Sunday, May 6, 2018

If You See My Mind, Please Send It Home

May 6, 2018         (started on Saturday, May 5)

Good morning (for another eight more minutes).  I'm skipping all over the place this morning.  Every time I think I can sit down at the computer, something else pops up that just can't wait.  I watered the plants, then took photos.  I paid some bills then waited for the mailman.  I needed for these bills to go out in today's mail.

I made up a short shopping list and Joe went to the market to pick these things up for me.  It was several cases of spring water, different cheeses and some roast beef.  My Pogo loves roast beef (me too) so that's what we'll have for lunch.  And maybe supper.  We'll see.  When Joe got back with the groceries, I had to divide the packages of cheese into two packets each.  One packet for the refrigerator and one packet to put in the freezer. 

Last night, I worked on the dolly dress.  I thought I'd finish it and be able to take a photo, but I still have to do the last ruffle and make the hat.  I had to rip out a few rows and re-do them, so finally I just set it aside. 

I am so surprised at the little blossoms on the pepper plant.  I don't see how this tiny plant can hold up a branch with a pepper on it.  This will be fun and interesting to watch.  The plants on the left are tomatoes, and the pepper plants are on the right.

I also took photos of my orange tulip before it is gone, and the little daffodils in the garden by the tool shed. 

This afternoon I think I'll work on my laptop, making some new quick pages.  My folder is quickly emptying out.  But that's good because working on these pages is very relaxing for me. 

I do have a new quick page for today.  This one is a fun one.  My little friend Zlata is enjoying the warm weather, sitting on the beach and contemplating whether or not to go swimming.

Here is your download link:

*****Resumed on Sunday, May 6.  It took me a few hours yesterday to figure out that it was only Saturday, not Sunday.  Gosh, I think my brain has gone on vacation and didn't tell me.  It does that every now and then.  Scary, huh?

Well, yesterday was rather uneventful.  I mostly just played on my laptop all afternoon, making new quick pages.  At one point, I looked up at the clock and saw that it was time to start making some supper for us.  After supper, I finished the last ruffle row on the dolly dress and put it aside.  I'll make the hat later today.  Those last two ruffle rows take quite a bit of time. 

This morning, I'm watching "Jewelry School" on  JTV.  (Jewelry TV)   They've been featuring a new tool for making the wire loops all the same size.  Gosh, I wish I'd had this tool back when I was making so much jewelry.  It would have made things so much easier.

This morning is gray and wet.  Temps have dropped about twenty degrees, but it is still nice out.  The trees at the end of my driveway are looking so beautiful, full of new Spring green leaves.  It looks like a good day to trim some of the shrubs in the yard.  I want to cut back the Wisteria because it is sending long twines over into my Red Japanese Maple tree. 

Right now, I think I'm going to have my coffee and eat my breakfast.  Pogo and I got up late this morning.  He's already had his turkey treat and is curled up next to me, sound asleep.  When the world is good for him, it's good for me. 

So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Beth Reed said...

Good Morning,
I just love your little pepper plant and tomato. You might have to get a stick and some twine to hold it up when the peppers start to get bigger. Oh my what a nice start to your green house.

Thank you for the QP. I think that Zlata is just to cute. I have a photo of my niece that would look sweet in. She fell asleep with her snorkel still in her mouth... such a cute photo. She was about 3 and all tuckered out.

My coffee tastes off this morning. I don't know why but it actually tastes dreadful. Probably just my taste buds going thru a change.

Have a super day. If I see your mind I will send it to you. Please be on the look out for mine too... Hugs to you and Pogo and have an awesome day! Beth

gypsyrose said...

Im glad im not the only one who gets confused over what day it is lol I do it all the time, your plants looks good and the flowers, its nice to have spring at last and to see the trees in leaf again, thank you for the QP its lovely hope this coming week will be a good one for you x