Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Sharing My Pattern

April 27, 2021

Good morning.  It's early, only 7:15 a.m.  The sun isn't shining here yet, maybe later.  Today will be cloudy with temps in the low sixties, according to my phone app.  

I've had a request from Robyn for the pattern for my pocket wrap.  So here it is.  Robyn, if you have any questions, just ask.  If you do make one, please share a photo of your wrap.

I've changed the pocket size to 25 stitches.  It makes a nicer size pocket for the wrap.  For the really wide pocket, I made 35 stitches and sewed a button to the middle top of the pocket.  My new wraps will have the smaller pocket.  (it's still a pretty big pocket)

I think I've decided on a new project.  These pocket wraps would make a great Christmas gift for my cousin Anita and her hubby.  So now I just have to pick out colors for each of them.  Now this could take me a while.  How to pick colors for someone else is so challenging.  (and fun!)  Well, at least it keeps this brain busy for a while.  

Here's a photo of another of the pretty daffodils popping up in my yard.  They come in so many different colors.  

Yesterday I noticed that there were lots of purple buds on my Lilac bush.  I'll try to get a photo of it later today.  Mothers' Day is right around the corner, and Lilacs always blossom in time for Mothers' Day.  

A couple days ago, Deanne took a couple photos of my Blossoming Cherry tree so that I could see how big it is getting.  It is just beginning to get new leaves, so we'll take another photo later to show how beautiful it is when it is blossoming.  

Now I think I'll make a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy some blog reading.  So, till next time, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

So you will be busy with the pocket wraps for a while. I think it is a nice project. I am now making knitted cushion covers,always good to have some change.

Slowly nature is awakening, our tulips are going to an end almost, but I saw that our azaleas have buttons and i weather cooperates they will bloom in 2-3 weeks I hope.
It will be wonderful to see your cherry tree blossoming! Weather with you is a bit behind to ours I think, because here I saw in some gardens already the cherry trees in bloom. They are so beautiful, just such a pity they have a short blooming time.

We have today rather nice weather, it is good to sit in the sun in the garden. Next days temps will drop to around 11-12C, brrr.

Good luck with choosing the yarn for the wraps!
Have a great day,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern! I really would probably enjoy making something like this if I could just get started! Enjoy your day sweet lady!

Steve Reed said...

Nice daffodils! We have some that color too.

My Tata's Cottage said...

We are suppose to get rain and I am looking out the window seeing sun right now. Everyone has roses and lilacs and flowers in bloom. I have weeds. Because in this cold weather nothing else grows. Sigh....always good to know you are well and here. HUGS

Buttercup said...

Today was a good day. Got a tough medical appointment out of the way and though I'm not pleased with all I'm going to have to do, I see the potential of real improvement. I was about to cancel last week, but so glad I did what I needed to do. Took a long walk in the afternoon and the weather was lovely. Have a great Wednesday!

Robyn said...

Thank you so much Edna!!! I was so busy yesterday I didn't get to see your post until this morning. Thank you again!