Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Can A Cockroach Bring Happiness? Even For Just A Day?

April 14, 2021

Good morning.  This laptop is going to drive me crazy!  This morning it did not want to open properly.  After a while I decided to just shut if off and wait a while.  It would not shut off.  Actually, there was no place to click on to shut it off.  It surprises me some days that I still have more than two hairs left on my head.

Eventually I was able to shut the machine off.  After a while, I turned it back on and after Windows finished whatever it was doing, (it said it was busy and not to shut off my laptop) it finally came back on.  I'm wondering.  Is it just my laptop that is not playing nice with Windows?  Or are some of you having the same problems?  Should I just dump this laptop and get a new one?

Enough about the laptop!  Today should be in the low to mid fifties with sunshine.  After this, temps will be going down, down, down with lots of rain.  My phone app says we'll have rain Thursday and all the way through next Monday at least.  This could be good for us because we already got a warning from Town Hall about conserving water use because our water levels are way down.  

How about some awesome super news?  My great grandson Jack is a sophomore at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School.  His love is working with wood.  Let me share a couple of his recent projects.  Jack, I am so very proud of you.

It makes me think of my Daddy.  If you gave him some wood, he would go into his workshop and build you something beautiful. His hands were magic. 

Recently, I had ordered myself a new pillow.  It came yesterday, and I have to say I enjoyed sleeping on it last night.  I didn't think I would because it is not very plump, but it is very comfortable.

I don't have anything special planned for today.  (what else is new?)  Just some dishes to wash and then  figure out what to wear to the doctor's office on Friday.  

I do have a fabulous giggle to share with you.  (borrowed from the web)  I just love this one!

Now I'm off to do some blog reading.  So, till next time, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Oh poor oul. You don;t have any luck with this laptop. Is it the brand of laptop that causes trouble, or is it the Windows? I must say till now I have no problems with the Windows 10 and the new laptop(Lenovo). But my friend Heidi has already for years(and her hubby and daughter too) a laptop with Apple software on it. It is a bit more expensive, I think, but they are very happy with it.
Do you have anybody who you could ask if it is the laptop or just Windows causing trouble? Would be a shame if you had already change your laptop now.

Your great granson Jack has chosen a good schooling,and carpenting is a good profession. I think he can earn good money in it and as I see his project he is very good at it. Looks amazing.

I love the joke with the cockroach. I told it to Jan and he had to laugh too.
Thanks for that smile.
Have a wonderful day, hopefully next week the weather will become more agreable for you.

Steve Reed said...

Ha! Love the cockroach joke. That tool chest is amazing! Your great grandson is very talented.

I have no idea what to think about your laptop. I use Apple so I don't know a thing about Windows.

Suemn said...

ha! ha! Loved the cockroach idea. A congratulations to Jack on doing such nice carpentry work. He is learning a very nice skill. That footstool is lovely too. I would hate to scuff it:)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I wondered at the beginning how the roach was going to come into this to speak! How funny! Enjoy your afternoon!

Chris Allport said...

Poor Edna. I know what you mean about laptops and Windows 10. The other day there was an update on my husband's laptop that meant we had to restart it. When it came back on it said 'Updating Windows - don't turn off your computer'. It took so long that we went to bed. In the morning it had finally updated and worked perfectly - until the next time eh!!

Beth Reed said...

Hi Edna,
It is amazing to know that Jack is a Sophomore now. Just yesterday he was starting grade school. I love his work and his tool box is just beautiful and will last many many years and I am sure bring many hours of use with his love of wood projects. Congratulations Jack. Beautiful work indeed.

I wish I knew if my dad was a part of that group. I know he was in the Marines and was a Drill Sargent and that he was in Japan for a while and then he was in Korea and he was discharged in 1956 and met and married my mom May 2nd of the same year. I would love to find out but there is no one on his side of the family left to ask except one Aunt by marriage and she will probably know. My cousin David, her step son recently passed away and she is having his memorial service in May. I will not be able to attend but my sister Linda is and I will ask her to ask our Aunt and see if she has any information to share.
I loved the cockroach joke!!!!