Friday, January 21, 2022

Tis Wicked Nippy!

January 21, 2022

Good morning.  Tis cloudy outside and the temperature is 9F degrees.  Nip, nip, nippy!  We may even see some sunshine today.  

I have a question for you.  Have you all seen the TV commercial for NetSpend cards?  The woman in the ad is complaining about the bills she has at the end of each month.  The announcer says that she needs the NetSpend card.  It will give her access to her paycheck two days earlier each week.  And I guess this is supposed to alleviate her problems with her bills each month.  I haven't been able to figure out how this helps her problem, can you?  (It's just a debit card, not extra money.)

Today I'm hoping to get back to crocheting a bit. At least to put a couple rows on each project. Then perhaps I can try out a new pattern that I found recently.  Hmmm, sounds like I may be on the mend.  

The sun is shining now.  I hope that means that the temps will go up.  Now that would really be nice!  I just don't handle these cold temps very well.  

I think it's time for a hot cup of coffee, and maybe some blog reading.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous weekend.  \

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

sounds you are really a bit on the mend. Glad to read this. But may be the doctor's visit in about two weeks can do no harm?
No idea how it works with that card you are talking about, but i cannot see, why it should help for the bills?
Curious what new pattern you found for the crochet.
Take it easy, have a lovely day and stay warm, of course.

Annsterw said...

I am also reading blogs and enjoying a hot cup of coffee right now HA! And no, that commercial makes absolutely NO sense!!! I guess they just want you to use their card! UGH - financial places take advantage of so many people in so many ways! Have a great day Miss Edna!

Theresa said...

I have seen those commercials, doesn't make much sense to me. Hope you are feeling good on this chilly day! HUGS!

Suemn said...

Hi Edna, I think VISA just wants to sell their card. They make it sound like a great thing for people who need earlier access to their paycheck.

Steve Reed said...

Yeah, the Netspend thing sounds like a mystery. I bet the card charges a fee!