Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nature Is Simply Beautiful!!

August 29, 2010
It's a really gorgeous morning, and I have already done some shopping on my way home from work. Tootsie was down to her last little doggie dinner, so I needed to stock up on dog dinners. Also, I got me some new socks too. Mine were starting to look a bit worn.

While I was at the store I check the frozen foods department, and sure enough, they had stocked up on Stouffer's baked macaroni and cheese. Oh yum!! Of course, I had to pick up a few of those. And a couple of chicken pot pies too! Tomorrow morning, I shall stop at the market and pick up some coffee, and then I'll be all set for a while.

Yesterday, I got the blog roll for the GI Blog train that is coming on September 1, and I am very impressed. There are at least 33 designers joined together to bring you lots of scrap goodies. So be sure to be here on September 1, and start collecting all these wonderful freebies.

When I got to work last night, there was such a beautiful sight right across the street in the open field. A family of deer were grazing, and I got me a few new photos to share. This is what I saw. Is this not a pretty sight?

Sorry about the different lightings, but it was starting to get a bit dark, and I had to change the ISO and the settings to make sure I ended up with at least a few decent photos.
I did manage to do a bit of designing last night. My freebie folder is becoming thin, and needs to be stocked up again. That's about all the news from here. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowy said...

Oh my gods-as always I'm impressed with your wildlife over there! Simply beautiful animals , and the pictures too of cause.Hope you had a reasonably quiet shift and the lady let you have some rest.
Hugs Snowy

smiekeltje said...

Didn't stop by for the weekend and see what I had to read and look at! Gorgeous nature pictures, as you always have and the new tiles look great! And yeah, how wonderful easy they are to clean hey???
And what a lovely photo of you and Michael! Good idea to preserve it! I wonder if it's you or is it Miss America next to him??? LOL! Have a great day