Monday, April 25, 2022

New Plants And A Pink Flamingo

April 25, 2022

Good morning.  Today will be sunny with temps to sixty degrees.  Awesome!  It's great weather for my new plants.

Yesterday, Deanne and I went shopping.  Afterwards we went to the Home Depot Plant Center and bought some plants.  And new wind chimes too.  Mine is a pink flamingo.

 Of course, we each got a new tomato plant.  We picked ones that had a good start at growing.  I hope to have tomatoes this year.  (what else is new?)  

Today I'll take photos of all the new flowers.  You just cannot go into a garden center and not come out with some new flower plants.  My porch will be looking really pretty this summer.

In another couple weeks it will be "sitting out" time.  I can't wait because I really do enjoy sitting out there.  I may even take a little tv out there so I can watch my favorite programs while I crochet. 

Now I want to enjoy a bit of blog reading.  So, till Wednesday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B. 


smiekeltje said...

Sounds you had a real good time with Deanne on the shopping tour. Lovely windchimes and I am sure, your tomato plant will carry wonderful yummie tomatoes(just don;t forget to water it wvery now and then, hahaha, and perhaps every week or two give it some extra plantfeed).
Curious to see the photos of the new plants you bought too. Doesn;t it make one happy, those kind of purchases???
We had rain today and rather chilly, so we stayed in.
I am more than halfway a pillow cover,and started with blue yarn a new one, which will be a bit smaller. So enough to do.
Almost time to put up our evening coffee and then jave a nice sit at the couch and watch some tv.
Have a lovely day,

My Tata's Cottage said... flamingos. Linda who had a blog called A La Carte, she was a pink flamingo lover. I think of her when I see them. Very cute! We love tomatoes so I know we need to get some plants too.
I think you knew LaVoice. I have a good address for her now. Suzanne says she needs encouragement. I am grateful to have met her face to face. SHe is such a sweetheart.
I hope the nice weather continues. We have it on and off. It was chilly today, about 55 outside.
Let me know how everything is on your end of the world. Hoping the warm weather sticks around.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your pink flamingo made me smile :)
That tomato plant looks very well established, hopefully not too long, before you will enjoying its fruit !
Porch-sitting days are the best.
Enjoy yours Ms. Edna.

Suemn said...

Edna, Such cute wind chimes make me smile. Where would we be without pink flamingos and garden gnomes:) I'm glad you were able to get your shopping trip in with Deanne.

Beth Reed said...

Such an awesome windchime and I hope that you have a boon of yummy tomatoes. The store bought ones are good, but fresh off of your very own vines is music to my taste buds!
Have a beautiful day and by the way, a small porch tv would be great, or even a small radio. xoxoxo

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice that you and Deanne went on a shopping trip to a garden center. That wind chime is sure to brighten up your day when you are able to spend more time sitting outdoors, Edna. Good luck with the tomato plant and hope you have some tomatoes later.

Steve Reed said...

That flamingo is so cheerful!