Friday, December 4, 2009

A Christmas QP For You

December 4, 2009

It's a bit chilly this morning, even though the sun is shining brightly. What a difference from yesterday! Yesterday, it was partly sunny and very warm. An absolutely gorgeous day to be outdoors. And no, we did not make it to Ikea. Daughter -in-law could not make it, so we will go another day.

I spent the day doing some laundry, blankets and scatter rugs mostly. Plus I was able to spend a little time playing on the computer. Snow Raven made some new patterns for Photoshop, so I was able to try them out. They are quite lovely, and will soon be available in her store.

I also did a bit of gift wrapping and tagging. The things that I bought on E-Bay are starting to arrive. Already half of them are here and wrapped. Then after supper, Moo brought out the Christmas tree and all the trimmings, and a few of the dwarfs decorated it.

Later, I started working on some Christmas QP's. Today, I will post the first one as your freebie. I think maybe I will make a whole set of them to give out during this month. You can't have too many QP's around holiday time.

Today is a work day, so I have to wait till tonight to get started on some of the December challenges. I especially want to work on the Color Challenge, which is to make a Hanukkah kit. Plus, I think the quote challenge will be fun to work on this month.

Time for me to get to work now. Y'all have a marvelous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Christmas QP - 01

And here is your download link for "Christmas QP - 01"

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