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Monday, August 23, 2010

Traveling Through Photos

August 23, 2010
It's 5:50 am, and 65 degrees outside. Good morning. Even though it's a bit wet, the coolness feels good. We have a lot of work to do today on the front porch. Here's hoping the rain holds off so we can get a lot of it done.

I'm at work, watching re-runs of The Nanny. It's such a funny program, we need more like it. Except for a few favorite programs, I mostly watch re-runs of the older shows. Most of the newer programs don't hold a lot of interest for me.

Has anyone tried the Shark Steam Mop? I bought one a week ago hoping it would make it easier to clean the floors. Of course, it's still in my car waiting for me to bring it in and try it out. This might be a good week to give it a try. Up to now, there's been a bit of traffic in and out of the house. I'm not crazy about housework, so anything that makes it easy is a good thing.

Before I start sharing my photos, you should stop by and visit my friend Kyra. When she and her hubby take walks around town, she takes a lot a great photos and posts them on her blog. It's like having a personal tour throughout her part of Holland. Just click the link and enjoy.

For my photos this morning, I have a butterfly and a moth. These photos were taken this past Friday afternoon.

This little moth might not be as big and colorful as the butterfly, but he is still very pretty in his own way.
It's time now for me to check on the Mrs. My relief will be here in about 30 minutes with a cup of coffee for me, and then I can head on home. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowy said...

I have not tried that particular brand, but I have a normal steam cleaner.It softens burned on grease and is easier to get off. I like it becuse I don't need to use any other cleaning fluids with it , just water and is so environment friendly. It is also fantastic against dust mites in the house if someone has astma or allergies. Plus when our cats had fleas it killed all the eggs in the carpet(when we still had carpets back then)I have an attachment with which I can just go over kitchen or bathroom tiles and it cleans them fantastic.Personaly , I give a big thumbs up to steam cleaners.
Hugs Snowy