Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Hunk Of Yarn And A Crochet Hook Makes Me A Happy Little Camper

October 4, 2017

Good morning.  The sun is shining, and temps are a bit warmer this morning.  Temps are currently in the mid fifties, and later they will rise to the seventies.  Pogo and I have to go out today, and it's looking like a great day for a ride. 

Well, yesterday I was hoping for my newest box of yarn to arrive, and it did.  The mailman can tell now from the weight of the box that it's yarn.  When he handed me the box, he said "I think this is the yarn you've been waiting for.  You have a great day!" 

Of course, I ripped right into that box and took out the two skeins of red and black yarn.  My afghan got set aside so that I could start a new hat and scarf set.  Woo Hoo! This one is awesome!  I'll take a photo when it is finished.  Meanwhile, here's a photo of the contents of the new box of yarn.

One of the greens is for my Lemon and Lime afghan, and I'm thinking that I might use the pinks for a future afghan.  The red, of course, is for making February baby hats.  I have no plans for the other colors yet.  However, I'm sure I'll think of something. 

I took a photo of the Lemon and Lime afghan to share.  Isn't this pretty?  And the yarn feels so nice against your skin.

Last night, I took photos of the new scarf that I'm working on, but for some reason I can't get the red color to come out right.  I was using my cell phone camera, so later today I'll try taking another photo using my regular camera.  Hopefully, that will make a difference.  Some colors are just difficult to photograph.

Today Pogo and I will go to the jewelers and pick up my rings.  Maybe on the way home we'll stop by Ocean State Job Lot to see if they have anything that we absolutely must have.  hahaha.  One of these days, I want to take a ride out to the Trader Joe store.  Their recent flyer shows some pretty tasty pumpkin products.  Plus, I've never been there and I'm curious. 

Last night I wrote out some bills.  From now until February, I have some heavy hitters (bills) coming in.  This is when the insurance bills come due for the house and the car.  Plus it is heating season from now until April or May.  Ah well, I worry about these bills every year, but then I seem to manage to get them paid. 

I'm not really complaining.  In actuality, I'm pretty lucky to have these things to worry about.  Most all my friends that I grew up with and a lot of the folks that I met throughout my adulthood are already gone by.  I guess I still have things to do in my lifetime.

I dug out a photo from my working days to show one of the things that I miss since I've been retired.  This is what I used to pass by most mornings on my way home from work.  The mist rising on the pond is simply beautiful in the early morning.

Ah well, enough of my chit chat.  Time to get dressed and start this beautiful new day.  Pogo has finished his breakfast, left over steak from last night's supper, and is ready to go.  haha, He's always ready to go for a ride in the car!  On this happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Annesphamily said...

Beautiful photo shares Edna! I hope you stop by the new blog to enter my giveaway at My Tata's Cottage blog. Lots going on here, new grandbaby due next week, wedding preparations continue and new baby for our son March 2018.
Rainy weather and warming up today.
Hope this finds you well and Mr. Pogo too.


The Queen Jester said...

You are the happiest when you have yarn in your hands...enjoy all those luscious soft skeins.

smiekeltje said...

Again lovely colors of that new yarn!
I should find me some rather easy stitches for knitting or crocheting and think of something to make again. Would be good for me to be busy in the evening with something during watching tv.
Oh, bills are one of the things we could do without in our life!
And every year government promises us to cut down on them, and on some they do for a little bit, but sneaky other ones get higher!
By the way, the color of Deanne´s roses is lovely. Lokking at them makes you already happy.
Well, I better get to my blog for a little update and then get busy here before I go to Jan. You will read it in my blog.
Have a wonderful day and coming weekend. Take care and stay safe!

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
I just caught up again on your blog. This time from my computer! I have it set up in the living dining room.
I hope that you and Pogo had a nice ride and got to see some really neat things and your rings are back home by now.
I am going to go and work on my blog and then get ready for the dentist. I hope that I get my set of impressions today.
Hugs to you and Pogo! xx Beth and Cisco