Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

December 25, 2009

And to all of you, a very Merry Christmas. While you're enjoying this wonderful holiday, let's not forget the true meaning behind it. It was a joyful day for all mankind when Jesus was born.
Take a moment to say thank you for your many blessings.
This being Christmas morning, I hope when you get up you find that Santa brought you everything you wanted. When he stopped by my house for his hot chocolate and cookies, he told me that he thought he managed to get most of what everyone asked for. Wow! Great job, Santa!!!

Moo and Tootsie and I celebrated our Christmas late last evening. Moo got all sorts of wonderful things, but the best was his "Mr. Grinch" shorts. I will definitely have to get a picture of him wearing them.

Miss Tootsie also got lots of nice things, including clothes, a new blanket, toys, treat, and a big container of gourmet cookies which she guarded with her life.
And I have to show you the gorgeous Orange roses that Dee and Eddie and the kids brought for me. Oh my, they are really beautiful!
I got so many lovely presents and I did take a lot of pictures (Moo helped take some), but I will show more of them tomorrow. Before I get back to work here (I'm at work now, but Mrs. is still asleep), let me tell you about the lottery tickets that the kids gave me last night. Boy oh Boy!!!!!!! Between the two tickets, I won $515. How about that!! Thank you, thank you. Now I will have to do some serious thinking about how to spend it!
It's back to work for me now. Y'all have a really splendid day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowy said...

Wow !!! You are so lucky to win with your lottery tickets !!!! that must have been a nice surprise when you checked the numbers. Lol- the picture if Tootsie guarding her prezzies is brilliant !! Don't work too hard , I'm just getting ready for work, drying my hair. It was one of these moments this morning when I decided to change my hair colour again slightly ,lol.
Christmas Hugs Snowy

Snowy said...

Forgot - he heh -Moo's boxer shorts are fab,lol- but is he going to model them for a picture,lol?