Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

May 9, 2018

Good morning.  Oh, what a beautiful morning.  The sun is shining, there's a tiny breeze and the temperature is sixty two degrees, working its way to the upper seventies.  Yes, yes, yes!  As I look out my door, my flag is doing a slow happy dance against a background of green leaves and blue sky.  Does it get any better than this?

I've had a request for my email address.  If anyone is wanting to contact me through email, go to my profile on the right side of this page.  There is an email link there.  Can't wait to hear from you.

I've been busy all morning, but don't ask me what had me so busy.  I did make breakfast for Pogo and me.  Not that he ate his!  Pogo likes to know that he has the meal, but he'll only eat it when he's good and ready.  I always make his meal before I make mine.  This way I don't feel guilty when I eat my food.  If he's not ready to eat, I put his meal in the fridge until he asks for it.

Last night, daughter Audrey had some wonderful news.  Hubby Mac and she spent the day buying and putting up a large fenced enclosure for the new turkey that they ordered.  The turkey will be arriving later in the week.  Next, they will get the chicken coop and yard finished and order the chickens.  Hopefully, soon.  Audrey has been wanting chickens and a turkey for quite a while.

Audrey is quite the crafty person, so I thought she might like some patterns for sweaters for her birdy pets.  I went on Google to look up some patterns for turkey sweaters and found that they prefer turkey fleece wraps.  I got this information on an Audibon web site, where I found this photo of a turkey wearing a fleece wrap.

While I was looking for patterns, I came across these very interesting photos from a turkey farm in Connecticut.  Can you imagine watercolor turkeys? 

When you think you've seen everything, you find out that there's a whole lot you don't know and never saw.  I guess maybe that's why I love learning so much.  Not that all my learning helps me very much when I'm watching Jeopardy on TV.  That program has a way of humbling me right down to my toes!

School education doesn't always make a person super smart.  My brother did not get to finish high school and graduate.  At sixteen, he was a soldier in the U.S. Army in Korea.  But, my brother was wicked smart and could always answer most of the questions on Jeopardy.  I have a Master's Degree, and I have a tough time answering just a few of the questions on that program. 

The more education you get, the better off you are.  If you can't go to school, read.  Read, read, read.  You can get unlimited books for free to read from libraries and on the internet.  Starting when I was just two years old, my folks would pick up boxes full of books at rummage sales and bring them home for me.  I loved books, even when I couldn't read them yet.  But I did learn to read very early.

Enough of my babbling, today I have a new quick page for you.  This one is for all the May babies.  It features the Emerald, which is the birthstone for this month.  Enjoy.

Here is your download link:

The temperature is climbing outside, and Pogo and I want to spend some time on the porch, so I'll take my leave here.  Hopefully, the weather is really nice where you live too.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


gypsyrose said...

Its good that you have some nice weather and can sit out on your porch, a bit of warmth and sunshine really helps to make us feel better
Im no good at quiz programmes sometimes get a few right but not often
Dont know if I like the idea of colouring the turkeys but thats just me,
Thank you for the lovely new QP need to start using some of them,
look after yourself and pogo x

Beth Reed said...

Thank You for the Quick Page. It really is gorgeous and since I have a May baby I plan on using it for her Birthday page.
I love the Turkeys in watercolor. They are gorgeous and so are the Turkey wraps... hmmm that doesn't sound right. It makes me think of food lol but all kidding aside I am happy for Audrey. That is super awesome for her. I know that she has been wanting this for a while now. I am glad that she is going to get her turkey and chicks.
Did I tell you that I have a friend up in Canada that he and his wife raise chickens and they named each one of them after old female movie stars. I think Garbo was my favorite as she had such a funny personality. He would always blog about his chicks and Garbo was always up to something. That was several years ago. I should go over to his blog and ask him about the chicks now.
Take care my friend and I will talk with you soon and give Pogo lots of love from me. I miss him and you too... Hugs, Beth