Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Beauty Around Us

May 27, 2018

Good morning.  Tis a wee bit damp and rather gray outside today.  But that's okay.  The plants and lawns need the water.  And, it's a good reason to have a lazy day, just crochet, watch TV, do a puzzle, paint a picture, etc.   Yesterday was a noisy day with parties and barbecues everywhere.  Today's quiet will be very refreshing.

My recent order from Omaha Steak company arrived a couple days ago.  So, today for lunch, Pogo and I are going to have a Filet Mignon.  Well, la de da!  And yes, we are going to share.  I'm cooking an extra one for Joe.  He did a lot of yard work this past week so I thought he deserved to have one too.

While Mac and Audrey were on vacation in the mountains this past week, they sent me some photos, and a couple I downloaded from Facebook.  Their friend, Jim Hansen, is a well known photographer, whose photos are just awesome.  Here is one photo Mr. Hansen took while they were out on a photo walk. 

Isn't this gorgeous?  I remember, years ago, a friend and I were driving through the mountains on our way to Nashville, and we saw a scene something like this.  It was just awesome!

Here's another photo that Mr. Hansen took, of Mac shooting a photo of a deer. 

And here's a photo that Mac took of Audrey taking a photo of a deer.  (the deer is in the grass, looking up at Audrey)

Wow, what an awesome way to spend a vacation.  Good friends, awesome scenery and beautiful wildlife. 

Did anyone read Sean Dietrich's blog today?  He wrote about how one man, doing one good deed, can change a young boy's life.  Of course, it was more than just the one deed, but think about it.  We can all make a difference in someone's life by doing just one good deed.  It's an awesome feeling, you know, when you can put a smile on someone's face.  Or make someone happy when they weren't. 

Try it.  Hold out your hand and help someone.  Let me tell you though, it becomes addictive.  You get such an awesome feeling helping someone else that you go back and do it again.  The smiles that you get are simply priceless. 

Today I have another quick page for you.  This one is just fun and whimsical.  I hope you can use it.

Here is your download link:

Now I think I'll refresh my cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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No Edna, that is not correct what you said on my blog about clicks. I cannot link into pink day and my image show up. Something to do with InLinks. So much going on with blog I simply do not understand. May have to give up blog. They say I need to change from http to https for security. No way can I do that. Another thing, something about a "cookie" law that should be added to blog. I wish I had someone to simply take over my computer and fix these issues. I do not know anyone in my area that I can get help from. Simply do not understand the facts. Thanks for listening.