started having cooler weather yet. Here is October and still warmer than it should be. I prefer it tho to your cold. You take care and keep staying busy.

Annesphamily said...

Bagels are so bad! Hee hee Hee! I found two apple bagels too and a pumpkin and some other yummy flavors. Oh the dieting is not real. LOL!

Stay warm and enjoy your day!