Thursday, December 10, 2009

Running Out Of Holiday Shopping Days!

December 10, 2009

The countdown is on now. Only 15 shopping days left till Christmas. And for those of you who wait till days 14 & 15 to finish up your shopping, I wish you much luck. I don't think I could handle the mad crowds and scattered, shop worn merchandise. I tried it once, many years ago. It was not fun! Aside from the fact that the merchandise was pretty much picked over, I ran into some not so polite shoppers. I guess that's part of why I like on-line shopping so much.

However, later today I really must make an effort to get out and finish up my shopping. My list is not very big so maybe I can everything I am looking for. Plus, I have my last few boxes just about ready for mailing. Actually, they are all ready except for one. If I do my shopping today, I can finish off that last box, and get everything out in Saturday's mail.

After that, hopefully I can get back into a fruitful designing mode. My imagination doesn't work as well when I have so many pots cooking. Ahhhhh, I remember days past when I could do so many things all at the same time. Gosh, was it really that long ago? Use to be, I could run in "Wonder Woman " mode all the time. Now I have to first remember what it is I thought I might like to do before I can actually do it. And, only one thing at a time! Well, sometimes, maybe two.

One of the things that I really do like about this time of year is opening my mail. I get a lot of really beautiful cards, and yesterday I got one that I really must share with you. This one is from two of my great grandchildren and their mom. Are they not a gorgeous family? (I smudged out the names for their privacy)
I guess growing older does have it's rewards. Your family keeps growing, and soon there are grandchildren. And if you are very lucky, there are great grandchildren. So now I'm hoping to stick around long enough to see all of them grow up, and maybe, just maybe, see a few great, greats added to my beautiful family. Wow, now that's something to hang in there for!!
Well, I think I'll go have my second cup of coffee, and maybe work up a bit of energy to go out in the cold. The weatherman says it will be cold and windy today, and even colder over the next few days. Brrr, not my favorite kind of weather. Y'all have a fantabulous day now.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowy said...

Lol- hi -good luck with your last shopping. I'm slowly going mental here !!! If I hear "Mr Hanky -the Christmas poo " one more time from Shaun I am not responsible for my actions !!! Heeeelllllp !

Snowy said...

Can Erik do a spell to erase that song ? He has just started it up again -have mercy on me !!!