Monday, April 26, 2021

Cuckoo For Cuckoo Yarn!

April 26, 2021

Good morning.  Have you noticed how early the sky lights up in the morning now and how late into the evening it gets before the sun goes down?  I love love it!   

If the nights were warmer, I could set up a cot on the porch and sleep out there.  Then I could hear the birds' first chirps in the mornings as each new day awoke.  I know, I'm dreaming.  But it is a nice thought.

So far, I haven't decided on a new crochet project, so I may just make another pocket wrap.  This color really would make a nice wrap.  It's called Luffa.  What do you think?

This color would even make a nice afghan.  I'd maybe use some off-white and a deeper shade of the green to go with it.  Or maybe orange.  I think orange might go nice with this shade of green.  Ahh, such a problem!  (giggle, giggle)

You know, I could spend hours browsing the yarn in the Herrschner's catalogue.  It's like reading a good book.  You just can't put it down!  I've even dreamed of being let loose in one of their stock rooms.  Oooo weee!  Can you just picture it?  Running from one large skein of gorgeous yarn to another, snuggling in with a whole bucket of them?  Oooooooo!  

It's okay.  You can laugh.  It's okay to be a little crazy.  And let's face it.  Having all that yarn to play with can do that to you.  And I'm so lucky to have all that yarn!  And cuckoo!

This reminds me of an old TV commercial about Cuckoo Puffs.  (I know, the word is cocoa but I like cuckoo better!)   There's an old gray haired lady holding a crocket hook and a hunk of yarn running around singing "Woo Hoo!  I'm cuckoo for Cuckoo Yarn!"

No, I haven't had anything other than a cup of coffee to drink.  These days, it doesn't take much.  

On this happy note, I'm off to do some blog reading.  Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Buttercup said...

I love the idea of sleeping on the porch. Friends had a house at the shore and I always volunteered for the couch on the porch. They've since sold it, but what wonderful memories. Have a great day!

smiekeltje said...

Warmer nights( a lot warmer) could be fantastic to sleep in a little tent. I did that with daughter and little son of friends in former Yugoslavia. We went there on holiday, had a little appartment, but were more part of the family and in summer it was soooo hot that we sometimes camped in their garden. How old was I then? I think around 14 or so. It was wonderful! we had such fun.

I think that Luffa color is lovely and would g=do good with a darker shade of green and may be even the off-white. could go for a wrap, or it would be lovely for an afghan too. Me personally I wouldn;t take orange in it(but I know you love orange, hahaha).

Your dreams of wandring around in the stockrooms with lots of yarn made me laugh and why shouldn;t you have such a funny and crazy dream once in a while? we just have to try to dream about all kind of good things, even if it will stay just a dream.

We had our vaccin shot today, it all went so smooth, and till now I have no effect of it, so thats a good sign.

Have a fantastic day and good dreams,

Steve Reed said...

Ha! I know that commercial! I love that you get so excited about yarn. :)

Suemn said...

Ha! Ha! I like your idea for the yarn commercial and I think you'd be perfect to star in it:) That is a lovely color of yarn. Kind of mellow and comfortable.

Anne M Robinson said...

I would love ot have a screened in porch or even a sun room. Sigh. THat would be a peaceful place to nap. That is a great yarn color. It seems more neutral so you can use it more. Thank you for all the shares. Have a wonderul week. HUGS